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Pope: Church's Teaching on Abortion is Unchangeable

Last edited 27th November 2013

In his first apostolic exhortation, “The Joy of the Gospel,” Pope Francis explained that the Church can never change its teaching on abortion, which is part of a broader understanding of human dignity. At the same time, he said in the document released Nov. 26, the Church must increase efforts to “accompany” women in difficult pregnancies.


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Muslim Women Break Cultural Barriers to Take up Sport

Last edited 1st December 2013

For tournament participant Ayse Akca it is the first time she has ever played sport. “Now that I've finished school I wanted to get out there and be more active,” she told SBS. As a Muslim Australian, she found an all-women's indoor event less confronting than other options. “Just being close together, having fun with the girls and not having to worry about everything” are part of the appeal, Ms Akca says.


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Feminism & Equality: has the Church fallen behind?

Last edited 25th November 2013

Today women are seen in leadership positions in all areas of society, and to many it seems the Church is the one institution left holding them back: is this the case?


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Many Great Leaders of the Church Were and Will Be Women

Last edited 25th November 2013

Secular feminists love to accuse the Catholic Church of chauvinism for refusing to allow women to be ordained as priests. But according to Anna Krohn of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family that sort of argument is too easy and too simplistic. It also misses the point.


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Argentine Laypeople Help Women Considering Abortion

Last edited 7th November 2013

Three years ago, Aida Miranda found herself alone and pregnant in the Argentine capital. The young Paraguayan Catholic woman was so desperate that she began to consider abortion, which is illegal in Argentina. A friend told her about Gravida, the voluntary Argentine organization that accompanies young pregnant mothers until well after the birth of the child. Visit this article to more about this amazing pro-life initiative in Argentina!

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These Kids Finally Say What They Really Think About Mum

Last edited 3rd November 2013

Mothers everywhere struggle with doubts and fears. But what do their children really think about them? No mother should every feel unappreciated. Watch this video for more.


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Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall… Make Me the Prettiest Girl of All

Last edited 28th October 2013

Woman face the temptation to compete with one another, be the most noticed, the most accepted and the most desired. We can only conquer competition among women if we recognize our own gifts as valuable and rejoice in the gifts of our sisters. We all have different attributes, talents, and gifts. The desire to be known, accepted, and loved is a natural longing. These desires become healthy when we are thankful to God for the gifts and beauty of other women, rather competing with every girl we encounter.

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Virtue Makes You Beautiful

Last edited 23rd October 2013

This group does an excellent job re-writing the words and performing to the song What Makes Beautiful by One Direction. They put a twist on the words by focusing on virtue. A great youth ministry video to use for fun or to focus on a night speaking about virtue and beauty!


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The First Woman to Earn a PhD in Computer Science Was a Nun

Last edited 16th October 2013

Sister Mary Kenneth Keller, born in Ohio in 1914, entered the Sisters of Charity in 1932 and professed her vows in 1940. She went on to study at DePaul University, where she received a B.S. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Mathematics and Physics. Before this, very little is known of her life; even her birth year is disputed.


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Sweetening the Pill - A Young Woman Dissolves the Sugar Coating on the Contraceptive Pill

Last edited 17th October 2013

Holly Grigg-Spall is a young woman who calls herself a feminist but who is deeply unpopular with some of the sisterhood right now. English, 30-ish, married to an American and living in California, she has written a book criticising the contraceptive pill. Actually, Sweetening the Pill: Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control is more than critical; it is a sweeping polemic against the pill and every form of hormonal contraception.


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