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US Bishop Who Was a Refugee Defends Trump’s Travel Ban

Last edited 23rd February 2017

An Iraqi-American bishop has defended attempts by President Donald Trump to introduce a travel ban on refugees.


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Want to Find Good New Catholic Music? Listen to This Podcast!

Last edited 20th February 2017

There's hundreds of thousands of great Christian music artists out there that we enjoy listening to - the list is endless! But what about great Catholic music? Thankfully, someone is doing the job for us!


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Day Without Immigrants: 'More than 100 workers' fired over strike

Last edited 20th February 2017

More than 100 workers in the US have lost their jobs after taking part in last week's Day Without Immigrants protest, US media say.


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Germany President: Steinmeier Chosen by Lawmakers

Last edited 12th February 2017

Former German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has been elected president by a parliamentary assembly.


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Jesus Miracle Church in Israel Reopens After Arson Atack

Last edited 12th February 2017

A mass has been held to reopen a Roman Catholic church in northern Israel badly damaged in an arson attack by Jewish extremists in 2015.


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Qatar spending $500m a week on World Cup infrastructure projects

Last edited 8th February 2017

Qatar is spending almost $500m (£400m) a week on major infrastructure projects as it prepares for the 2022 Fifa World Cup, its finance minister has said.


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The Royal Commission’s Catholic Wrap up May be a Painful Experience

Last edited 2nd February 2017

On 6 February, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will commence Case Study 50, otherwise known as the “Catholic wrap up.”


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Pope Analyses What Leads Those Who Have Given Their Lives to God to Throwing the Towel

Last edited 30th January 2017

Pope Francis gave religious men and women his recipe for keeping their vocation as fresh as it was the first day they received it.


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Philippines Taxi Driver Rewarded for Returning Valuables

Last edited 24th January 2017

A taxi driver in the Philippines who returned the valuable belongings of a businessman after they were left behind in his cab has been rewarded at home and abroad for his honesty.


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Pope Offers Congratulations, Prayers to President Trump on Inauguration

Last edited 22nd January 2017

Pope Francis sent US President Donald Trump his greetings, and an assurance of his prayers, on his Inauguration day.


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