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Things to Remember When Everything is Falling Apart
Last edited 1st February 2016

I’m writing this for myself. For the days when outside the sun is shining but inside my heart is gray and stormy. For when I can’t imagine that everything can be normal again. This is for the days when no one understands and the pain feels too heavy. When my thoughts won’t stop spinning, creating a tornado of emotions I’m not quite sure how to handle. This blog is for those days. I hope you remember to come back to this, to memorize these truths, and internalize them so deep in your heart that you always know you can turn to them. I’m writing this for me, but I know you might need it too someday.

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How Catholics Practice Their Faith in China
Last edited 31st January 2016

Despite the difficulties, Pope Francis has repeatedly expressed his wish to visit China.


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A Sacramental Life
Last edited 27th January 2016

A life full of the Sacraments, is a life fully lived. Watch as a priest recalls all the moments of Sacramental grace throughout his life.

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#ASKFRMIKE: Lucifer, the Trinity, and Leisurely Sundays
Last edited 27th January 2016

Fr. Mike Schmitz tackles several tough questions from his audience, like...


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The Grace of Place - Lenten Resource 2016 (Year C)
Last edited 25th January 2016

The Grace of Place consists of six weekly Lenten reflections to accompany the Gospels for Year C. It explores different aspects of how having a heightened sense of place in the natural world enables us to grow in our reverence for God, and in our care for all creation. This online Catholic resource is suitable for Senior School Students, Teachers, Parishes, Religious Congregations, Youth, Social Justice Groups and individuals.

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Christian Persecution in 2015
Last edited 24th January 2016

The very minimum number of Christians killed for directly faith-related reasons throughout the world has more than tripled between 2013 and 2015: from 2,123 to 7,100 Although the Charity listed North Korea as the worst country for the persecution of Christians in 2015 (again), the largest number of Christians killed was in Nigeria.


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Ways to Read the Bible
Last edited 14th January 2016

Maybe you used to read the Bible for inspiration, for its great stories, or for answers to the big questions in life. But now, it sits on your nightstand gathering dust. Perhaps you gave up reading it because it seemed irrelevant to your everyday life or because it became too hard to follow. If so, Fr. Mike Schmitz offers several reasons for you to pick up your Bible again, see it with new eyes, and allow it to transform your life.

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Pope Francis: When You Say 'Love,' Do You Really Know What it Means?
Last edited 10th January 2016

Love was the center of Pope Francis’ second daily homily after taking a break for Christmas - he said the word has become so casual that we no longer know exactly what we mean when we say it.


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Pope Francis Baptises 26 Babies in Sistine Chapel
Last edited 10th January 2016

Pope Francis on Sunday baptised 26 baby girls and boys during Mass in the Sistine Chapel marking the feast day of Jesus' baptism in the River Jordan.


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Bishop Barron on the "Waze" of Providence
Last edited 4th January 2016

Have you heard of the App "Waze" which is designed to give you directions to help you get where you are going? In this video, Bishop Barron talks about the way this also applies to our spiritual life - are we following God's directions to get to Heaven?

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