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Benedict XVI Receives the New Cardinals, and Speaks with Them in Various Languages

Last edited 28th June 2017

After being created cardinals, Pope Francis accompanied the five new cardinals in their visit to a very special Vatican tenant, Pope Benedict XVI, who took off his zucchetto when he saw his successor.


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Vatican Concerns over Bishop Detained in China

Last edited 26th June 2017

The Vatican has expressed "grave concerns" for one of its bishops who was detained after being "forcibly removed" from his diocese in China.


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Battle for Mosul: IS 'Blows up' al-Nuri Mosque

Last edited 21st June 2017

So-called Islamic State (IS) has blown up the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, Iraqi forces say.


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Newark Archdiocese Defends Welcoming of LGBT Pilgrimage

Last edited 20th June 2017

Last month Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark welcomed a pilgrimage of self-identified LGBT pilgrims, with an archdiocesan spokesman saying it should be seen in the context of welcoming everyone, not as archdiocese sponsorship of the event.


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Some the Bible, others the Quran... Together they pray in a center for elders in Lebanon

Last edited 13th June 2017

These are senior citizens of the villages of Kefraya in Lebanon. Many of them go days without visits from anyone and others are living alone because their children left to build a future. Therefore, for them to come to this meeting in the center of the Order of Malta is the highlight of their week.


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Muslims and Christians Unite to Rebuild Mosul Monastery

Last edited 5th June 2017

As government forces pry apart the Islamic State's three yearlong grip on Mosul, Muslims and Christians have united to rebuild a damaged monastery.


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The First Catholic church in 60 years is Being Built in Cuba

Last edited 19th May 2017

Funded by a parish in Florida, a new Catholic church is being built in Cuba and is the first the island nation has seen in 60 years.


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First Medjugorje Apparitions ‘Were Real’, Vatican Commission Reportedly Found

Last edited 17th May 2017

The commission was apparently much more sceptical of the later apparitions


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Syrian Sister: There is Still Solidarity and Coexistence Between Christians and Muslims

Last edited 16th May 2017

Sister Carol has received a prestigious award. It is the award granted by the US government to women who have displayed a tremendous amount of courage in extreme situations.


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Vatican Cricket Paves the Way for Pope's Trip to Fatima Through Inter-religious Games

Last edited 11th May 2017

The Vatican Cricket team has returned from Fatima where they participated in an interfaith tournament with teams of other religions, such as Muslims, Hindus and Jews. They say that they want to align their mission with the inter-religious mission of Pope Francis, both on and off the field.


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