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A Kentucky Handmaid’s Tale

Last edited 15th June 2017

Whether you are pro-this or anti-that, a passionate believer in human dignity, or an ultra-rational utilitarian, your bioethics always has to begin with the facts.


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Surrogate Motherhood is not Work; it is Exploitation

Last edited 29th May 2017

Regula Staempfli is a Swiss-born political philosopher and newspaper columnist. A left-leaning feminist, she has been involved in lobbying the European Union to ban commercial surrogacy. MercatorNet asked her to comment on a call by The Economist to legalise it.


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Vatican Presents Its New "Letter to Health Workers"

Last edited 12th February 2017

On more than one occasion, it has been questioned what practices are, and are not ethical. Euthanasia, cloning, and tissue freezing have played host to hundreds of bio-ethical debates.


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The Privilege of Growing up with a Down Syndrome Sibling

Last edited 8th December 2016

By Marco Ceccarelli


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Wisdom from Mother Teresa: Value of Life

Last edited 10th November 2016

Mother Teresa is well-known around the world for being a symbol of love and compassion. She was known as a woman who gave her life in service to the poor and has inspired many to follow on that same path.


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Critics Find Dodgy Ethics in 'Three-Parent Baby' Conception

Last edited 29th September 2016

The use of a technique to conceive a "three-parent baby" dodged U.S. law and, critics say, may further alter the relationship between parent and child.


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Dissecting the Age of ‘Do Harm’ Medicine

Last edited 20th June 2016

MercatorNet: This is a thoroughly revised edition of a book you published 16 years ago. In your view, is there less respect for life in American medical culture now? Are there any bright spots?


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IVF and the Exploitation of Women for Profit

Last edited 31st May 2016

Tonight’s Four Corners episode will be a feature on the IVF industry in Australia.


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Ethical Objections to Embryo Research can Trigger Genuine Progress

Last edited 30th May 2016

Briefly, to explain the research, in order to prevent a mother who has harmful mitochondrial mutations from passing them to her children, the proposed remedy is to transplant the nuclear DNA of her egg into another, donor egg that has healthy mitochondria (and which has been emptied of its own nucleus).


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Ethicist Says Embryo Breakthrough Is A 'Step Towards An Inhuman Future'

Last edited 8th May 2016

Researchers have kept embryos alive in a laboratory for 13 days


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