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Fr. Robert Barron on Christianity and Ethics
Last edited 18th February 2015

Is religion really just about being a nice person? Is the goal of Christianity to simply become more kind, compassionate, and just? Fr. Robert Barron answers this popular but misguided religious view in this video.

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Fr. Robert Barron on Atheism and Philosophy
Last edited 27th January 2015

In a recent article published in the online journal “Salon,” philosophy professor John Messerly claims that religion has a "smart-people problem." Is this the case? Fr. Robert Barron responds in this video.

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Thomas Aquinas and the Argument from Motion
Last edited 30th October 2014

Atheists, Agnostics, and believers alike appeal to philosophy to support their claims on the existence or non-existence of God. However, Thomas Aquinas' "Argument from Motion" offers a proof that cannot be easily refuted, as it appeals to the the concept of an "actus purus," or the unmoved mover that we call God.

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Dr Helen Alvaré - Religious Liberty, Pope Francis and Promoting Catholic Values in Public Life
Last edited 26th August 2014

Dr Alvaré was the keynote speaker at the recent John Paul II Australian Leaders Forum in Melbourne, and during a brief visit to Sydney following the conference, she sat down with Catholic Communications and to discuss the importance of religious liberty, the papacy of Pope Francis, as well as her personal experiences promoting Catholic values in public life.

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Youth Specialties Idea Lab: How To Lead Well
Last edited 12th August 2014

Tic Long shares thoughts on how to lead well and what difference Christ makes in us as leaders.

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Scholarship in the Cathedral: Videos Now Available
Last edited 3rd June 2014

Lent is a time for reflection and preparation ahead of Easter Sunday. This year, The University of Notre Dame Australia hosted a festival of faith-filled ideas at St Mary's Cathedral called "Scholarship in the Cathedral", designed to facilitate reflection on the evangelising role of the Church's intellectual and artistic traditions.


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Thankyou 2014 TV Commercial
Last edited 6th April 2014

Introducing Thankyou's new TV commercial that aims to showcase their range of life-changing products and educate Australia on the meaning of social enterprise. Thankyou is a social enterprise that exists for the sole purpose of funding life-changing projects in developing nations with 100 per cent of profits going towards water, food and health and hygiene solutions.


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Big Ideas with Professor Hayden Ramsay
Last edited 29th April 2014

What are the big ideas that face the Catholic Church? How can young people engage with our modern Church? Where can we start when searching for the truth? Is there any hope for people who believe in God? In this interview with, Professor Hayden Ramsay shares an insight into the big ideas facing the modern Catholic Church, and challenges us during these last days of Lent to think about our intellect, and to stop and think about some of the big questions that face society today.


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#AskFrBarron - What Is Natural Law?
Last edited 31st March 2014

Theologians and philosophers often use the term "natural law" - but what does this actually mean? Find out in this video by Fr. Robert Barron!

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Where Are You Going? Video by Christopher Stefanick
Last edited 28th March 2014

Life doesn't end here. Thinking about eternity doesn't only help us end up where we'd want to be FOREVER, it helps us live life to the full HERE AND NOW. This video by Christopher Stefanick is a great reflection on the meaning of our life and death, and the beauty of God's plan for us.

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