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Papal Advent Advice: Don't be Dominated by Material Things

Last edited 28th November 2016

The season of Advent is a reminder to us to open our horizons and have concern for more than just material things, the Pope said Sunday during his Angelus address.


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How to Celebrate Advent Like a Catholic

Last edited 24th November 2016

Does it seem to you that each year the holiday season gets busier and busier, and we get further and further away from the true meaning of Advent and Christmas?


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Catholic Youth Services Podcast

Last edited 15th November 2016

In this podcast Xt3 records events hosted by Catholic Youth Services in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

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Year of Mercy Pilgrimage to a Holy Door

Last edited 14th November 2016

Pope Francis has announced an opportunity for Catholics to obtain a plenary indulgence during the Year of Mercy by passing through a designated Holy Door during the Year of Mercy. You can also perform one of the corporal or spiritual works of mercy.


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Watch: Preparing for Advent - Trust in God

Last edited 13th November 2016

Watch YDisciple presenter Brigid DeMoor talks about trust in God, and gives us the example of Mary, mother of God in preparation for the Advent season.

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Pope holds Mass for 6000 homeless people

Last edited 13th November 2016

Pope Francis, at a Mass for poor and homeless people, has warnedagainst the "anaesthetised consciences" of those who see the needy as bothersome instead of as brothers and sisters to be helped.


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Advent Promo Video - 2016 Prepare your Heart for Christ this Christmas

Last edited 4th November 2016

Start the lead up to Christ’s birth by preparing your heart with the Xt3 Advent Calendar App 2016 – filled with reflections, videos and scripture readings to help you go deeper in your faith. Go to for more.


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A Victory for the Seal of Confession in Louisiana

Last edited 2nd November 2016

Catholic priests do not have to break the seal of Confession to report the alleged abuse of minors, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled on Friday.


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Psychiatrists Can’t Explain Demonic Possession, says Director of The Exorcist

Last edited 2nd November 2016

The director of The Exorcist, William Friedkin, has said that psychiatrists are more accepting of the possibility of demonic possession than when he made the film.


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Walk With Christ

Last edited 2nd November 2016

Walk With Christ is the annual Eucharistic Procession that travels through the streets of Sydney and culminates with prayer and Benediction at St Mary’s Cathedral forecourt. This extraordinary event engages thousands of Catholics of all ages and backgrounds. It revives a rich Catholic tradition of public faith demonstration through procession and festival.


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