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Teach Girls to Say “No” - British MP

Last edited 10th May 2011

British secondary schools are required by law to teach the biological facts of human reproduction in science lessons, but students themselves often say the instruction given is too biological. The facts also speak for themselves: Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe. Read what British MP Nadine Dorries has suggested to combat the high teenage pregnancies in England.

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Gender-Confused Kids Need Parents Who Think Straight

Last edited 10th May 2011

A 12-year-old may now consent to hormone blocking therapy. But why would parents allow it?

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Smoking and 'Safe Sex' - The Great Hypocrisy

Last edited 4th May 2011

The Australian Government is cracking down hard on tobacco industries but what is most frustrating is the hypocritical approach given to other public health issues. For example the deceptive and fallacious ‘safe sex’ campaign that is sold to young people via various well designed and sexy governmental websites and videos. 

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John Paul II's 'Love and Responsibility' - A Summary

Last edited 2nd May 2011

What is the experience of falling in love? What is the meaning of the movements of the heart? What do my feelings mean? How does a relationship grow? How can I discern the truth of a relationship? The book "Love and Responsibility" by Karol Wojtyla, written just before he was elected Pope John Paul II, takes us deeper into this beautiful dimension of human life. The following summary, of the first part of the book, was written by Fr Richard Aladics, a Spiritual Director at the Seminary of the Good Shepherd, Homebush, Sydney.

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Jason Evert's Chastity Tour - May 2011

Last edited 28th April 2011

Jason Evert is coming to Australia this May, and will be speaking on the topics of chastity and love in Sydney and Melbourne. Don't miss out!

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Natural Family Planning vs. Artificial Contraception

Last edited 20th April 2011

What's the difference between NFP and AC? Listen to Jason Evert address the Natural Family Planning (NFP) vs. Artificial Contraception (AC) debate on Catholic Answers radio!


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A Bishop's Letter About Sex and Marriage

Last edited 15th April 2011

One of the critical moral issues in our sex-saturated culture is premarital sex and cohabitation. Yet, despite the clarity of the Church's teachings on sexuality, this issue is often overlooked as 'too hard' for educators to deal with when forming young Catholics. Fortunately, the Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan of Santa Fe has recently issued a pastoral letter emphasising the importance of the Church teachings on premarital sex and cohabitation. Visit this article to read some excerpts from the letter. 


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Couple, De-couple, Repeat

Last edited 12th April 2011

It's complicated. More than a Facebook relationship status, “it’s complicated” sums up the ambiguity, fluidity, and contradictions experienced by “emerging adults” in the Western world, at least when it comes to sex and relationships. Accoding to a recent study, 84 per cent of unmarried emerging adults (ages 18-23) in America have had sex. But what does it mean? In their outstanding new book, Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate, and Think about Marrying, Mark Regnerus and Jeremy Uecker provide some answers, showing that premarital sex has almost nothing to do with marriage - at least, not a happy one.


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Mexican Courage Leader Recounts Conversion

Last edited 7th April 2011

The leader of a Catholic ministry to homosexuals recently recalled his conversion story. “God was leading me, through the advice of priests I spoke with, to see that a sexually active life, even with just one person of the same-sex, could not bring me happiness,” Guillermo Marquez told CNA. Visit this article for his full story.

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Contraceptive Contradictions

Last edited 11th April 2011

The Catholic Church remains almost a lone voice in our age defending the view that contraceptive sexual activity in marriage is wrong. Many young Catholic couples either are not aware of this teaching, or simply choose to ignore it. In this article, Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk looks at the reasons behind the Church's position on contraception in light of both theology and human sexuality.

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