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2015 International Day of Prayer for Madeleine & All Missing Children
Last edited 27th April 2015

Please join the Madeleine Prayer Circle (MPC) and thousands of people worldwide as we unite together in prayer for Madeleine McCann and all the missing, abused and exploited children in our world.


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Sydney Medical Student Represents Australia at Gallipoli "Doctor's Day"
Last edited 24th April 2015

Throughout the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign of 1915 when 87,000 Turkish soldiers lost their lives and a further 56,707 ANZACS , Canadians, French and British Allies were killed, medical teams from both sides struggled in terrible conditions to save lives treating soldiers no matter what flag they may have been fighting under.


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Abused Dog Gets Second Chance In Prison - Inspirational Videos
Last edited 24th April 2015

Esther is a lab who was rescued from a severely abusive puppy mill. Her experience has left her heartbreakingly terrified of human touch. But she just got a second chance in the most unusual place...prision. Watching her transform thanks to the love and patience of Jason will melt your heart. But it's not exactly clear who saved whom!

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Cardinal George Praised at Funeral for Faith, Conviction, Courage in Suffering
Last edited 23rd April 2015

Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George received everything good from God and these gifts must now be passed on by those who mourn him, said the homilist at his funeral on Thursday.


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One.Sacrifice – Ignite Live – Justin Mourits
Last edited 23rd April 2015

There have been many sacrifices in world history, but one sacrifice changed history of the entire world! Hear Justin Mourits unpack sacrifice and his own journey including how he encountered Jesus at a World Youth Day event in Sydney, 2008.

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Homeless 62-Year-Old Finally Gets Off The Streets After Discovering Long-Lost Bank Account
Last edited 20th April 2015

Living in a cardboard box on the streets of downtown Tampa, Florida, a 62-year-old man who has been homeless for three years will soon have a place to call “home”.

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Report on Exploitation in Australian Fashion Industry
Last edited 27th April 2015

Nine out of 10 companies supplying clothes to Australian consumers do not know where their cotton is sourced and most fail to pay overseas workers enough to meet their basic needs, an investigation into the fashion industry shows.


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28 Ethiopians Reportedly Killed in new Islamic State Massacre
Last edited 20th April 2015

Islamic State terrorists in Libya apparently killed 28 Ethiopian Christians, describing them as representatives of the “enemy Ethiopian Church,” in a new massacre.

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Cardinal Francis George, 78, Dies After Long Fight with Cancer
Last edited 19th April 2015

Cardinal Francis E. George, the retired archbishop of Chicago who was the first native Chicagoan to head the archdiocese, died April 17 at his residence after nearly 10 years battling cancer. He was 78.


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Parents with a Disability 'Judged on Parental Skills Before they can Learn', Inquiry Hears
Last edited 17th April 2015

Parents with a disability are treated almost like criminals, a parliamentary committee conducting a hearing in the ACT has heard. The Senate Standing Committee is looking into the adequacy of Australia's out-of-home care arrangements, and whether the system is letting people down.

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