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Australian Catholic Communications Congress - What Is Our Voice?
Last edited 4th May 2015

The Congress is among the largest triennial gatherings of Australian Catholic media, diocesan communications professionals, secular journalists and parishioners with almost 200 delegates attending the Congress in 2009 and 2012.


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How do we Preach a Crucified Christ in Today's Culture? Most Reverend Peter Comensoli
Last edited 29th April 2015

How do we Preach a Crucified Christ in Today's Culture? Most Reverend Peter A Comensoli Bishop of Broken Bay.


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What I Wish I’d Known About Catholics (And Why I’m Becoming One Now That I Do)
Last edited 27th April 2015

"St. Francis de Sales is a favourite saint of mine. In the 16th century, as the Reformation split apart the Christian Church in Europe he wrote, preached, and worked tirelessly to explain the Catholic faith, and bring Protestants back into the fold. He was incredibly successful and something in his mission of cordially explaining his faith resonates deeply with me.


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What Makes You Awesome
Last edited 23rd April 2015

"I’m not good enough. I’m not strong enough. I’m not cool enough. Nobody loves me. Am I enough?" Do these little voices mull around in your brain?


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A Very Special Easter - Video
Last edited 15th April 2015

Crayon drawings animate real-life responses from children as they talk about Easter. Their unfiltered and heartfelt responses bring humor and depth to the subject. Only a child could mix the silly and the sacred to so powerfully illustrate what makes the story of Jesus and how we celebrate it so special.

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Let Your Light Shine: Archbishop's Easter Pastoral Letter
Last edited 8th April 2015

In his first Easter Pastoral Letter to the clergy, religious and the people of the Archdiocese, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP encouraged hope and peace in a time in insecurity. Archbishop Anthony writes that every age has its battles between good and evil, and its stories of heroism and tragedy.


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The Beatitudes - A Youth Ministry Video Resource
Last edited 8th April 2015

We all want to be happy. The question is, “How do we make that happen?” Explore a nonconventional path to true happiness with "The Beatitudes." This is a great video resource for RE teachers & students as well as youth groups!


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Jesus Can Change You
Last edited 22nd March 2015

Jesus is calling us to change everything... from the way we approach our lives, to our very selves. But how? Watch this inspirational video from Christopher Stefanick for more!

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Why Do We Fast in Lent?
Last edited 17th March 2015

Why is it important to fast during Lent? The Catechism of the Catholic Church says (at CCC 2043) that fasting is meant to "prepare us for the liturgical feasts and help us acquire mastery over our instincts and freedom of heart." what does this mean? In today's feature video, Catholic author Christopher West discusses the meaning and importance of fasting during Lent.


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Don’t Let Meatless Fridays be a Selfish, Soulless, Seafood Splurge
Last edited 22nd February 2015

Real fasting isn’t just restricting food choices, it must also include cleansing the heart of all selfishness and making room in one’s life for those in need and those who have sinned and need healing, Pope Francis has said. Faith without concrete acts of charity is not only hypocritical, “it is dead; what good is it?” he said, criticising those who hide behind a veil of piety while unjustly treating others, such as denying workers fair wages, a pension and health care.

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