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Telling the Truth
Last edited 8th October 2015

Writer/Director Andrew Hyatt shares his journey from living a lie to living the truth.


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Do Catholics Follow All Those Weird Old Testament Laws?
Last edited 8th October 2015

Fr. Mike Schmitz explains why Christians are called to follow some laws of the Old Testament and not others. Passing on the advice of Pope Benedict XVI, he distinguishes between universal laws, like the Ten Commandments and “case by case” laws, like those to be followed only in the kingdom of Israel and the temple.

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Life Week 2015 - Macquarie Catholic Society
Last edited 9th October 2015

Talks from Life Week 2015, hosted by the Macquarie University Catholic Society, from 6-8 October 2015.

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"The Secret To Having a Successful Relationship" - The Pope Francis Minute
Last edited 5th October 2015

A perfect relationship is never easy, but there are certain keys to keep in mind that can help you get there. Listening to Pope Francis' advice about marriage and engagement should help you to take a step in the right direction! Take a look at the latest episode of the "Pope Francis Minute" video series for more!


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Daily Pontiffications - The Pope's Model for Evangelisation
Last edited 30th September 2015

During the Pope's visit to America, Fr. John Riccardo provided daily reflections and summaries on the Holy father's words and actions, in a YouTube series called "Daily Pontiffications." In this episode, Fr. Riccardo discusses how Pope Francis is bringing people to Jesus in his own way with a message of "encounter" - and not in the forceful way that many people seem to think he should act. Pope Francis really is an inspiration!

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Sent to Help - Get to Know the Archangels
Last edited 29th September 2015

The Holy Archangels - Michael, Rapheal and Gabriel - are strong protectors, guides and healers, and messangers of God's Word. We celebrate their feast day on 29 September. How much do you know about these great friends of God and humanity? Watch this video for more!

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Preparation Resource for the Australian Catholic Youth Festival - "For They Shall See God"
Last edited 30th September 2015

The Australian Catholic Youth Festival will take place in Adelaide from 3-5 December 2015. The ACYF committee has released a resource series titled "For They Shall See God" to assist with preparation for this life changing event. This is a must-have for school, youth ministry and parish groups, as well as individuals planning to attend the Festival!


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Can Catholics Pass A Quiz On The Bible?
Last edited 14th September 2015

Catholics are often accused of not knowing the Bible very well. Our Protestant brothers and sisters admittedly seem to have memorized more scripture than the average Catholic sitting in the pews today. Why is that?


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Pope Francis: “If You Can’t Forgive, You're Not a Christian”
Last edited 14th September 2015

Pope Francis focused his Thursday morning Homily at Casa Santa Marta on forgiveness and what it means for Christians to be merciful. He said that those who can't pardon other people cannot call themselves Christian.


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What is at the Core of Original Sin?
Last edited 7th September 2015

Sometimes Original Sin gets simplified into the eating of an apple. But the core of the apple is not the “core” I speak of in the title. Actually an apple is not mentioned. It is fruit surely but what fruit we do not know. But what’s the big deal about eating an apple or piece of fruit? OK, maybe they shouldn’t have eaten it. But really, did an apple lead to all the pain and grief we experience today?


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