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Beatification Process for Jacques & Raissa Maritain in the Works

Last edited 8th February 2011

The sainthood process is a lengthy procedure. It's even longer and more complicated when you are dealing with the sainthood of a couple, like these two French intellectuals. Born into a Protestant family, Jacques Maritain and his wife, Raissa, a Russian Jewish émigré, converted to Catholicism, after studying the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. Their sainthood would serve as an enduring example of a holy marriage.

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Life is Worth Living: On the Strength and Resilience of the Human Person

Last edited 17th January 2011

One of the rights our modern age demands is the "right" to declare that certain lives are not worth living. In utero testing sometimes reveals the possibility or even the certainty of birth defects. Abortion is often recommended to mothers who carry “defective” children and sometimes that recommendation becomes pressure. It is said that almost 90% of families who receive a poor pre-natal diagnosis choose to abort.


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On Good Intentions and Flawed Moral Reasoning

Last edited 27th January 2011

It is very common today that moral assessments seem to center quite a lot around the intentions and feelings of the person involved. What is actually being done seems less significant and as long as a person “means well” or feels something is right then it is OK for them and we should make no further moral discernment... But, as Msgr Charles Pope explains, the fact is such criteria are not enough!

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Christopher Hitchens' Views on Religion 'Illogical'

Last edited 30th November 2010

While one can only have deep sympathy for Christopher Hitchens as he fights cancer, a recent interview on Australian television, shows that Hitchens retains illogical views on religion.

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Only Limited Freedom is True Freedom

Last edited 10th November 2010

One of the great paradoxes of freedom is that it really cannot be had unless we limit it. Absolute freedom leads to an anarchy wherein no one is really free to act. Consider that we would not be free to drive if all traffic laws were ended. The ensuing chaos would making driving impossible! Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington, unravels the paradox of freedom in this article!


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Last edited 3rd November 2010

A powerful short film that looks at prejudice, and discrimination and tells the story of how two men become unlikely allies on a subway.


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Secularity vs Secularism: An Enlightening Distinction

Last edited 13th October 2010

Do you know who invented the secular state? A professor of religious philosophy from the Sorbonne gives a surprising answer in this article from Mercatornet...


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WYD Madrid Plans to Confront Relativism

Last edited 11th July 2011

The strength of World Youth Day 2011 will be its role in addressing the "great unrest" resulting from the confusion and a lack of reference points among youth today, said Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko in a Tuesday press conference. The Pope's theme for WYD 2011event aims to address the needs of young people while providing foundations in Christ.

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The Battle of Britain - Will Catholicism or atheism prevail?

Last edited 5th October 2010

In World War II, Great Britain survived an atheistic assault from outside the country. Today’s “Battle of Britain” comes from an atheistic assault inside it. British culture is crumpling under the growing weight of a fervent secularism that appears religious and an exhausted state religion that appears secular. The once-claimed sturdy Anglican bridge between Christianity and the modern world has largely collapsed, leaving those thrashing around down below it to swim from the Thames to the Tiber or drown.


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Natural Law Is Not New and Is Needed Now

Last edited 28th September 2010

The Natural Law Tradition of the Catholic Church is often criticised.. Some think of it as merely an invention of the scholastic period. Others think we should limit our discourse to the Scriptures alone. But Catholicism has always seen God’s revelation in broader terms that Scripture alone. Read this article to find out why Natural Law is needed more than ever in today's society!

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