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Australian Islamic School Denounces Terrorism, Preaches Unity
Last edited 15th December 2015

They are a group of proud young Australians, who also happen to be Muslim. Al Amanah College is a kindergarten-to-year-12 Islamic school with four campuses across Sydney and Melbourne. With home-grown terrorism and racial divides dominating the headlines, SBS was given a rare insight into how Islamic educators are responding. In special sessions twice a week, teachers denounce extremism and focus on explaining their religion in that context.

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Should a Baker be Forced to Bake Cakes for Same Sex Weddings?
Last edited 14th December 2015

The annual Acton Lecture for 2015 was delivered by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP on the topic: "Should a Baker be Forced to Bake Cakes for Same Sex Weddings: Democracy and the Rights and Limits of Religion and Conscience in Contemporary Australia."

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Why Don’t People Care that Religious Minorities are Being Oppressed?
Last edited 8th December 2015

Christians were dragged from their church in India’s Chhattisgarh state and beaten with sticks as their attackers demanded they convert to Hinduism.


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Do Not Put Us To the Test: Anglicans Defend Lord’s Prayer
Last edited 30th November 2015

Anticipating Christmas, the Anglicans in the UK wanted to encourage fellow Britons that it is good to pray. So they produced a 60-second film about prayer that would be screened with other advertisements to the family-type audiences expected to fill theatres for the new Star Wars movie.


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Pope Names First Catholic Bishop to Oversee Anglican Ordinariate
Last edited 24th November 2015

Pope Francis has appointed Msgr. Steven Lopes, a Catholic priest from California, as the new bishop who will head the Anglican Ordinariate in the United States and Canada.


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Archbishop of Aleppo: Young Adults Don't See Hope in the Horizon. They are fleeing Syria
Last edited 23rd November 2015

The civil war in Syria is forcing Christians to leave their country. The Archbishop of Aleppo, Msgr. Antoine Audo, says the violence, instability and hopelessness is driving people out every day. "We are Syria's Christians. Despite the difficulties, we are determined to give testimony of what we are going through.”


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Requiem Mass and Prayers for Peace for Those Killed in Paris and Elsewhere
Last edited 20th November 2015

Requiem Mass and Prayers for Peace for Those Killed in Paris and Elsewhere - St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney 16 November.

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Pope Francis at Rome's Lutheran Church: Both Sides Must Seek Forgiveness
Last edited 16th November 2015

When Pope Francis visited Rome's Lutheran church on Sunday, he was greeted with the same enthusiasm he has received on his many trips to Catholic parishes throughout the Eternal City.


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Is Anti-Catholicism the New Racism?
Last edited 11th November 2015

Religious freedom is just as important as political freedom, declared George Brandis, Australia’s attorney general, in a speech given on November 5. Brandis was speaking at Australia’s Human Rights Commission’s Religious Freedom Roundtable, held in Sydney.


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Thousands of Christians Flee ISIS Onslaught in Syria
Last edited 9th November 2015

ISIS terrorists released 37 Syrian Christians over the weekend, part of a group of 200 Assyrians they kidnapped in February.


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