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The Real Harms of Prostitution
Last edited 20th October 2010

Before we decide whether to legalise prostitution, it is important to know what prostitution is and what it is not. It is not a job like any other job.


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Abortion and Breast Cancer Link
Last edited 2nd November 2010

Women who have had abortions are at higher risk for breast cancer, a fact denied by certain organizations and institutes for a long time.


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Porn-Free Vision
Last edited 19th October 2010

Recovering porn addicts are bringing hope to others through the anti-pornography website, launched on Aug. 14, 2009 on the feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe, patron of addicts.


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Chastity Means Saying, “Yes!”
Last edited 13th October 2010

Chastity is the virtue of finding and living love in the context of sexuality. The virtues point us towards the perfection of will that controls our actions and passions. These point us towards happiness, endurance, spontaneity and security.

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Sex, Lies and Videotape
Last edited 12th October 2010

Sex is no big deal? After the recent suicide of an American college student, how can anyone honestly say that? Jennifer Roback Morse of Mercatornet examines this tragedy in this article.

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Minnesota Bishops: Same-sex Attraction Doesn’t Justify Redefining Marriage
Last edited 13th October 2010

The Catholic bishops of Minnesota have issued a brief statement on marriage, saying that having same-sex attractions does not deprive anyone of basic human rights but also does not create the right to “marry” someone of the same sex.

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Teenage Girls more Sexually Active than a Decade Ago
Last edited 13th October 2010

Year 12 girls are more likely to have had sex than boys, and teenagers are likely to have had sex with more partners than a decade ago, a national survey has shown...

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How to Bring an Awkward Halt to a Hookup
Last edited 5th October 2010

Jason Evert explains to high school girls how to say no when a date is going "too far."

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Relationships Market After 50 Years of the Pill
Last edited 27th September 2010

Far from bringing equality, contraception has redistributed power away from women, says George Pell. THIS year is the 50th anniversary of the contraceptive pill, a development that has changed Western life enormously, in some ways most people do not understand.


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Music Video: 'With This Ring' by Amanda Vernon
Last edited 21st September 2010

"With this ring, I'm waiting for the one whom God has saved for me." These words are from the new music video by internationally-acclaimed Catholic recording artist Amanda Vernon.  Written about her promise to her dad and to God to save her virginity for her future husband, "With This Ring," testifies to the beauty of living for Christ in heart, mind, and body. Traveling to Australia from the United States of America, Amanda performed this song numerous times during the World Youth Day 2008 Youth Festival events in Sydney.  She hopes to perform it again at the next World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain as well! Share this video with friends to help spread this moving message for today's youth. 


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