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Motherhood at 40: How Women Came to Believe a Modern Myth
Last edited 1st June 2014

When it came to motherhood, from the late 1990s onward, rumors like “40 is the new 30” began to spread like wildfire among a small demographic subset of mostly educated, middle class women. With the media and cultural discourse fortifying the myth that modern women’s reproductive systems were now, somehow, superhuman, millions of women assumed it was safe to wait.


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Women Help Propel Nigeria's Economic Growth to Number one Status in Africa
Last edited 1st June 2014

Nigeria has overtaken South Africa as Africa's largest economy and experts say female entrepreneurs have been one of the key drivers behind the country's economic success.

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New Pope Saints Credited with Fostering Theology of Women
Last edited 18th May 2014

Women in the Church offered praise for the works of newly-canonised Saints John XXIII and John Paul II, saying that they set a foundation for an expanding theology of women.


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Millions of “Leftover Women” in China
Last edited 13th May 2014

A while ago on Demography is Destiny, we discussed the shortage of young women in China (due mainly to sex selective abortions exacerbated by the one-child policy) and the paradoxical phenomenon of “shengnu” (leftover women): young women who can’t find a husband. In that blogpost we explained this as due to women wanting to find husbands who were higher than them on the financial, educational, and social status ladders. As women in China upskill and become better educated and have better employment prospects, the chance of a woman finding a husband higher than her on these ladders decreases.

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The Inaugural "Women for the World" Event - Caritas Australia
Last edited 28th May 2014

When three Sydney mothers heard Lulu Mitshabu give an address about her work in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where rape is endemic and women are denied education and basic human rights, they were appalled.


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Is it Okay to Wear a Bikini?: Jackie Francois on Modesty
Last edited 10th April 2014

In this new Life Teen video, Jackie Francois addresses the question of whether or not it’s okay to wear a bikini this Summer. And it’s not just a yes or no answer. It’s all about how you, as a woman, want other people to view you — as a whole person or just attractive body parts.

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More Young Women Choosing Health Over Birth Control
Last edited 8th April 2014

Brianna Heldt was 20 years-old when she first started taking the birth control pill. As an Evangelical Protestant, she believed in saving sex for marriage, but the young college student was planning her wedding and wanted to delay having children for a few years. Like many young women, Heldt visited her college's campus health clinic and got a prescription.


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Storytelling event to empower women to take more visible role in the Church
Last edited 12th March 2014

In a recent interview to mark his one year anniversary, Pope Francis said the role of the Virgin Mary is greater than any bishop or apostle. He added that the Church is feminine at its origin, and so the role of women within the Church should be greater. JOCELYNE KHOUEIRYFounder, "La Libanaise: Femme du 31 Mai”"Women play a great role in so many levels. It starts at a personal level when she discovers her vocation and identity as a woman. She carries positive energy, good will. Her characteristics as a mother gives her a certain power on a human level.” On March 8, to commemorate International Women's Day, eleven women in various leadership positions within the Catholic Church will share their stories.

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Expendable Mothers: The Surrogacy Industry Treats Women Like Disposable Commodities
Last edited 6th March 2014

Today we have stricter and more humane laws and protocols around adoption, and the rights of birth mothers and their children. But the global baby production industry profits through circumventing these. This industry is taking Australia back to the dark days of mother-child separations and baby snatching at birth. But glitzy technology and distorted ideas about the right of anyone to a child, is clouding clear judgment and sensible policy-making in today's surrogacy business.


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Respect for Women: Pope's Prayer Intention for March 2014
Last edited 2nd March 2014

This month, the Holy Father has asked Catholics everywhere to pray: "That all cultures may respect the rights and dignity of women." Fr. Kubicki reflects on Pope Francis' universal prayer intention for March 2014 in this video.

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