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Is Pornography Cheating?
Last edited 17th April 2013

Yes. Pornography is cheating on your family, cheating on your spouse, and ultimately cheating on yourself. Visit this article written by Bobby Angel of for the truth about pornography.


Integrity Helping Catholic men break free from Pornography addiction.
Last edited 7th April 2013

If you, or someone you love, is struggling with pornography use, this site is for you. Integrity Restored was designed to help men, their wives and their families break free from the bonds of porn.


What does the Catholic Church offer to the Homosexual Person?
Last edited 4th April 2013

The Church offers people with same-sex attraction what she offers anyone else: the truth of God’s Word authoritatively interpreted, the Sacraments of Salvation, a vision for life, and the witness and support of the communal life, a communion with those now living as well as with the ancients whose voice and witness we still revere. We also offer respect based on truth.


Cardinal Dolan's Message to Gay Couple "I love you, God loves you, and you are made in His image and likeness"
Last edited 2nd April 2013

Cardinal Dolan talks about the papal conclave, Easter and same-sex marriage. Cardinal Dolan says especially how we need to show love to same-sex attracted people and reminds them that they are loved and made in God's image and likeness.

Archbishop Cordileone States Case Against Gay Marriage
Last edited 27th March 2013

'To legalize marriage between two people of the same sex would enshrine in the law the principle that mothers and fathers are interchangeable or irrelevant.'


Mother of Slain UVA Student Fights Domestic Violence
Last edited 22nd March 2013

Sharon Love is living every parent’s worst nightmare: her daughter, Yeardley Love, was found beaten to death after a nasty break-up with an abusive ex-boyfriend. Now, Love is trying to spread awareness about the all-too-real consequences of abusive relationships

Chastity Before Marriage: a Fresh Perspective
Last edited 26th February 2013

There are many young couples who sincerely believe in the Church’s teachings forbidding sexual intercourse before marriage. And yet, even such admirable young couples with the best of intentions find themselves in situations of grave temptation. One reason this occurs is a faulty attitude toward the Church’s condemnation of fornication. It is seen as something to avoid, i.e. as a negative phenomenon.


Sexualisation of the Young is Becoming Society's Cancer
Last edited 26th February 2013

For many young people, sex has become a performance, overlaid with worry about ''How do I look? What tricks do they expect me to perform? How do I compare with others?'' Separating sex from personhood is what sexualisation does. It's robbing us of closeness. Little wonder we have one of the most depressed and lonely generations of young people ever.


Should We Date?
Last edited 19th February 2013

Dating is an important part of discerning the kind of person you want to marry. But before you launch into the dating scene, you need to ask yourself some questions to make sure you are ready... Are you interested in getting to know the person or are you lusting after them? Will dating help or hurt your soul? Are you confident with drawing boundaries when dating?


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Author sees cultural willingness to re-examine sexual revolution
Last edited 15th February 2013

A Catholic author believes that the “surprisingly positive” reception of her book on the sexual revolution shows an encouraging openness to reconsider cultural assumptions about artificial contraception.


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