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The Limits of Tolerance: A Commentary by Fr. Barron

Last edited 25th June 2013

Recently, Katharine Jefferts-Schori, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church of America, gave a sermon on the issue of diversity, and lamented that we have a hard time accepting things that are different. She commented on Acts 16, which tells the story of St. Paul arriving in Philipi, where he is accosted by a young girl possessed by a demon. Christians read this passage as a positive one, as St. Paul liberated the girl from the demon – he showed love by giving her freedom.


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Sacramental Commodities

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At an introductory Theology class at Campion College, mention was made of a marketing campaign by Coca-Cola Amatil last year, which involved the distribution of bottles or cans of Coca-Cola emblazoned with the customer's name. No name was too obscure or to be excluded from the embrace of Coke. In this campaign one could see an attempt to closely identify this mass produced soft drink with the individuality of the customer.

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Defending Marriage in an Age of Unreason - Theology Professor Gives Natural Law Argument for 'Marriage'

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Proponents of same-sex marriage frequently use a combination of personal experience and statistics to advocate their position. This approach, however, is under scrutiny from academics such as Paul Gondreau, professor of Catholic theology at Providence College, Rhode Island, who says such arguments appeal to sentiment rather than to reason.


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Modernity and Morality: A Commentary by Fr. Barron

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One of the most significant fault lines in cultural history opened up in the 16th and 17th centuries, affecting a change in the way we look at practically everything morally. So how did this shape our modern perceptions of ethics and moral thinking? Watch this video for an excellent reflection on modernity and morality, by Fr Robert Barron.

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Pope Francis: Don't Let Your Vanity Take Control

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As usual, Pope Francis celebrated morning Mass at the Vatican's Casa Santa Marta Chapel. Just days before the Church celebrates Pentecost, the Pope talked about the Holy Spirit. He explained that the Holy Spirit reminds us of God. Through the power of memory, the Spirit sheds light both human miseries and human graces.

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Moral Relativism vs. Objective Truth

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Do we have the right to change what is right and what is wrong? Years ago, Pope John Paul II warned us not to fall into the temptation of following moral relativism. Why? Watch this short video for more.

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Life is Probably a Gift

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Christians ruin mind-blowing concepts by hollowing them into a phrase, titling their banal rock albums after them, and otherwise extracting from them their philosophical fiber, leaving behind the rattling husks we call cliche. We did it to “Jesus saves”, we did it to “God loves you”, and I’m afraid that — if I don’t write this blog post right now – it will happen to the phrase, “Life is a gift.”

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Exposing Scientism

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More than a half century ago, the British literary critic and Christian apologist C.S. Lewis warned that science could be twisted in order to attack religion, undermine ethics, and limit human freedom. In a recent collection of essays, The Magician's Twin: C.S. Lewis and the Case Against Scientism, a number of scholars explore Lewis's prophetic warnings about the abuse of science.


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New Media, New Evangelization The Unique Benefits of New Media and Why the Catholic Church Should Engage Them

Last edited 29th January 2013

Check out Angela Santana's honors thesis about new media and the New Evangelization.

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Downhill Rush vs. Hot Chocolate

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St. Teresa of Avila was well aware that the primary need of souls seeking God in prayer is not to find the ideal method, but to do God's will always and everywhere in the nitty-gritty of LIFE. In tweet-style prayer could be summarized thus: "You Pray How You Live.

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