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From Agnosticism to Catholicism: My Conversion Story (Part One)

Last edited 24th September 2018

It was a suicidal friend who inadvertently initiated Matt Fradd’s spiritual journey when he was twelve years old. In this video, Matt shares the first part of that story, and relates many experiences you may have been through as well while trying to figure out the universe. Big questions, unresolved conundrums, and the search for something more than this life all lead up to Matt’s most compelling cliffhanger on his Ascension Presents channel to date. Stay tuned for the second part next week.


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Porn, True Intimacy, Introducing Parents to Jesus, and Same-sex Attraction

Last edited 18th September 2018

Matt Fradd answers questions from his audience about resisting conforming to social norms, sharing the Faith with non-believing parents, spiritual intimacy, extraterrestrial life, homosexuality in the Church, and more.


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Why Did God Give Us The Power Of Free Will?

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One of the greatest gifts that God has blessed us with is the gift of freedom. Freedom allows us to choose our actions and proves to us that we are not bound by some predetermined plan for our lives. God granted us this gift as part of the dignity he bestowed on human beings to be able to be the masters of their own actions.


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Faith & Mental Illness | This is the Day

Last edited 13th September 2018

Lizzie Reezay, the YouTube creator behind LizziesAnswers, speaks about her conversion to Catholicism and her experience with Bipolar Disorder.


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10 Surprising Things That Happen When You Go To Adoration More Often

Last edited 10th September 2018

The Eucharist is described in the catechism as the ‘source and summit’ of our faith. Finding the time to go to Adoration can be difficult. But if you can make it happen, committing to regular Adoration with an open heart can have some surprising results.


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6 Promises Of God Every Christian Should Know

Last edited 9th September 2018

It’s important that Christians know the Word of God and write it on their hearts. In times of trouble, stress, and despair, it is the God’s promises that give us hope. The scriptures remind us that with our eyes fixed on Christ we can weather any storm that comes our way. Biblical stories assure us that God will never abandon us and that He will always welcome us back into His loving arms.


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Six New Churches in Five Years: Portland's Growing Catholic Community

Last edited 6th September 2018

In the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon, the growth in the Catholic Church has been so great that six new churches have been dedicated since 2013.


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If I Could Change the World... | Year of Youth Blog

Last edited 5th September 2018

Earlier this year, I interned for the Holy See’s (Vatican’s) office at United Nations. Anyone who knows me knows that this has been my dream since I could walk... and it was everything I could wish for. I fell in love wholeheartedly with the work and only more in love with the Church. I watched in awe as the diplomats I worked under stood on the world stage and fought for the dignity and rights of the less fortunate. I hoped one day I could do the same. As I navigated through the grids of New York City, I plotted daily on ways I could return.


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Lisa Hendey - My Encounter

Last edited 4th September 2018

Lisa M. Hendey is the founder and editor of and the bestselling author of the Chime Travelers children's fiction series, The Grace of Yes, The Handbook for Catholic Moms and A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms.


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