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Abortion and Mental Health: Is There a Link?
Last edited 15th September 2011

Does induced abortion increase a woman's risk of mental health problems? The question has been asked continually over the past several decades with dozens of studies indicating a positive correlation, but a few well-publicized studies are arriving at the opposite conclusion.


Fr. Barron Comments on 'The Two Minus One Pregnancy'
Last edited 15th September 2011

A recent New York Times article profiled the stories of women who had what they called 'Two Minus One' pregnancies - or more truthfully - aborted one twin so as to only have one child. This awful concept is more common than you would think! In this video, Fr. Robert Barron examines the staggering attempts to justify this practice, and unpacks the real meaning of a person's 'choice', versus objective values.

When Medical Law Says 'Yes', But Your Conscience Says 'No'
Last edited 5th September 2011

Can laws force medical staff to act against their religion or conscience? It's a daily struggle in some countries, but Irish Senator Ronan Mullen is one of several leading the fight against this. Watch this video to leanr more about the conflict between Medical Law and Ethics!


Fr. Robert Barron Reviews the Film "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"
Last edited 5th September 2011

The recently released "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" is a science-fiction thriller that tells the story of the rise of intelligence in Apes, who eventually challenge humans for domination of the Earth. In this video, Fr. Robert Barron talks about the themes of the movie, exploring the danger of science without moral guides and restrictions. Fr. Barron parallels the message of this film, with our current moral dilemmas in the science - such as embryonic stem-cell research.


Loved into Existence: Science Consistent with Christian Belief
Last edited 10th August 2011

Dr. Morse gave this speech April 23, 2011, at Hong Kong Baptist University, at a conference of Western and Chinese scholars, entitled “The Family and Sexual Ethics: Christian Foundations and Public Values.” China is experiencing numerous problems due to family breakdown, including the one child policy, high divorce rates, and an imbalanced sex ratio. This conference was convened because many in China, even in the Academy of Science and in government, are interested in what Christianity has to say about marriage, family, sexuality and society.

IVF: Ignoring the Rights of Donor-Conceived Children
Last edited 5th August 2011

IVF supporters are passionate about their 'right' to have a child. However, as Maggie Millar shares in this article, the rights of donor-conceived children are ignored in the misplaced euphoria over reproductive technology.


Adult Stem Cells Help Save Cancer Patient
Last edited 24th July 2011

A cancer patient has received the first synthetic windpipe transplant. The new windpipe was created using the patient’s own adult stem cells which were seeded onto a synthetic scaffold to grow the new tissue. According to his doctors, the patient, a 36-year-old Eritrean man and father of two, no longer has cancer and is expected to have a normal life expectancy.


Father Gregor Mendel - Catholic Priest and Father of Modern Genetics
Last edited 22nd July 2011

Internet giant Google paid homage to Austrian priest and biologist Father Gregor Mendel, considered the father of modern genetics.


Affirming Love, Avoiding AIDS
Last edited 14th July 2011

Earlier this year, the journal PLoS Medicine published a stunning report about the prevalence of AIDS in Zimbabwe. Over the ten years to 2007 HIV prevalence was halved. This decline is almost unique in sub-Saharan Africa. But contrary to popular assumptions - it is not condoms which are saving the lives of thousands of Zimbabweans - but changes in behaviour, “mainly reductions in extramarital, commercial, and casual sexual relations”.


Vatican Lending Hand in Adult Stem Cell Research
Last edited 19th June 2011

The Catholic Church has entered into an agreement with a US company that specializes in extracting adult stem cells. The Vatican Department of Science and Faith has made an economic commitment of one million dollars to NeoStem through their charitable foundation. This is the first time the Vatican has entered into such an agreement with a publicly-traded company to advance scientific research.

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