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Old Testament vs New Testament - Did God Change?
Last edited 3rd September 2015

Father Mike Schmitz explains why God focuses on justice in the Old Testament and then shows his mercy in the New Testament. To some readers of the Bible it may seem like God changed, but the truth of the matter is much more profound.

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Ignite Conference 2015: One.
Last edited 28th August 2015

The Ignite Conference is a national Catholic youth conference held annually in Brisbane for adults, high schoolers and kids, with over 1300 young people, ministry leaders, teachers, priests and religious attending from across Australia and internationally.


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What Does God Want Me to Do?
Last edited 3rd September 2015

Father Mike Schmitz offers some clarity regarding God’s will in our lives. He directs us to the story of Israel’s desert wanderings in the Old Testament and the Annunciation to Mary in the Gospels, describing how even the tribes of Israel and Mary had to be content with the uncertainty of God’s will at times. Father Mike also teaches how we can discern God’s will even in the silence.


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Blessed are the Pure of Heart – A Reflection on an Often Misunderstood Beatitude and Virtue
Last edited 26th August 2015

One of the beatitudes taught by Jesus is often misunderstood, largely due to the popular translations of it from the Greek text: “Blessed are the pure of heart,” or “Blessed are the clean of heart.”


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Sharing the Gospel
Last edited 26th August 2015

It's routine for us to talk about so many different things - movies, concerts, people, food, weather, but how often do we share the message of Jesus Christ with those around us?


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What is My Vocation?
Last edited 25th August 2015

“What should I do with my life?” It’s a question on many hearts, maybe even our own. In this video, Father Mike Schmitz gives some direction that can lead to an answer for ourselves or someone we know. He shares how a vocation is more than just figuring out whether we’re called to married life or religious life, and it’s about more than just finding out what we like to do. As he breaks down three different types of vocation we all have, he draws a practical path we can follow to pursue holiness.

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First Round of Speakers Announced for Australian Catholic Youth Festival!
Last edited 25th August 2015

The Australian Catholic Youth Festival is very pleased to announce some of the confirmed presenters for December. Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP, the Bishops' Delegate for Youth, heads a line up of musicians and speakers from across the country. We are looking forward to sharing more with you over the coming weeks.


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The Only Catholic in the Room: Defending Faith in College
Last edited 18th August 2015

I didn’t expect to be challenged in my faith as I confidently walked out of the safety of my high school and my hometown seeking a new adventure. I mean, I was going to a Catholic college where there would be an atmosphere of faith. Right?


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GOD IS REAL - An Awesome Video by Chris Stefanick
Last edited 4th August 2015

We can know that there is a God just by thinking about it... atheists often say "we need proof" - but the proof is right in front of us! God is real. Have a look at this awesome video by Christopher Stefanick for more.

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The Rock of St. Peter: A Must-See Video
Last edited 30th July 2015

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus told St. Peter he was the rock on whom he was going to build His Church. What??? I'm a Rock???... You are going to build a Church on me??? What an unusual statement. What could Jesus have possibly meant by it? In this impassioned apologetic video, Popular Youth Evangelist, Chris Stefanick takes us inside the meaning of the famed words: "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church (Matthew 16:18)."

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