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I'm a Married Catholic Priest who Thinks Priests Shouldn't get Married

Last edited 22nd March 2017

My wife and I, we have four children, all younger than 7.


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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough or River Wide Enough … for the Sisters

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Religious Sisters are transforming communities across Latin America by travelling to isolated parishes that have not seen a priest for years.


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Holy-wood: How One Priest Supports 'Truth, Beauty and Goodness' in Film

Last edited 9th March 2017

Hollywood, Calif., Mar 9, 2017 / 02:36 pm (CNA).- The path to priesthood doesn’t often include stops on the sets of soap operas. But for Father Don Woznicki, a stint as a production assistant for the NBC soap “Sunset Beach” in 1998 (the same year he entered the Mundelein Seminary to begin his formation as a priest) was a pivotal part of his exploration of his “calling within a calling” – his deep-seated desire to evangelize through the entertainment industry.


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Love Your Neighbour - Project Compassion - Interview with Semiti Qalowasa, Director of PCN - Fiji

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Lent is a time for giving so during Lent Caritas Australia's Project Compassion distributes money boxes collecting cash to raise funds for the poorest in our world.


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Faith Has Grown Stronger Among Christians Who've Escaped Iraq

Last edited 22nd February 2017

We are at the church of St. Tecla in Beirut, Lebanon. Today is not a day of obligation, but the church is still full, mainly with refugees from Iraq; people who have lost everything except their faith.


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9 Things you Need to Know About the "Chair of St. Peter"

Last edited 20th February 2017

Yes, there is a physical object known as "the Chair of St. Peter." It is housed at the Vatican, at the back of St. Peter's basilica. February 22 is the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter.


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Introducing the Xt3 Lent Calendar

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Give God a moment this Lent with


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Simcha Fisher: the Samurai Martyr and the Sex Abuse Scandal

Last edited 14th February 2017

On 7 February, the 16th-century Japanese samurai and martyr Takayama Ukon was beatified. He’s called a martyr even though he wasn’t directly executed, because his death came as a result of his exile and sacrifice for his faith.


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Pastoral Message in response to the Royal Commission - Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

Last edited 13th February 2017

A Pastoral Message in response to the Royal Commission from Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP.


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Advice For The Convert: 12 Things To Consider During The Conversion Process

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Maybe you’ve attended a course, a retreat, or a workshop; maybe you’ve had an awakening experience through prayer, or a dialogue that stirred in you a profound desire for conversion and to follow Christ in the Church He founded (the Catholic Church). Maybe you are excited and hopeful to build a new and better world, or realize that you need the Sacraments for your own sake. Whatever has brought you this far, reaching out for God’s merciful embrace for the first time is an awesome experience! Nonetheless, there are some things you must know so you don’t get frustrated or feel discouraged in moments when your initial enthusiasm wanes.


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