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5 Benefits to Praying the (W)holy Rosary

Last edited 16th July 2018

Mary has been relentlessly tugging on my heart as of late, trying to get me to pray the rosary. I’ve seen people post about it on Instagram, tweet about it, and witnessed the little old lady’s pray it before or after daily Mass.


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Calls for Religious Discrimination Act

Last edited 15th July 2018

Calls for new legislation to protect people of faith are rapidly escalating across the country.


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“Two in love can make it…”

Last edited 12th July 2018

"L is for the way you look at me


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Columbans Celebrate 100 Years with Mass at Mary MacKillop Chapel

Last edited 10th July 2018

A “deep and earthy spirituality” of inclusiveness and hospitality marks the Missionary Society of St Columban, said auxiliary Bishop Terry Brady last Sunday.


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Ascension Presents: There are Things God Can't Do

Last edited 9th July 2018

God does not have limitations—because he is all-powerful—but there are things he can't do because they are contrary to his perfect nature.


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Dealing With Anxiety as a Catholic

Last edited 2nd July 2018

As a teen, there were many times I was super anxious and didn’t even know it. In fact, it wasn’t until college that I realized what I was experiencing wasn’t completely healthy. I remember being in one of my smaller classes and feeling so anxious that all I wanted to do was get up and literally run out. I wasn’t even sure why I was feeling that way!


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Sharing Jesus When You Don’t Feel Like It

Last edited 26th June 2018

The moment I learned that God loves me and he gives me a chance to let Him enter my life, I accepted Him.


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The 7 Desires of Our Hearts That The 7 Sacraments Respond To

Last edited 19th June 2018

The search to fulfill our many desires is what leads people through their lives in one direction or another. We live in a time where the dominant belief is that life is short and we should fulfill those desires by any means necessary. That mentality leads people in the wrong direction for actual fulfillment and leads instead to compromising of self. People find themselves astray; feeling empty, distressed, irrelevant, neglected, and bitter. So where should we look in order to find true fulfillment of all that we desire? We find our fulfilment in Christ, and we actually find that our desires are responded to by the 7 Sacraments that the Church offers her members.


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Questions on Sexuality Loom Large Ahead of Youth Synod

Last edited 19th June 2018

According to the official working document for the upcoming synod of bishops on youth, the major questions for young people ahead of the October discussion surround issues of sexuality and gender, the role of women and the desire for a Church that knows how to listen.


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Sunday Mass is Not Optional, UK Archbishop Reminds Catholics

Last edited 5th June 2018

In a pastoral letter for the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, Archbishop Leo Cushley of St. Andrews & Edinburgh stressed the importance of the Sunday Mass obligation for Catholics.


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