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Old Testament vs New Testament - Did God Change?
Last edited 3rd September 2015

Father Mike Schmitz explains why God focuses on justice in the Old Testament and then shows his mercy in the New Testament. To some readers of the Bible it may seem like God changed, but the truth of the matter is much more profound.

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All Priests Will Be Able to Forgive Sin of Abortion during Year of Mercy
Last edited 1st September 2015

In a new set of pastoral guidelines for the upcoming Holy Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has made some significant moves, allowing all priests to forgive the sin of abortion and granting SSPX priests the faculty to forgive sins.


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Connect Groups
Last edited 31st August 2015

I see connect groups as the key thing that the Catholic church may have missed. Hardly do I see parishes with active and lively connect groups of all ages, races, interests and locations. We have large congregations, bigger groups, outreaches, little tiny prayer groups here and there, random events, but we don’t have church connect groups. Those groups are the heart of the church, it’s life and foundation. Nurturing people from the ground up, inside out. Growing the church and growing people in faith. We don’t wanna do life alone or do church alone. So for those people coming new to your ministry or church, this is your way to follow up with them, invite them to a connect group.

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Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC: The Divine Mercy Devotion
Last edited 26th August 2015

Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, author of "Consoling the Heart of Jesus" and "Divine Mercy Explained", Director of the Association of Marian Helpers, and an alum (Class of 1999) of Franciscan University of Steubenville, explains the 5 aspects of the Divine Mercy Devotion with a simple mnemonic.

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Last edited 26th August 2015

One night I dreamed a dream.As I was walking along the beach with my Lord.Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life.For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand,One belonging to me and one to my Lord.


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Pope Francis asks: ‘Who is Jesus for You?’
Last edited 24th August 2015

Reflecting on the day’s Gospel reading at Mass (Jn. 6:60-69), Pope Francis devoted his August 23 Sunday Angelus address to the response to Jesus’ teaching on the Eucharist.


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Pope: When Jesus' Words Are Hard to Hear, You Need Faith to Stay
Last edited 23rd August 2015

Those who turn away from the “uncomfortable” teaching on Jesus being the Bread of Life, Pope Francis said during his weekly Sunday Angelus address, do so not because of a lack of understanding, but a lack of faith.


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Vatican Invites Priests to Become ‘Missionaries of Mercy’
Last edited 18th August 2015

Pope Francis is looking for ‘missionaries of mercy’, priests who are known for their preaching and dedication to hearing confessions and granting absolution.


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Pope Francis: The Eucharist is Not a Symbol, It Is Jesus Giving Himself Entirely
Last edited 18th August 2015

Even as rain fell from the sky, thousands of pilgrims joined Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square to pray the Angelus. He spoke about the importance of attending Mass. "Sometimes, about Mass, we hear this objection: ' What is the purpose of Mass? I go to Church when I feel like it, and I pray better alone.' But the Eucharist is not a private prayer or a beautiful spiritual experience. It is not only a commemoration of what Jesus did at the Last Supper. We say, to understand, that the Eucharist is the 'memorial'.”


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Why is Christianity Growing So Quickly in Mainland China?
Last edited 18th August 2015

Christianity is spreading rapidly in China, and it could be because of how well the faith fits in with modern scientific technology. According to the renowned sociologist Rodney Stark, the number of Christians in China is growing at an impressive annual rate of seven percent.


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