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10 Reasons you Need to go on a Retreat This Year

Last edited 23rd January 2018

Some of my deepest and most impactful encounters with God throughout my faith journey have come when I’ve taken time to step back from the world and focus on the Father.


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Nine Charged for Giving Food to Homeless in California

Last edited 15th January 2018

Nine people in California have been charged after they handed out food to the homeless, violating a rule about sharing food in public places.


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The Virgin Mary’s Struggles

Last edited 14th January 2018

If we want to be holy, Mary should have an integral role in our spiritual life; but sometimes, perhaps, you might ?think you cannot relate to the Blessed Mother because she was immaculately conceived and didn’t have to struggle with sin as we do. In this video, Fr. Mike shares how even though ?Mary ?did not struggle with sin, she still had her own unique struggle that we can relate to when we are seeking holiness.

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Our Lady’s Nurses for the Poor and Eileen O'Connor

Last edited 11th January 2018

For 100 years, Our Lady’s Nurses for the Poor – fondly known as the Brown Nurses – has performed a unique ministry of healthcare, advocacy and friendship for the poor and disadvantaged.

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Pope Francis in Santa Marta: Pastors with double lives are wound to the Church

Last edited 9th January 2018

Pope Francis gave a strong homily at Casa Santa Marta. He reminded that priests who don't live their faith with coherence are a sore spot for the Church.


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Jakarta Archdiocese Declares 2018 as 'Year of Unity'

Last edited 9th January 2018

Archbishop Ignatius Suharyo of Jakarta has issued his first pastoral letter of the year declaring 2018 as the “Year of Unity.”


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Pope Francis Departs for Myanmar

Last edited 26th November 2017

Pope Francis departs from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport on Sunday evening. He is scheduled to arrive at Yangon International Airport on Monday at 1 p.m., local Myanmar time.


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PNG Army Sent in to Clear 100 men From Manus Island

Last edited 22nd November 2017

The Papua New Guinea army has been sent in on Manus Island to clear out more than 100 men still refusing to leave the detention centre.


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How do you get your Catholic news?

Last edited 21st November 2017

Australian Catholic Media Council


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Myanmar Cardinal urges Pope not to use ‘R’ Word

Last edited 20th November 2017

Cardinal Bo met Pope Francis on Saturday, ahead of the Pontiff's November 27-30 visit to the Asian nation. The Archbishop of Yangon told Crux that if Francis chose to use the term “Rohingya”, “there could be demonstrations at once, going after the Muslims”.


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