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Lent: Extreme Edition

Last edited 21st March 2012

Why giving up an unexpected but targeted trapping of modern life -- like Facebook -- could be the best thing you do spiritually all year

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Simple Charity

Last edited 20th March 2012

Charity really isn’t all that hard. I mean, it is hard to get over ourselves, over our discomfort, over our feelings of inconvenience, over our feelings of not having enough time or money. But it is very clear when we need to charitable. We are faced daily with so many needs. What is easy about it is that it just requires a response. A simple response.

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Fasting from Injustice

Last edited 20th March 2012

I have a confession to make. I am horrible at fasting. Epically horrible. My Lenten fast usually devolves into me eating precisely that from which I have vowed to abstain in a shameful and ridiculous display of my apparent lack of self-mastery. And then (good Catholic that I am) I feel guilty. Epically guilty.

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A Reflection on St. Joseph, by Fr. Thomas Rosica

Last edited 2nd October 2015

Joseph reveals to us the task given to fathers to proclaim God's kingdom by word and deed. His unique role as "foster father to Jesus" draws attention to the truth about fatherhood, which is more than a mere fact of biological generation. A man is a father most when he invests himself in the spiritual and moral formation of his children. Joseph was keenly aware, as every father should be, that he served as the representative of God the Father.


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Light and Darkness - A Reflection for Laetare Sunday

Last edited 19th March 2012

The fourth Sunday of Lent is known as 'Laetare Sunday'. It is a day to break from the penitential mood of Lent, and instead has a theme of hope and rejoicing that Easter is near. Watch this video for a reflection on the Gospel for Laetare Sunday, 18 March 2012.

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Focolare Couple will Write the Text of this Year's Via Crucis Presided Over by the Pope

Last edited 15th March 2012

Each year a Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) takes place at the Colosseum on Good Friday and is presided over by the Pope. The text that is read is always written by a different author. In 2012, the honor will go to Danilo and Anna Maria Zanzucchi, the Italian couple that launched the movement “New Family,” that's part of the Focolare movement.

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Are You Headed in the Right Direction?

Last edited 13th March 2012

Sometimes in order to get where you need to go, you need to turn around completely. Ask yourself, are you headed in the right direction? This is what Lent is about, assessing whether you need to turn your life around. Watch this video for more.

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Wrong to see Jesus as a Political Revolutionary, Pope Says

Last edited 12th March 2012

Any portrait of Jesus as a political revolutionary is inaccurate, Pope Benedict XVI told his Sunday public audience on March 11. Reflecting on the cleansing of the Temple, recounted in the day’s Gospel reading, the Pope said that some readers interpret it as a “political-revolutionary gesture.” But that interpretation is wrong, he said. The Pontiff pointed out that when Jesus drove out the money-changers, “it did not cause any reaction from the guardians of public order, because it was seen as a typically prophetical act.”

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Praying for Christian Unity

Last edited 11th March 2012

On 10 March, the head of the Church of England met with the Pope in Rome. Let us pray for greater unity between Anglicans and Catholics! Watch this video to reflect on Christian Unity.


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Prayer for Those Affected by Floods

Last edited 7th March 2012

Cities and towns throughout Australia have been faced with serious flooding over the past few days and weeks - particularly in NSW and QLD. Here is a prayer for those affected by the floods, that they will remain safe:


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