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Discussing Marriage - Debate Makes Us Stronger

Last edited 15th October 2015

This podcast is a collection of debates, lectures and conversations regarding the same-sex marriage discussion going on in Australia. Too often voices are silenced in this debate, and those advocating for marriage between a man and a woman are not given a chance to speak their views in public. This podcast gives you a chance to listen to respectful and intelligent conversations about marriage in a Australia.

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Life Week 2011 at Macquarie University

Last edited 1st June 2011

Life Week 2011 at Macquarie University addressed all the hot topics of the 21st century! So get the truth about pornography, same-sex marriage, human dignity and euthanasia in this podcast!

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Hot Topics

Last edited 18th October 2012

Have you ever been asked... why do we need marriage? Shouldn't people with a poor quality of life have a right to die? Why are there so many rules when it comes to dating? What's wrong with women Priests?


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