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Christian Woman Sentenced to Death Under Pakistan's Blasphemy Law, Gets Second Chance
Last edited 24th July 2015

Her name is Asia Bibi. The first woman to ever be sentenced to death in Pakistan under the country's blasphemy law. In late July, the court issued good news. She is still behind bars, but her execution has been suspended by the high courts, at least for now.

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Walk in Love and Mercy – Divine Mercy Congress for Oceania in Auckland 2016
Last edited 7th July 2015

The Year of Mercy Event Officially known as Oceania Apostolic Congress on Mercy (OACOM) there will be both a youth and adult focus with the opening weekend of February 20-21 being the youth event and the closing weekend having a general admission, the intervening days will be spent on taking some of the keynote speakers out to the parishes of Auckland Diocese.


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Pakistani Police Save Christian Couple from Mob Attack
Last edited 6th July 2015

Police last week saved a Christian couple from a mob in Pakistan that attempted to kill them for allegedly committing blasphemy, the latest such violent incident in the country.


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Meet the Argentine Nun Who is Taking on Organized Crime
Last edited 29th June 2015

Martha Pelloni does not look intimidating. She is short and has a gentle voice. But when she speaks, and her passion is awakened, it quickly becomes clear why she is so influential in Argentina. By organizing "marches of silence,” Pelloni exposed the truth behind the torture and murder of a young woman in Argentina. The crime was especially egregious because it was carried out by family members of government officials and then covered up.

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Catholics in the Muslim World: Egypt
Last edited 24th June 2015

In this video, Catholic News Service takes an in-depth look at the situation of Catholics living in Egypt.

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Mexico’s Supreme Court Makes Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide
Last edited 23rd June 2015

The court’s decision, published on June 19 in the Judicial Weekly journal, said “procreation” was not a purpose for marriage and therefore limiting marriages to heterosexual couples amounted to discrimination against other couples seeking marriage. The Mexican bishops’ conference expressed disappointment with the court’s decree and said it disagreed with its reasoning. The bishops reiterated their conviction that the family, founded on the marriage of a man and a woman with “reproductive ability” guarantees “the survival of society.”

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Vatican Statement for Ramadan: Christians and Muslims Should Unite Against Religious Violence
Last edited 21st June 2015

In a message to the world’s Muslims, issued for the start of Ramadan, the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue has called for cooperative action against religious violence. The Vatican document addresses Muslims who have suffered from religious violence, losing relatives and friends or witnessing the destruction of their homes and heritage. These acts of violence are grave, the document says. “However, what makes them even more heinous is the tentative of justifying them in the name of religion.”

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After Mass Shooting Horror, S.C. Catholics Mourn with Charleston Church
Last edited 18th June 2015

A mass shooting at a historic African-American church in Charleston, S.C. drew prayers and sympathy from the state’s Catholics, aghast at the horror of the crime which may have had racial motivations.


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Muslim Leaders in Lebanon Condemn Persecution of Christians in the Middle East
Last edited 17th June 2015

The leaders of four branches of Islam in Lebanon gathered earlier this month to issue a joint statement in the face of sectarianism and the rise of the Islamic State, denouncing attacks against Christians in the region.


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Guilty Silence: A Voice for Persecuted Christians
Last edited 16th June 2015

There exists a great suffering that many do not dare to cry out. HM Television wants to unite to the cry of so many souls, especially those of Christians, who are suffering persecution because of their faith. The clip "Guilty Silence" gives a voice to those who are living persecution themselves and to those accompanying the persecuted in their pain. These testimonies are excerpts from interviews that you can find in the HM Television series, "In the Footsteps of the Nazarene."


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