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St. Joseph the Worker - Celebrating the First Day of May, Month of Our Lady
Last edited 1st May 2015

Today (1 May) is not only the first day of the month dedicated to Our Lady, it is also the feast day of her spouse, St Joseph the Worker. St Joseph shows us that work, when offered to God, not matter how mundane, is of great value. Watch this video reflection for more!

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The Pope of the Rosary: Pope St. Pius V
Last edited 30th April 2015

April 30 is the feast day of Pope Pius V. He was a Dominican and a pope, a great reformer of the Church, and a saint. He is especially known for his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.


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Fr Robert Barron reflects on St. Catherine of Siena
Last edited 30th April 2015

A short video reflection on the great Catherine of Siena, narrated by Fr Robert Barron as part of his upcoming "CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players" video series. St Catherine of Siena's feast day is 29 August.


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Saint Catherine of Siena: Feast Day 29 April
Last edited 29th April 2015

Saint Catherine of Siena (25 March 1347 – 29 April 1380), was a tertiary of the Dominican Order and a Scholastic philosopher and theologian. She also worked to bring the papacy of Gregory XI back to Rome from its displacement in France and to establish peace among the Italian city-states.


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Anniversary of the Death of St. Gianna Molla, 28 April
Last edited 28th April 2015

April 28th is the anniversary of the death of Gianna Molla, a brave 39-year-old mother who refused to abort her unborn child when she had cancer. The decision lead to her heroic death months after her child was born. She was both beatified and canonised by St John Paul II. Saint Gianna Molla, pray for all expectant mothers and their unborn children.

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Campaign Starts for Titanic Priest to be Made a Saint
Last edited 13th April 2015

A campaign has been launched for the canonisation of the priest who stayed on board the Titanic as it sank in order to pray with his fellow passengers. According to survivors testimonies, Fr Thomas Byles twice refused a place on a lifeboat and stayed on the ship to pray with the passengers who were left aboard.


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Ten Year Anniversary of the Death of John Paul II
Last edited 4th April 2015

Pope John Paul II died on April 2, 2005 after leading the Catholic Church for more than a quarter of a century. He left an indelible mark on the lives of millions. And ten years after his passing, the Pope still remains on many people's minds: "Saint Pope John Paul II was a public figure that everyone in the world knew. The love, and the peace, and the image of Catholicism that he portrayed was inspirational."


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500 Years After Her Birth, The Witness of St. Teresa of Avila Remains Strong
Last edited 30th March 2015

On the 500th anniversary of St. Teresa of Avila's birth, Pope Francis praised the Spanish mystic and reformer for her witness of self-gift to God, as well as her particular relevance during this Year of Consecrated Life.


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St. Toribio of Mogrovejo
Last edited 23rd March 2015

On 23 March the Church celebrates the feast day of the great Spanish missionary St. Toribio of Mogrovejo. Watch this video to learn more about the often unknown saint.

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Joy for Australia's Sisters of Charity as Mary Aikenhead Declared Venerable by Pope Francis
Last edited 23rd March 2015

Congregational Leader of the Sisters of Charity of Australia, Sister Clare Nolan, rsc says the Sisters are overjoyed Pope Francis has declared their founder, Ireland's Mary Aikenhead Venerable in what is the second of four steps to canonisation. "We are very excited about it and our sisters have developed a special liturgy to mark this important stage together with Congregations of the Sisters of Charity worldwide," she says.


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