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Is it Love? Take the Love Test!
Last edited 20th May 2010

How do you know if the person you are dating is serious about your future? Are you really in love, or are you just infatuated? Should you consider marrying this person?


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Prisoners of the Pill
Last edited 16th May 2010

Women are losers in the modern sexual relationships market. What will it take for them to break out of this dilemma?

The Egalitarian, Global Commodification of S*xuality
Last edited 14th May 2010

"...just because it’s women doing the buying - and the pimping - doesn’t make it liberating." Melinda Tankard Reist comments on the latest wave 'equality' between men and women... male prostitution.

Love, Actually
Last edited 13th May 2010

In case you haven’t noticed, millions of girls are in the midst of a cultural insurrection. Armed with the pocket money that has made them a powerful consumer force since the 1920s, girls have set their communal sights on a particular kind of entertainment, and when they find it, they transform it into a commercial phenomenon that leaves even the creators and marketers of that entertainment dumbfounded. What do these girls—with such different backgrounds and aspirations, foreign to one another in so many respects—demand right now? The old story, the one they were forced to abandon for a while, but will be denied no longer: the Boyfriend Story.

Birth Control vs. Teen Pregnancies?
Last edited 10th May 2010

Many people, including Catholics, support teaching abstinence to teenagers - but also think that 'if they are going to have sex anyway', using birth control is better than having unwanted teen pregnancies and abortions. Is this right?

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Why is Contraception Wrong?
Last edited 10th May 2010

Come on! If you're married, can't you just do whatever you want? Find out why contraception hurts your marriage in this Young Catholic Minute Video!


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Hot Topics - Divorce and the Catholic Church
Last edited 6th September 2010

Episode 9 of Xt3's 'Hot Topics' podcast series deals with Divorce and the Catholic Church; addressing issues such as annulment, re-marriage, and recieving communion when divorced.


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Same Sex Attraction: An Alternative View (print)
Last edited 3rd May 2010

Here is the written text of the talk that Fr Anthony Percy did for LIFEWEEK at the University of Sydney on Same Sex Attraction - an alternative view.


Cardinal Pell on 'Pornography'
Last edited 3rd May 2010

Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, writes to the Sunday Telegraph about the growing acceptance of pornography - and why it is harmful to our society!


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Love and Fidelity movement spreads in US colleges
Last edited 21st April 2010

CNN has run a story on the movement among college students to shun the hook-up culture prevalent on campuses and encourage dating and abstinence.

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