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Vatican Astronomer Says Big Bang Theory in Tune with Creation History

Last edited 7th February 2012

The director of the Vatican Observatory said that the Church is open to the scientific theory that the world began from a cosmic explosion billions of years ago. “The Big Bang is not in contradiction with the faith, ” Father Jose Gabriel Funes said during a Feb. 2 announcement of a Vatican exhibit that will feature photos, research tools and minerals from the Moon and Mars.


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Fr. Robert Barron: "Why I Loved to Listen to Christopher Hitchens"

Last edited 10th January 2012

Christopher Hitchens was a well-known writer, philosopher, atheist and anti-religion advocate, who died in December 2011. In this video, Fr. Robert Barron explains that while he disagrees with everything Hitchens stood for, he respected his extraordinary speaking and writing style.

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Forgiveness Is a Kind of Wild Justice

Last edited 3rd January 2012

Is it right that the government (in Britain) has made it illegal for an employer to ask a prospective employee whether he had a criminal record? Theodore Dalrymple explores this question.

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From the Big Bang to Our Planet Earth

Last edited 2nd December 2011

There are elements of the book of Genesis that the Big Bang theory does not explain. This video by Goya Production explores significant evidence by theologians and scientists that tells us why creation is compatible with the theory of evolution.

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Pope: Modern-Day Nihilism Stems from Despair Over Death

Last edited 6th November 2011

Pope Benedict XVI told pilgrims to Rome Nov. 6 that a loss of faith in Jesus Christ has led many people to despair in the face of death. “If we remove God, if we take away Christ, the world will fall back into the void and darkness,” he said in his Sunday Angelus address in St. Peter’s Square. “And this is also reflected in the expressions of contemporary nihilism, an often subconscious nihilism that unfortunately plagues many young people.”


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Science Doesn't Have All The Answers

Last edited 12th October 2011

Despite the giant leaps made by science over the past century, scientists are still unable to explain the huge difference between humans and all living beings, says Father Brendan Purcell. "When science examines the origins and evolution of human beings more questions are raised than are answered," he says.


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The Probability of You Existing at All is Almost NON-Existent - So How Can There Be No God?

Last edited 5th October 2011

Did you know that the probability of you being born is so extremely low, that you could consider it almost impossible? In this article, Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington looks at the mathematics behind the chance of our coming into existence, and reflects that if God was not guiding our creation, we probably would not exist.

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Pro-Life? What Is It?

Last edited 20th September 2011

Pro-life? What is it? Is it merely to believe that every human being has dignity - or is it more? Watch this video and challenge yourself... are you truly pro-life?

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Cardinal Wuerl Encourages New Theologians in New Evangelization

Last edited 19th September 2011

At symposium archbishop of Washington tells Catholic scholars, 'This is a new moment in the life of the Church.'

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England Riots: A Postmodern Failure

Last edited 14th August 2011

Why should anyone be surprised at the rioters when we've been saying for decades there is no right or wrong? In this article, Rebekah Hebbert explains how a postmodern 'relativist' education has let our young people down!

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