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Pope's General Audience: The Eucharist is the Prayer of Jesus and of his Church
Last edited 16th January 2012

During Wednesday's general audience, the pope talked about the importance of Mass and the Eucharist. Listen to his full Catechesis in this video.


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Wait for the Dawn - A Reflection on Peace
Last edited 11th January 2012

We began the New Year with the World Day of Peace. Watch this video to reflect on Pope Benedict XVI's message of peace, as we look towards 2012. Let us work together to make give our world a more humane face!

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A Little Parable on the Lies of the Devil and the False Promises of the World
Last edited 10th January 2012

One of the great illusions under which we labor is, that if we just get one more thing from this world, then we will be happy. Perhaps we think that if we just had a little more money, or a better job, or the latest iPad, or if we were married to so and so, or if we just lived in a better neighbourhood… then we would be satisfied and content, at last. But “at last” never comes, even if we do get some of the things on our list.


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Why Doesn't God Answer My Prayers?
Last edited 10th January 2012

Many of us wonder why God doesn't answer our prayers... sometimes it feels like the doors of Heaven are closed. But God really is listening! Watch this short animation to find out more.

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Try Prayer! It Works!
Last edited 13th January 2012

The Family Rosary apostolate has launched its 2012 “Try Prayer! It Works!” contest and is gearing up for a banner year of entries. For this 17th national contest, Family Rosary is again asking children and teens from all over the country to express their faith through their art, poetry and prose, with a particular theme.


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Feast of the Baptism of Jesus - Pope Asks Catholics to Show Their Faith by Word and Deed
Last edited 9th January 2012

Before a packed St. Peter's Square, Pope Benedict XVI explained what the baptism of Jesus means for those that are also baptized: “Baptism is a new birth that precedes our actions. With our faith we can go to meet Christ, but only He can make us Christian and give to our will, to our desire, the answer, the dignity, the power to become children of God.”

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It Wouldn't Have Mattered
Last edited 9th January 2012

Jesus lived a remarkable life. He was born of a virgin. He lived a perfect life. He loved and healed others. He suffered greatly on the cross. But as Paul challenges us, if Christ is not risen, then our faith is foolish, our sins have not been forgiven, and we are to be pitied above all men. So though Christ's life may have been remarkable, if he is still dead, then His life up to and through the cross is meaningless. However, we know that three days later, there was an empty tomb and death had been defeated. Thus, the resurrection is the turning point and the lens in which we view Christ's life and God's promises.


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Baptism of the Lord - Feast Day 9 January 2012
Last edited 10th January 2012

Happy Feast Day! Today we celebrate the official end to the Christmas season, marking the feast of the Baptism of Jesus. Watch this video for a reflection on today's feast, in which Jesus offered humbled Himself to be baptised by St. John the Baptist.

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Pope Benedict XVI: Renew Your Joy as a Child of God
Last edited 8th January 2012

On 8 January 2012, Pope Benedict XVI used his Sunday Angelus address to remind Christians of the joy of being 'children of God', courtesy of baptism: “God is the origin of the existence of every creature, and the Father in a unique way of every human being: he has a unique, personal relationship with him or her,” said the Pope. Visit this article to read more.

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Pope's Homily at Mass for Feast of Epiphany, 2012
Last edited 10th January 2012

"Not Only Are We Restless for God: God's Heart Is Restless for Us". Visit this article to read the Vatican translation of the homily Benedict XVI gave at Mass for the feast of the Epiphany on 6 January 2012. During the Mass, he conferred episcopal ordination on Monsignor Charles John Brown, apostolic nuncio to Ireland, and Monsignor Marek Solczynski, apostolic nuncio to Georgia and Armenia.

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