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Just one Young Catholic Woman and 17 Young Catholic men in Auckland are Training to be able to Profess their Vows.

Last edited 22nd September 2015

Just one young Catholic woman and 17 young Catholic men in Auckland are training to be able to profess their vows.

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50th Anniversary of Bishop Peter Ingham's Ordination

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On the occasion of Bishop Peter Ingham's 50th Anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood, ABC Illawarra's Nick Rheinberger sat down with Bishop Ingham for an extended interview covering topics such as Bishop Ingham's reasons for becoming a priest, the difficulties of his priesthood, the recent Royal Commission, his role as Bishop and employer of the Diocese of Wollongong and Bishop Ingham's letter that he received from Pope Francis congratulating him on his 50th anniversary. Listen to the interview here!


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Women and the Priesthood

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Women and the Priesthood - A Lecture by Peter Kreeft. This lecture is Kreeft's contribution to the book of the same name (with Alice von Hildebrand) Women and the Priesthood Section two of the above talk is available as online text: Sexual Symbolism

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Interview with Fr. Tony Percy on Confession and the Priesthood

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In this interview, Fr. Tony Percy, Rector of the Seminary of the Good Shepherd in Sydney, explains what the Sacrament of Confession is really all about, and talks about the importance of the maintaining confidentiality within the Sacrament. Fr Percy also shares some insight into the process of training future priests in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

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Inspirational Priest - Fr Cyril Axelrod is the Only Active Deaf and Blind Priest in the World

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Fr Cyril Axelrod is a redemptorist Priest from the United Kingdom who was born profoundly deaf and was raised in a devout Jewish family, but converted to Catholicism as a young man.


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Audio Slideshow: Why Do Men Choose to Become Priests?

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The number of men preparing for the Catholic priesthood at the Diocese of Westminster's seminary has been steadily rising over recent years. This year, 16 men have started studying to become priests at Allen Hall, the Diocese of Westminster's seminary in west London. Rector of Allen Hall Mark O'Toole, first year seminarian Damien Ryan and fifth year seminarian Martin Plunkett talk about the challenges of becoming a priest.


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Fr Tony Percy: Theology of the Body and its link to Vocations

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Fr Tony Percy talks to a group of Parish Vocations Coordinators on Theology of the body and how understanding the Church's teaching on sexuality can help young people choose their vocation.

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Jesus and the Priesthood

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The book of Hebrews makes it clear that Jesus is the true Priest, but did Jesus himself give any indication during his ministry that was carrying out a priestly role? Moreover, is there any evidence that he believed he would establish a new ministerial priesthood?


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Hot Topics - Women Priests, Why Not?

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Episode 7 of Xt3's 'Hot Topics' podcast series deals with the Catholic teachings on the ordination of women.


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Theology on Tap - Priesthood as Vocation Part 2

Last edited 7th March 2010

Two weeks before Vocation Enquiry Day at the Seminary of the Good Shepherd at Homebush, the priesthood as a vocation took centre stage at  this month's meeting of Sydney's popular Theology on Tap (TOT).


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