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Pope Visits the Gemelli Hospital, Talks About Faith and Reason...

Last edited 4th May 2012

On 3 May, Pope Benedict XVI visited the Gemelli Hospital in Italy, to congratulate teachers, students and staff on the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. The Pope talked about his time as a university professor, by explaining why the relationship between reason and faith is so critical.


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Faith and Reason: A Commentary by Fr. Barron

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Is faith unreasonable? Not at all! In this video, Fr. Robert Barron sheds light on the faith vs. reason debate, and explains that the Catholic tradition loves questions. We believe in both faith and reason - they work together! Watch this video to learn more.

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The Marriage Diversity Conundrum

Last edited 7th May 2012

With around a third of marriages in Western countries ending in divorce and an increasing number of people not even bothering with marriage, it is not surprising that we are seriously questioning the significance of marriage. What is surprising is that the right to get married has simultaneously become a global human rights issue. But is it really?


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Science Will Never Explain Why There’s Something Rather Than Nothing

Last edited 23rd April 2012

When predicting something that science will never do, it’s wise to recall the French philosopher Auguste Comte. In 1835 he asserted that science will never figure out what stars are made of. That seemed like a safe bet, but within decades astronomers started determining the chemical composition of the Sun and other stars by analyzing the spectrum of light they emitted.


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The Saddest Woman On The Internet

Last edited 23rd April 2012

It has been noted by many commentators over they years that an oxymoronic singular objective of a movement dubbed "feminist" is to achieve some false notion of parity by behaving like men.

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Progressive Inhumanity, Part Three: Hatred of the Past

Last edited 2nd April 2012

I have long thought that the term "progressive" was a dodge, because no one could tell me exactly where we were supposed to be headed and why. It seemed to me that the term was teleological but without a telos, as if someone were to practice archery without a target, or shoot a basketball without a hoop.

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Pro-Life Atheists Invade the American Atheist Convention

Last edited 2nd April 2012

“The atheist community is a diverse community,” said a speaker at the American Atheist Convention in Washington, D.C., to a round of applause and cheers. “We’ve got people here from all genders, races, religious backgrounds, and sexual orientations.” But as a group of atheist pro-life supporters discovered, the enthusiasm for diversity ends at abortion - with the pro-life athiests being treated with distains at the same Convention.


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Coming to a Truer Understanding of Tolerance

Last edited 28th March 2012

The word 'tolerance' refers to putting up with something we consider wrong. Of itself, tolerance is a good and necessary thing. But, like most good things, it has its limits. As a good thing, tolerance is essential in an imperfect world. Without tolerance we might go to war over simple human imperfections. However, there are limits to tolerance. There are just some things in human relationships that are “deal breakers.”


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Dawkins Calls for Mockery of Catholics at 'Reason Rally'

Last edited 28th March 2012

At the March 24 “Reason Rally” in Washington, D.C., an estimated 20,000 atheists and agnostics heard author and activist Richard Dawkins encourage mockery of Catholic beliefs and those of other religions.


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Are Abortion and Infanticide Morally and Ethically Equivalent?

Last edited 5th March 2012

Philosophers Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva’s recent article in the BMJ’s Journal of Medical Ethics has been widely reported around the world, eliciting outraged responses. The authors asked, “Why, when the mother or parents find a newborn baby a burden, should that baby live, when an unborn baby can be aborted in similar circumstances?” In other words, is there a relevant moral or ethical difference between abortion and infanticide?


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