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Is Social Media Turning People Into Narcissists?

Last edited 19th October 2016

Narcissists are successful social media creators. They build bridges to others and generate content. They may be annoying at times and have a small risk for Internet addiction, but the role that narcissistic individuals play in building social media networks may have helped create the massive social media we have today.

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Gratitude - Chris Stefanick

Last edited 16th October 2016

Pope Francis said we have to ask ourselves are we even capable of counting our blessings anymore? What a tragedy to be blessed in so many ways but to be too busy to even notice.

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Groundbreaking Series Offers an Intimate Look at the Lives of Young Men and Women born with Down Syndrome

Last edited 13th October 2016

Produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, the series follows a group of seven young adults born with Down syndrome along with their family and friends in Southern California.


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Priest to Donate $250k Winnings from 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'

Last edited 12th October 2016

A priest from West Virginia recently won a quarter of a million dollars on the trivia TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and pledged to donate the money to a Catholic elementary school.


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Haitians Worship Amid Devastation Caused by Hurricane

Last edited 10th October 2016

Survivors of Hurricane Matthew put on their Sunday finest and picked their way through downed power lines to sing praise and pray in ruined churches, while desperation grew in other parts of devastated Haiti and international rescue efforts began ramping up.


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The Iraqi Bishop That Stared Death in the Face Five Times

Last edited 10th October 2016

Daily life is an inhuman struggle for Christians in the Middle East. Very few of them have decided to stay. Strength and courage are not enough to remain remain in a country at war where Christians have become one of the main targets.


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In Syria, More Than One Million Children Sign Appeal for Peace

Last edited 9th October 2016

This week, children at more than 2,000 schools across Syria are drawing images of peace and writing messages to the political decision-makers of the European Union and the United Nations under the motto “Peace for Children.” More than one million children are also signing a petition.


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Pray For Haiti: Hurricane Matthew, Category Four Storm Pounds Haiti

Last edited 4th October 2016

The most powerful Caribbean hurricane in nearly a decade has hit Haiti, bringing 230km/h (145mph) winds, heavy rain and dangerous storm surges.


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Was Shakespeare Catholic? Director of Artes Christi's Hamlet, Eugene Raggio Speaks to

Last edited 30th September 2016

The Artes Christi Arts Association will bring Shakespeare’s Hamlet to the stage in October 2016. The play will be directed by Sydney actor and musician Eugene Raggio and in this interview we discuss with Eugene the theories that Shakespeare could have been Catholic.


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Our Elders are Lonely - Do We Care?

Last edited 25th September 2016

It was August in Rome, the dog days of summer, and most people had left the Eternal City for the beach or another summer holiday destination.


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