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Fr. Robert Barron on His Appointment as Bishop
Last edited 28th July 2015

Bishop-elect Robert Barron answers common questions people have been asking about his appointment as auxiliary bishop in Los Angeles.

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Courage and Trust in God needed for Faith Journey from Islam to Catholicism
Last edited 24th July 2015

Natasha Mohamad grew up in a close-knit Muslim family. Her parents are from Syria and, like many in the now stricken country, are Alawite Muslims. But in her final year at high school her life changed forever and marked the beginning of a courageous and at times heart-wrenching journey of faith from Islam to Catholicism.


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YouTube Star Fr Robert Barron Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of LA!
Last edited 21st July 2015

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has a new team. On Tuesday, three new auxiliary bishops were appointed by Pope Francis.


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Priest Feared Kidnapped in Syria
Last edited 16th July 2015

A Melkite Greek Catholic priest and his driver have not been seen since July 12 and are feared kidnapped, the Fides news agency reported.


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Meet the Priest who was Kidnapped by the Taliban and Lived to Tell About It
Last edited 15th July 2015

He was kidnapped by the Taliban and lived to tell about it. His name is Alexis Prem Kumar. A Catholic priest from India, who was volunteering in a school in Afghanistan. One day his life turned upside down.

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How Can 'Non Indigenous' Australians Engage in Indigenous Justice? It’s Pretty Black and White
Last edited 8th July 2015

My year four teacher sold me a lie, and yours probably did too… It wasn’t that she was a bad person; after all, she was just passing on to me what had been passed on to her. To a room full of impressionable young minds, her words hit my ears with unsettling confidence. ‘Australia was discovered by Captain Cook, and on 26th January 1788 Australia was established as a nation.’ There was, of course, a problem with this story. At best, it was a thin story, a partisan and discriminatory representation of our history, at worst it was intentional deception. A lie. And a lie that changed everything.

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During Papal Flight, Pope Sends Blessing for a Young Man Fighting Lukemia
Last edited 6th July 2015

His name is Lichu Zeno. He's a young Argentinian athlete who is used to fighting out on the field. But now, he's facing the biggest match-as he fights for his life. The young man has Lukemia. He's on the waiting list for a bone marrow transplant. He's looking for support on social media and his campaign has gotten some attention. But he probably wasn't expecting to get support from Pope Francis, during his flight from Rome to Latin America.

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Aboriginal Artist Shirley Purdie Tells Us About Her Paintings
Last edited 6th July 2015

Shirley Purdie is a contemporary Indigenous Australian artist, notable for winning the 2007 Blake Prize for religious art. Shirley was born at Gilburn, or Mabel Downs Station, in Western Australia's Kimberley region in 1948, and is a painter at Warmun community.


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Terrorist Attack Victim: “Being Strong is Your Only Option”
Last edited 5th July 2015

On October 17, 1991, the Spanish terrorist group ETA planted a bomb under the her mother's car. The explosion mutilated a 12-year-old girl and took her mother's arm and leg. More than two decades have passed since the tragedy, and now that girl is speaking about how she has moved forward in life.


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A Conversation with the Australian Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher OP
Last edited 5th July 2015

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP was interviewed by Rome Reports about his recent pilgrimage in Rome for the reception of the pallium from Pope Francis, as well as his thoughts on some of the hot button issues that face society in Australia and the world today.

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