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Missionaries of Charity find the Suffering Christ in Each Sick Person

Last edited 10th February 2010

For Sister Andrea Bonk, we must look into the eyes of the poor and the sick to see the suffering Christ, as Mother Teresa said. The 73-year-old German-born nun has worked with the Saint of Kolkata for decades. Born in Freiburg (Germany), she is a medical doctor. She has been with Missionaries for 50 years to serve “the poorest of the poor”.

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The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia

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The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation began with the establishment in 1860 of a girls' academy in Nashville, Tennessee, just prior to the Civil War. Today, over 240 Nashville Dominicans teach 12,000 students in over 34 schools from preschool to college, in 14 U.S. states and in Australia. In the spirit of St. Dominic, they continue to live a life that is traditional and yet dynamic.

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Operation Beautiful

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Recently a post-it note popped up on a high school bathroom mirror. In simple script it read “When the world says ‘Give In’ stay strong. You are a fighter. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Have a great day.” This is just one of thousands such notes working to spread positivity around the world through Operation Beautiful!

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156 Cities to Launch 40 Days Pro-Life Campaign

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As Friday marks 37 years since the U.S. court decision that legalized abortion, another 40 Days for Life campaign is being launched, this time in 156 cities and three countries. Since starting in 2007, the campaign has involved over 300 000 people.

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Lay woman named to key Vatican job

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On Thursday, another crack in the glass ceiling appeared in the Vatican itself: For only the second time, a lay woman was appointed to one of the three key leadership positions inside a dicastery, or department, of the Roman Curia.

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50 Years of the Pill

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The acceptance of the hormonal contraceptive pill has been cited as one of the most important historical events of the 20th century because of its effects on marriage and family life. Jose A. Bufill discusses the implications of its 50 year history.

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On the Shoulders of a Mother's Love

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Unlike most people who connect the image of a loving mother with a smiling face, Xiong Mingqiang visualizes the pair of thin shoulders that have carried him for 35 years. Born with a deformity, Xiong's head is disproportionately large for his small 80-cm tall body, which prevents him from even standing up on his own. The unfortunate man fortunately has a mother who chose to forever shoulder him in a bamboo basket, caring for him and keeping him in touch with the world outside of their timeworn earthen house.

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Miracle Mum (Kathleen Evans)

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Kathleen Evans is a 66 year old woman who was diagnosed with cancer. During her illness she asked for Mary Mackillop's help and intercession. She was then miraculously cured and attributes the miracle to Mary Mackillop helping Mary on her way to becoming Australia's first Saint.

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Jason Evert - Why Modesty?

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Jason Evert discusses with youths why modesty is important.

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Segment from "Real to Reel" A "Focus on Life" segment, this segment is from Greenfield Ma, where volunteers have been helping women facing unplanned pregnancies for twenty years. Alternatives, a christian-based crisis pregnancy center provides hope for young women. The women and children they help provide hope for everyone else who meets them. Reporter Carolee McGrath has the inspiring story of one young mom who courageously chose life.

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