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Saint Stories

Last edited 30th November 2017

Listen to the stories of the Saints as told by young people, Bishops, priests and religious from around Australia.

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It's Official: John Paul I Moves Forward on Path to Sainthood

Last edited 9th November 2017

The Vatican on Thursday announced that Albino Luciani – better know as Pope John Paul I – has moved forward on the path to sainthood, and can now officially be called “Venerable” by faithful around the world.


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This Native American is Officially on the Path to Sainthood

Last edited 1st November 2017

Lakota medicine man turned Catholic catechist Nicholas Black Elk has begun the path to potential canonization with a Mass in South Dakota opening his cause for sainthood.


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Obscure Saint: Saint Bruno | Encounter

Last edited 5th October 2017

Who was Saint Bruno?


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Has the Original Santa Claus Been Found in Turkey?

Last edited 5th October 2017

Children look away now! For Turkish archaeologists believe they have found the tomb of the original Santa Claus, otherwise known as Saint Nicholas.


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St Francis of Assisi and his Charism

Last edited 4th October 2017

“St Francis' charism is certainly something for today, it endures and it is inspired. Today more than ever this simplicity calls us back to the heart of the Gospel. We don't need all these things that often put up a block between us and Christ. It is in the simplicity of things that you find the true joy of being a son or daughter of God”.


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Who is your favourite Saint? (St John Bosco, Engadine) | Xt3 Vox

Last edited 20th December 2017

Who is your favourite Saints? We asked St John Bosco Youth who their favourite Saints are. They explained to us their background story of that saint and why they like them. Saints can become our friends who can help us get closer to God and we can look to them for help and inspiration.


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Theology of the Body and the Saints

Last edited 27th September 2017

Madeleine Vella looks at the Theology of the Body from the examples of the saints – who lived life in chastity and purity according to their state in life.


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St Thérèse of Lisieux – Saints Who took the Narrow Road

Last edited 22nd September 2017

St Thérèse of Lisieux was a Carmelite nun who did not make any remarkable achievements, but has become a Doctor of the Church and one of the most popular saints today. Her way of life has inspired many, and shows that holiness is for all.


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Msgr. Jaramillo, Bishop Assassinated by ELN who Pope Francis will Beatify in Colombia

Last edited 8th September 2017

Pope Francis' trip to Colombia includes the beatification of two priests who have been declared martyrs: Fr. Pedro Ramirez and Msgr. Jesus Jaramillo, the first bishop of Arauca. The bishop was assassinated on October 2, 1989 on his return from a pastoral visit by three guerrilla members, from the National Liberation Army (ELN).


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