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Research Confirms that Human Embryonic Stem Cells Will Not Deliver Cures
Last edited 27th November 2011

It is now all but certain that human embryonic stem cells will not deliver cures to dread diseases. Several Scientific reports have shown that the results of adult stem cell research are far in front of those research conducted with embryonic stem cells. So why was there such a huge push to legalise the use human embryonic stem cells for science? Visit this article by Michael Cook of MercatorNet for more.

Abortion and Mental Health: Science vs Politics
Last edited 23rd November 2011

Publication in a leading psychiatry journal did not prevent a barrage of criticism for the author of a study showing the mental health risks of abortion. In this article, MercatorNet interviews Priscilla K. Coleman, the author of a major study with hotly-contested findings about abortion and mental health.

Feast of St. Albert the Great, Scientist and Priest - 15 November
Last edited 23rd November 2011

Many people think that science and religion are in conflict with one another - but this isn't true! In fact, some of the greatest scientists in history were priests - one of them being St. Albert the Great! Watch this video to reflect on the message of St. Albert, as we celebrate his feast day on 15 November.

Science and Faith: A Look into the Vatican's Academy of Sciences
Last edited 23rd November 2011

Through its ups and downs, the relationship between science and faith has always been interesting. For experts like Werner Arber, the connection is simply part of his job. Find out more about the Vatican's Academy of Sciences in this video!

Adult Stem Cell Conference Begins at the Vatican
Last edited 10th November 2011

The Vatican is holding a three day conference to promote research using adult stem cells. Different scientists, stem cell companies, and health ministers are meeting in Rome to gain support of different policy makers.

Vatican Partners with U.S. Research Company to Discuss Stem-Cells
Last edited 8th November 2011

New biotechnologies raise questions in the fields of medicine, economics, ethics and philosophy, and the Vatican plans to look at all of them during a three-day conference devoted to adult stem-cell research, officials said.


Popular Contraceptive Doubles HIV Risk in Africa
Last edited 11th October 2011

International family-planning groups continue to distribute the contraceptive Depo-Provera in Africa, despite new evidence that the drug doubles women’s risks of contracting the HIV virus, the Vatican newspaper notes. The continued promotion of Depo-Provera by international groups, argues L’Osservatore Romano, is: “Confirmation that the health of women in the third world is not their first priority.”


The Science of Eggsploitation
Last edited 11th October 2011

Human cloning researchers have been paying women to risk death so they can pursue their doomed experiments. Richard Egan looks at the terrible new science of "


Embryonic Cloning Experiment Blasted by Ethicists, Scientists
Last edited 9th October 2011

A recent experiment cloning human embryos for potential stem cell use did little to advance a medical breakthrough and violated human life, Catholic experts said in reaction to the news. “The attitudes of the scientists involved,” said Fr. Thomas Berg, head of the Westchester Institute for Ethics and the Human Person, show a “profound disrespect for the goods inherent to natural procreation and a demeaning of human life.”


Science Doesn't Have All The Answers
Last edited 12th October 2011

Despite the giant leaps made by science over the past century, scientists are still unable to explain the huge difference between humans and all living beings, says Father Brendan Purcell. "When science examines the origins and evolution of human beings more questions are raised than are answered," he says.


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