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'Flowers Beat Guns': Father Reassures Son after Paris Attacks
Last edited 18th November 2015

In the video, the father is explaining to his son the significance of the tributes at the Bataclan theatre while being interviewed by the TV program, Le Petit Journal. Viewed over 8 million times, the video has since been translated from French and shared globally.

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Husband writes defiant tribute to his wife killed in Bataclan massacre
Last edited 19th November 2015

A Frenchman whose wife was killed in the Bataclan massacre has written a defiant message to the gunmen and a touching tribute to his wife.


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Archbishop Fisher's Homily for Requiem Mass for the Victims of Terror and Prayers for Peace
Last edited 17th November 2015

"They were people just like us, doing the most innocent and human of things: eating with family at a restaurant, working in a pizzeria, cheering at a football friendly, having a drink with friends in a bar, singing and dancing at a rock concert. Then evil struck and the beautiful city of Paris was defaced by violence and gore. 132 dead so far, 350 injured, many of them critically...."

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Adel Termos: An Unsung Hero of the Beirut Bombings
Last edited 17th November 2015

As the world comes to grips with the tragic events in Paris, one man has emerged as a hero. Adel Termos was walking with his young daughter when he spotted a suicide bomber preparing to detonate his vest. Instantly, he tried to tackle the assailant, causing the bomb to go off. He was killed, but many say his heroic actions undoubtedly saved countless more lives.

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'They Want you to Fear Them': Waleed Aly Calls for Unity Against ISIS in Viral Video
Last edited 17th November 2015

In a video that have been viewed more than 11 million times on Facebook and gone viral around the world, Aly spoke passionately against ISIS and call for people to stick together in the face of fear. "ISIL's weak. I know it doesn't look like that now, but it's the truth," he said.

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One Year Anniversary of the Installation of Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP
Last edited 12th November 2015

Celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of the Installation of Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP as the Ninth Archbishop of Sydney.

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'Be the Hug of Christ' – White Mass in DC Encourages Those with Disabilities
Last edited 10th November 2015

Honoring individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges, Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C., celebrated the archdiocese's annual White Mass on Sunday and encouraged the faithful to embrace, serve and welcome the diversity of the Church.


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Student with Cancer Delivers Inspiring Speech from Wheelchair
Last edited 10th November 2015

What would you do if doctors told you you could be dead in a week? For Jake Bailey, the head boy at Christchurch Boys’ High School in New Zealand, this terrible prospect became a tragic reality. Only a week before his school’s senior prize-giving ceremony, Jake was diagnosed with Burkitts non-Hodgkinson lymphoma, which is recognised as the fastest growing human tumour and ideally requires intensive chemotherapy. His doctors told him he may not have long to live, and likely wouldn’t be able to attend the end-of-schooling ceremony. He made it to give his speech... watch this video to listen to his inspirational words. Well done Jake!


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Lonely 98-Year-Old Filmed for a Day - Reminds us to Look After and Visit the Elderly
Last edited 5th November 2015

Mary lives completely on her own in a small apartment. And when a film crew decided to document her daily life, they had no idea the heartache that would be captured.

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Rome Pilgrimage Gives Homeless Man a New Perspective on Life
Last edited 4th November 2015

Derrick Yearout has come a long way from his homeless, drug-addicted days. After changing his life and getting off the streets he made a pilgrimage to Rome, which he says has given him a new outlook on life.


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