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An Experience of Prayer - Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus
Last edited 7th August 2011

6 August is the feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus! Every year on this day, we celebrate when Jesus was transfigured on a mountain in front of his 3 closest disciples. Watch this video for a reflection on this feast.

Western Christians - Pope's Mission Intention for August 2011
Last edited 2nd August 2011

In addition to asking Catholics to pray for World Youth Day this month, the Holy Father has also asked for prayers: That Western Christians may be open to the action of the Holy Spirit and rediscover the freshness and enthusiasm of their faith. Fr. Kubicki reflects on Pope Benedict's mission intention for August 2011 in this video.

World Youth Day - Pope's Prayer Intention for August 2011
Last edited 2nd August 2011

For the month of August, the Holy Father has asked Catholics everywhere to pray: "That World Youth Day in Madrid may encourage young people throughout the world to have their lives rooted and built up in Christ". In this video, Fr. Kubicki reflects on Pope Benedict's general prayer intention for August 2011.


Pope Benedict's WYD: Space Made for Silence, Solemnity
Last edited 25th July 2011

Pope Benedict XVI has put his own stamp on the church's celebration of World Youth Day, and it's especially clear in the gathering's moments of prayer.


Pope: Society Depends on Well-Formed Consciences
Last edited 24th July 2011

On Sunday 24 July, Pope Benedict XVI reflected on King Solomon's choice to ask God for a well-formed conscience, a gift that the pontiff said is essential for societies and people to become truly good.


SCRIPTURE SPEAKS: Treasure Hunting
Last edited 20th July 2011

In this Gospel Jesus teaches about the kingdom of heaven in parables that are so clear, even the apostles understand them.

When We Work Together
Last edited 19th July 2011

Two months ago the Pope spoke to astronauts in outer space. What was the Pope's reason behind doing this? In this video, Fr. James Kubicki reflects on what we can learn from their conversation.

Thanking the Carmelite Sisters
Last edited 17th July 2011

Carmelite Sisters around the are praying for each one of us! So on the feast day of their Patron - Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which falls on 16 July - let us pray for them in return. Watch this video for more.

How Can the Saints Hear Us? Because God is Able!
Last edited 14th July 2011

A common Evangelical protest against the Catholic practice of praying and interacting with the saints is that they “can’t hear us.” Those who disbelieve our practice often quote 1 Kings 8:39 which says, for you alone (O Lord) know the hearts of all men. In this article, Msgr. Charles Pope refutes that claim that the Saints cannot hear our prayers, and answers the common questions about the Catholic practice of praying through the intercession of the Saints.

10 Points in Favor of Going to Confession
Last edited 13th July 2011

Penance, aka confession, is the sacrament of the forgiveness of sin. You can’t beat it for convenience. It’s available practically whenever. Tell a priest you want to go to confession and you’ll get his attention. Confession has many benefits - visit this article by the USCCB for ten great reasons to go to Confession!

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