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Christmas Carols on Xt3
Last edited 26th September 2011

It's Christmas Eve! As we await for the arrival of Christ our Saviour on Christmas morning, get into the spirit of the season with this selection of Christmas carols with lyrics on Xt3.


Advent. Take Time. Slow Down. Open Up.
Last edited 13th February 2013

Each year we have an opportunity, to dramatically change our life. But most of the time we miss it. We spend our time running around, trying to get everything done in time. When most of us forget, to get the most important thing ready...Our Heart. This is what Advent is all about. Slowing Down and Waiting. To get our Heart ready... To bring Jesus into our life... A bit more fully, than before.


Parable of the Two Sons - Reflection for Sunday 25 September 2011
Last edited 25th September 2011

During the Gospel at Mass on Sunday 25 September 2011, we hear Jesus tell the story of two sons who were sent to the fields by their father to work. Watch this video for a reflection on this gospel passage!

A Poor Friar Who Prays
Last edited 23rd September 2011

As we celebrate the feast day of the popular St. Padre Pio on 23 September, let us reflect on his simple path to holiness... as "a poor friar who prays". Watch this video for more!

Pope Benedict XVI Reflects on the Three Archangels - Feast Day 29 September
Last edited 23rd September 2011

During his Homily for the Episcopal Ordination of six new Bishops in 2007, the Holy Father reflected on each of the 3 Archangels, marking the feast day on 29 September. Visit this article to learn more about St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael - Archangels and messengers of God.

Why Celebrate A Sorrowful Mother?
Last edited 15th September 2011

Surely other world religions, and even some fellow members of Christianity, must look at the Catholic Church with a head scratching bewilderment as Sept. 15 arrives and the Church celebrates the liturgical memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. Why would anybody celebrate the suffering of anybody else? Visit this article to reflect on the meaning behind the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows!

Triumph of the Cross
Last edited 15th September 2011

On Wednesday 14 September, the Church celebrated one of the great mysteries of our faith - the Cross. Why do we have a feast day in honour of the Cross, a symbol of suffering? Find out in this video.

When God Seems Distant: A Meditation on the Omnipresence of God
Last edited 12th September 2011

We have all experienced times in our life when God seems distant, quite far from our heart and mind. Perhaps we been influenced in this experience by disappointment, loss, grief, depression or boredom. Praying seems hard, and God seems to hide his face. In this article, Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington, reflects on how we overcome this barrier to find God.

God is the World's Greatest Need, Pope Tells Eucharistic Congress
Last edited 12th September 2011

Pope Benedict XVI told 100,000 participants in an Italian Eucharistic congress that the world needs, more than anything else, to recover a sense of God's loving sovereignty over creation.


In the Face of Tragedy - A Reflection on September 11
Last edited 12th September 2011

At the time of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, people flocked to Churches to pray. Now, 10 years on, have people simply returned to live as they did before? In this video, Fr. Kubicki asks whether we have become complacent in our relationship with God.

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