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Stem Cell Debacle Déjà Vu
Last edited 11th April 2014

Once again, a major advance in stem cell science has been tainted by allegations of fraud. A leading research centre in Japan, the RIKEN Institute, has apologised for “research misconduct” by a young scientist who had found an astonishing new method for producing pluripotent stem cells.


Australians are the Leading Users of International IVF as Demand Grows for Donor Eggs
Last edited 8th April 2014

People desperate to start a family are flocking to overseas IVF clinics in search of a donor egg.


British Government Bans Burning of Fetuses to Heat Hospitals
Last edited 25th March 2014

The British government has imposed an immediate ban on the incineration of miscarried and aborted babies after journalists found cases of hospitals burning fetuses to generate heat.


Expendable Mothers: The Surrogacy Industry Treats Women Like Disposable Commodities
Last edited 6th March 2014

Today we have stricter and more humane laws and protocols around adoption, and the rights of birth mothers and their children. But the global baby production industry profits through circumventing these. This industry is taking Australia back to the dark days of mother-child separations and baby snatching at birth. But glitzy technology and distorted ideas about the right of anyone to a child, is clouding clear judgment and sensible policy-making in today's surrogacy business.


Pushing Back Against a 'Throwaway Culture'
Last edited 13th February 2014

On numerous occasions, Pope Francis has criticized the “throwaway culture” of the developed world. He is not speaking from a strictly environmental perspective -- encouraging people to reduce, reuse, and recycle. As we see in his Jan. 13, 2014, remarks to diplomats assigned to the Holy See, he is talking about a culture that diminishes the dignity of human persons and discards them like refuse:


Parents Fight to Save Unborn Baby with Two Brains
Last edited 10th February 2014

Parents of an unborn child with two faces and two brains are defying doctors' advice to terminate the pregnancy. Renee Young and Simon Howie, of Tregear in Sydney's west, said they were shocked when a routine ultrasound revealed the twins they were expecting were in fact only one child, but with a very big difference.

Cracked Open - Exposing the Myths of the IVF Industry
Last edited 17th November 2013

Postponed motherhood, with the help of IVF, is an increasingly common practice, but women may well be led to false assumptions regarding their chances of success. This is one of the main points raised in a recently published book, “Cracked Open: Liberty, Fertility, and the Pursuit of High-Tech Babies,” by Miriam Zoll (Interlink Books).


Biotechnology Must Be Ethical
Last edited 25th October 2013

Biotechnology can be supported only when it’s married with ethics, compassion, morality and prudence, Cardinal Turkson has said. Turkson said that biotechnological research must be done with ethics and a clear long-term vision and a respect for human dignity. He added that it should always strive for the common good without “denying the most impoverished segments of the population access to the technology”.

Australia's HIV Infection Rates at 20-Year High
Last edited 20th October 2013

The rate of newly diagnosed HIV infections in Australia has risen by 10% in 12 months – the largest increase in 20 years, a new report shows.


Plan B: Is It Contraception or Not?
Last edited 19th October 2013

Population Research Institute released a fun and informational video today that explains how Plan B really works. Steven Mosher, President of PRI, says: "Our three-minute video will make you laugh out loud, and teach you how Plan B reliably produces negative pregnancy tests. You will want to not only watch it yourselves, but share it with others who may be tempted to use Plan B."


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