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Let’s take another look at Christianity

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We are frequently reminded that ours is a post-Christian era. There is some basis for this -- but only in the depopulating West. In China, India and Africa, Christianity is on the rise.


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Is It True That There Is No Truth?

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Have you ever tried to persuade someone that your belief was true and that person responds, “Well, there is no truth” or “It might be true for you, but not for me”? It’s a frustrating experience. This way of thinking, called relativism, can impede any sort of rational dialogue. Catholic Answers Apologist Karlo Broussard tackles relativism today in this ALL NEW webisode!


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Bishop Robert Barron Reflects on “Bridge of Spies”

Last edited 10th January 2016

In this video, Bishop Robert Barron used philosophical insights from Aristotle, Plato and Aquinas to reflect on the themes from the new Spielberg film "Bridge of Spies," specifically in regards to the film's approach to the topic of justice.

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What are Beauty and Peace? The Ancient Philosophers Had Simple, Objective Definitions

Last edited 11th November 2015

Every now and then we all run across a description or definition of something that captures its truth, yet at the same time respects its mystery. For indeed mere words can ever really be, or take the place of, the thing or person they describe. The reality is always richer than the descriptions we attempt with the grunts and scrawls we call “words.”


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Bishop Barron on Atheism and Assisted Suicide

Last edited 6th November 2015

Two recent news items - the passing of assisted suicide in California and the prevalence of atheists among Harvard freshmen - seem to be disconnected, but they ultimately flow from the same rejection of God. Watch this video with Bishop Robert Barron for more!

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QndA Panel at Notre Dame - 19 August

Last edited 28th August 2015

QndA draws pollies, priests and professors - of different faiths and traditions - to the University of Notre Dame in Sydney to thrash out the hot issues of the day. It's about faith and reason in action. QndA’s inaugural event launched on Wednesday evening, August 19, with an all-star cast:


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Wrestling Truth

Last edited 16th July 2015

I’m on a journey. Sometimes the road is easy. Sometimes it’s not. There are days I’m strolling in the sunshine and there are days I’m crawling through a thunderstorm. When it’s good, it’s really good. I have joyful companions who know and accept me. When it’s bad, I feel alone and isolated and I’m certain the world hates me.


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Fr. Barron on Love, Tolerance, and Making Distinctions

Last edited 9th July 2015

The ethical conversation has become, in the last fifty years, extraordinarily roiled. The problem is the incapacity to make the right distinctions between concepts such as love and hate, tolerance and intolerance - particularly when it comes to talking about topics such as same-sex marriage. Fr. Robert Barron reflects on love, tolerance, and making distinctions in this excellent video - a must see!

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4 Ways To Transform Your Teen Years

Last edited 20th May 2015

Your relationships with your family and friends will change a lot in your teenage years. You will say things you wish you could take back and so will the people around you. Don’t torture yourself holding grudges or needing to get back at everyone who was mean to you.

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