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Plan B: Is It Contraception or Not?
Last edited 19th October 2013

Population Research Institute released a fun and informational video today that explains how Plan B really works. Steven Mosher, President of PRI, says: "Our three-minute video will make you laugh out loud, and teach you how Plan B reliably produces negative pregnancy tests. You will want to not only watch it yourselves, but share it with others who may be tempted to use Plan B."


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What is Married Love?
Last edited 18th October 2013

'Love' has been the topic of many stories, songs, novels and movies throughout the ages, with people from all generations trying to understand its true meaning. Men and women have succeeded in love, failed in love, been hurt by love, and have been fulfilled by love from the beginning of our existence. And yet we still find it hard to reflect on what love really is. In particular, the love between a man and woman within marriage has been challenged and at times put down in our modern era, with many people claiming it can be redefined.


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Sweetening the Pill - A Young Woman Dissolves the Sugar Coating on the Contraceptive Pill
Last edited 17th October 2013

Holly Grigg-Spall is a young woman who calls herself a feminist but who is deeply unpopular with some of the sisterhood right now. English, 30-ish, married to an American and living in California, she has written a book criticising the contraceptive pill. Actually, Sweetening the Pill: Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control is more than critical; it is a sweeping polemic against the pill and every form of hormonal contraception.


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How to Live Well: The Moral Gaze of Jane Austen
Last edited 10th October 2013

Jane Austen wrote romantic comedies about middle-class girls looking for a good husband among the landed gentry. If that were all there was to it we wouldn't take her any more seriously now than the genre hacks published by Mills and Boon. But Austen was also a brilliant moral philosopher who analysed and taught a virtue ethics for middle-class life that is surprisingly contemporary. Appreciating this can help us understand why she wrote the way she did and how we should read her today.

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Why Wait For Sex??
Last edited 3rd October 2013

Wedding day thoughts from a groom about the controversial topic of saving sex for marriage. The footage was taken 30 minutes before the bride walked down the isle.


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Jason Evert - Saturday Men's Session: Made for More
Last edited 25th September 2013

Jason Evert Saturday Men's Session: Made for More at Stubenville, prepare to laugh, learn and grow as you watch this video.

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I’m Walking Away - How to Leave Immorality Behind
Last edited 26th September 2013

What do you do if you are in a situation which is threatening your morality? Sometimes it is important to remember that it is ok to walk away. Have the courage to remove yourself from a situation that is immoral, and don't be afraid for what people may think!


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Ten Ways to Get Girls to Like You
Last edited 25th September 2013

What happens if you like a girl, but you are not sure if she likes you back? Never fear - here are 10 tips on how to get the right girl to like you. Remember, respect her, encourage her, and be sincere.


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10 Ways to Get the Right Guy to Like You
Last edited 8th October 2013

A message to all girls - you do not need to lower your standards to attract a guy! In fact, if you raise your standards you will attract the right guy. Watch this short, very funny video for 10 tips on how to get the right guy to like you!


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Does the Church Discriminate Against Gays?
Last edited 11th September 2013

A great explanation of the Church's teaching on sexuality.

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