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Discussing Marriage - Debate Makes Us Stronger

Last edited 15th October 2015

This podcast is a collection of debates, lectures and conversations regarding the same-sex marriage discussion going on in Australia. Too often voices are silenced in this debate, and those advocating for marriage between a man and a woman are not given a chance to speak their views in public. This podcast gives you a chance to listen to respectful and intelligent conversations about marriage in a Australia.

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Celibate Mothers carry Forward the Sexual Revolution

Last edited 12th October 2015

Child psychotherapist Dilys Daws said the fact that virgin women were resorting to IVF “suggests someone who is not emotionally mature enough to be close to someone else – and that matters when it comes to bringing up a child. It implies the woman has a fear of having a close physical relationship with someone else, in which case the baby will not be brought up with that love.

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Missing Infinite Love: My Struggle with Masturbation

Last edited 12th October 2015

It is not easy to admit to masturbation, especially to priests in Confession. But if you want a true relationship with our Lord, you need to ask for His help and receive His grace in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


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World Meeting of Families - Jackie Francois Angel

Last edited 11th October 2015

Singer and speaker Jackie Francois-Angel is interviewed by Ascension Presents personality Father Mike Schmitz, as she prepares to speak and sing at the Ascension Cafe about Catholic marriage. In this video, she answers some tough questions about marriage, striking a balance between the negative notion and the fairytale notion often portrayed in our culture.

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The Pain of Transgender Regret

Last edited 11th October 2015

At the age of 42, Walt Heyer was married and had two children. But he had felt for years that he was stuck in the wrong gender. So he fully transitioned and emerged as Laura Jensen. After living as a woman for eight years, he realised that he had made a terrible mistake. Now he has detransitioned back to his birth gender and provides encouragement to people who regret their gender change.


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Matt Fradd: How Porn Turns Men Into Little Boys

Last edited 8th October 2015

Pornography is often classified, along with other sexually oriented businesses, as “adult” entertainment—something for “mature” audiences. If these descriptions merely meant these kinds of entertainment are “not suitable for children” then few would protest. That said, it would be foolish to use this as an argument that pornography is actually suitable for adults. Heroin and racism are also “not suitable for children,” but this does not mean that they are healthy for those over the age of eighteen.


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This Event Hopes to Bring the Voice of Chaste, Gay Catholics to the Synod

Last edited 1st October 2015

An upcoming international conference in Rome is hoping to give a face to those with same-sex attraction living in accord with the Church's teaching on homosexuality – and to help make their voice heard at the Synod on the Family.


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Ashley Madison & Crushes on Other People

Last edited 17th September 2015

Ascension Presents’ Father Mike Schmitz breaks down the strong emotions behind the Ashley Madison scandal, laying out the real dilemma deep in the hearts of those who are tempted to be unfaithful in a committed relationship. Father Mike emphasizes that a mere crush is not as important as the solemn promise that a person makes to his or her spouse, and shows a way out for those who think they’re trapped within unwanted feelings of “eros” towards someone.

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Sex, Saints and Salvation - A Discussion on Theology of the Body

Last edited 3rd September 2015

Sex, Saints and Salvation - A Discussion on Theology of the Body


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Sex is Part of Who You Are

Last edited 24th August 2015

This video is part 2 of 5 in a series about God's plan for our sexuality.


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