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The Problem of Evil

Last edited 11th July 2012

‘God, where were you?’ Many people have confronted this same dilemma. We call it the problem of evil. How can an all-loving, completely good God allow evil to happen to his children? The response that I had heard repeatedly was, unfortunately, only a portion of St. Thomas Aquinas’ treatment of the problem of evil: God permits evil in order to bring good out of it. I had always accepted this answer, until I had to confront the reality of evil head-on in my own life. And so, I admitted to my spiritual director that I could not agree with that explanation because of my own experience

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My priest yelled at me in confession because I had pre-marital sex – is this objectionable behavior and should I report him if it is?

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The sacrament of reconciliation celebrates God’s boundless mercy and love — no matter what we have done, God always gives us a fresh start if we express sorrow for our sins and a desire to amend our lives. There is absolutely no place for recriminations during confession. The priest may ask questions to help you thoroughly examine your conscience, and he will encourage you to true conversion of heart. But he is not there to scold you because of what you have done.


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India’s “Impossible” Miracles

Last edited 4th July 2012

According to Mgr. John Kattrukudiyl of the Indian diocese of Itangar, there have been numerous unexplained healings in his Diocese as a result of prayer, which has also lead to an extraordinary increase in Catholics - 40% over 35 years - in this remote corner of India.


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Christian Volunteers - Pope's Mission Intention for July 2012

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In addition to asking Catholics everywhere to pray for Work Security this month, the Holy Father has also asked for us to pray: "That Christian volunteers in mission territories may witness to the love of Christ". In this video, Fr. Kubicki reflects on Pope Benedict's mission intention for July 2012.

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Work Security - Pope's Prayer Intention for July 2012

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This month, the Holy Father has asked Catholics everywhere to pray: "That everyone may have work in safe and secure conditions". Fr. Kubicki reflects on Pope Benedict XVI's general prayer intention for July 2012 in this video.


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LifeTeen's 6 Tips for a Better Prayer Life

Last edited 28th June 2012

So you want to pray, but you’re not sure where to start? Prayer is as important to our soul as air is to our body! We need prayer to stay connected to the God who created us with a plan in mind. Let’s take a look at some ways we can dive deeper into prayer in our everyday lives, with this article from


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Pope Speaks on the Letters of St. Paul to the Philippians

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The Pope celebrated the last general audience of the summer at the Vatican's Paul VI Hall on Wednesday 27 June. At the end of this week he will head out to his summer residence of Castelgandolfo, to start off his summer vacation. With roughly 7,000 people in attendance, the Pope talked about St. Paul's letter to the Philippians, by focusing on the human condition and the divinity of Jesus.


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"Grave Threats" - A Video Reflection on the Fortnight for Freedom in the US

Last edited 27th June 2012

As Catholics throughout the United States continue the 'Fortnight for Freedom' - a time of prayer and action to defend religious liberty in America - let us reflect on the words of Pope Benedict XVI in this video.

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Pope Reminds Faithful that Nothing is Impossible with God

Last edited 25th June 2012

Pope Benedict XVI says the Church's celebration of the birth of John the Baptist should be a reminder that for God, all things are possible. “From his mother’s womb, in fact, John is the forerunner of Jesus: his miraculous conception is announced from the Angel to Mary as a sign that 'nothing is impossible to God,'” he said to pilgrims in St. Peters Square during his midday Angelus address June 24.


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When You Recite the Creed - Do You Really Mean It?

Last edited 18th October 2012

When you recite the Creed, are you being real or are you being a robot? Do you even know what you are saying? Is there a difference between believing there is a God and believing in God? Watch this video for more!


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