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Anzac Day Remembered at Domus Australia in Rome

Last edited 25th April 2016

As Australians gather across the country along with those in ANZAC Cove to commemorate ANZAC Day 2016 a small group of expatriate Australians and New Zealanders will continue the tradition at a special Mass at Domus Australia in Rome.


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Jesuits Called to Reconcile Humanity with God, New Superior Says

Last edited 19th October 2016

Jesuits are called to face the challenges of today’s world and contribute toward “reconciliation among human beings and, at the same time, a reconciliation with God and creation,” the newly elected Jesuit superior general said.


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What Makes You Worthy to Work in Ministry -- Mark Hart

Last edited 18th October 2016

At some point, we all question why God has called us to work in ministry, and how we can possibly be qualified. It's much easier to find our faults than it is to see our gifts. Mark Hart challenges this mindset during one of his talks at the 2015 Catholic Youth Ministry Convention.

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Are All Catholics Hypocrites?

Last edited 12th October 2016

Sometimes we’re not everything we wish we could be. At times all we can do is act as if we believe, because we’re just not up to truly putting our faith in God at that moment.


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Karma - Fr Rob Galea

Last edited 10th October 2016

In this Video Fr. Rob Galea talks about the buddhist understanding of Karma and how it applies, or does not apply to Christianity.


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Saved by Beauty - Natalie's Story

Last edited 5th October 2016

Growing up in Southern California to divorced parents. The divorce and sexual abuse in teen years led her to developing a really hardened tough exterior. She became this strong person who 'could endure anything'. She became completely depressed and began partying... and lost her faith in God. She dropped out of university. She was desperate to find something true in the world.


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What I Learned by Failing at Evangelization

Last edited 30th September 2016



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US Catholics Flock to Venerate Heart of Padre Pio

Last edited 27th September 2016

The heart of the saint was taken to the Archdiocese of Boston, the first time the relic has left Italy


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Can I Get Angry at God? - Fr. Rob Galea

Last edited 25th September 2016

In this Video Fr. Rob Galea discusses whether we are justified in getting angry at God.


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New Liturgical Resource: The Ignatius Pew Missal

Last edited 23rd September 2016

A new liturgical resource has been released by Ignatius Press - The Ignatius Pew Missal is an annual subscription-based worship aid intended for Roman Catholic parishes.


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