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The Difference Between a Christian Who Prays and One Who Doesn’t Explained with 2 Images

Last edited 23rd September 2016

As someone that tries to share the faith with others, I often found myself struggling to explain prayer. What difference does it really make? Isn’t it enough that I simply help others, that I be a "good person"?


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500 Catholic Scholars Lash Back at Humanae Vitae Critics

Last edited 21st September 2016

Nearly 50 years after the “prophetic” papal document Humanae Vitae, the Catholic Church’s longstanding teaching against contraception continues to promote the human good, said a group of Catholic thinkers on Tuesday.


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Jane Austen to Bridget Jones: You have completely lost the plot

Last edited 18th September 2016

A new Bridget Jones movie has been unleashed upon a world that is already in utter confusion about love, sex and marriage. As someone whose literary work has been raided for themes -- and a significant name -- for this franchise, Jane Austen has something to say.


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The Holy See Could Become a Major Player in Resolving the Crisis in Venezuela

Last edited 15th September 2016

Last July, the Union of South American Nations wrote to the Vatican to ask for their collaboration to solve the crisis in Venezuela.


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Samsung Urges Galaxy Note 7 Phone Exchange Urgently

Last edited 12th September 2016

Samsung has urged owners of its Galaxy Note 7 phones to stop using or exchange the devices as they risk exploding.


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Mercy: A Way of Being in the World Online eConference - 20th September

Last edited 9th September 2016

Join the Online eConference - 20th September hosted by the Broken Bay Institute and the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference this is the 12th National eConference.


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The Miracles That Made Mother Teresa a Saint

Last edited 5th September 2016

The canonization of Mother Teresa on Sept. 4 marks the end of one of the faster causes of canonization in modern times.


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What Makes a Saint?

Last edited 5th September 2016

While earthly titles and personal resumes may matter to employers, they do not matter to God. In fact, the only “title” God cares about for us is that we are His son or daughter. Beyond that, the only earthly “title” that would leave heaven applauding would be that of a “saint.” To be clear, the Church doesn’t “make someone” a saint.


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Thanks to Francis, Pizza Lunch to 1500 Poor, Needy After Mother Teresa Canonization Mass

Last edited 5th September 2016

Pope Francis, who has admitted to missing normal outings for a slice of pizza since he was elected Pontiff, is offering some 1,500 poor and needy a pizza lunch in the Vatican after Mother Teresa’s Canonization Mass this morning.


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Pope meets with CEO of Facebook: “It's about connecting people all over the world”

Last edited 29th August 2016

Pope Francis held a private meeting with the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. The meeting was cordial and friendly.


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