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Inaugural Newman Lecture: Sr Terese Auer O.P. Contraception Distorted Love
Last edited 19th August 2013

Sr Terese holds a Doctorate in Philosophy and she wrote and taught the Bioethics Curriculum for the Pope John Paul the Great high school, Dumfries, Virginia. She has taught philosophy and theology in high schools and colleges in Wisconsin, Nebraska, California, Ohio and Tennessee.

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The Catholic Church and Homosexuality: Charity and Clarity
Last edited 1st October 2012

The Catholic Adult Education Centre and the Mustard Seed Bookshop hosted a Courage Apostolate Information Evening, titled: "The Catholic Church and Homosexuality: Charity and Clarity" on 24th September 2012. The keynote speaker at the seminar was Fr Paul Check, US Director of the Courage Apostolate. You can listen to his talk in this audio file!

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Philipa Caulfield Speaks at the Life Giving Love Event
Last edited 18th October 2012

On Friday, 18 May, Bishop David Walker, the Bishop of Broken Bay Diocese, gathered with up 1,700 Year 12 students from Catholic schools of the Diocese for BYTE, the Broken Bay Year 12 Event.


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Divorced and Catholic, Healing and Hope.
Last edited 6th December 2011

This amazing website provides answers and insights for divorced Catholics. Listen to some of the audio from the website here.

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Fr Tony Percy - Theology of the Body Part 1
Last edited 30th June 2011

Fr Tony Percy gives a series of talks on Theology of the Body in Sydney.

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Fr Tony Percy: Theology of the Body and its link to Vocations
Last edited 4th July 2011

Fr Tony Percy talks to a group of Parish Vocations Coordinators on Theology of the body and how understanding the Church's teaching on sexuality can help young people choose their vocation.

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Natural Family Planning vs. Artificial Contraception
Last edited 20th April 2011

What's the difference between NFP and AC? Listen to Jason Evert address the Natural Family Planning (NFP) vs. Artificial Contraception (AC) debate on Catholic Answers radio!


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Are Condoms the Answer: Chris Meney
Last edited 1st December 2011

AIDS is the acronym for 'acquired immune deficiency syndrome' and it is a disease of the human immune system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This devastating virus has claimed millions of lives, and no cure has yet been found. Many commentators believe that the free distribution of condoms is a positive step to addressing the AIDS epidemic. The Catholic Church however has received heavy criticism in the past by claiming that the use of condoms will not decrease the AIDS problem, but will increase it. Chris Meney talks about how the Church is dedicated to the fight against AIDS and looks at the Pope’s suggestions in fighting the disease, which does not include condoms.


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Sex on Demand - A Conversation About Prostitution and Human Trafficking
Last edited 26th April 2013

Victor Malarek is an Award winning journalist and author of six books including: The Natasha's: Inside the new global sex trade and The John's -Sex for Sale and the Men who Buy it. Each year more than 800, 000 women and children are lured into prostitution to meet an insatiable demand. While this speaker is not Catholic and is not speaking on the issue from a theological perspective, this speech is a fantastic eye-opener into the reality of the human trafficking issue in our everyday lives. Listen here to learn why trafficking in women and girls is the third most profitable commodity after weapons and drugs.

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Hot Topics - Divorce and the Catholic Church
Last edited 6th September 2010

Episode 9 of Xt3's 'Hot Topics' podcast series deals with Divorce and the Catholic Church; addressing issues such as annulment, re-marriage, and recieving communion when divorced.


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