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Bringing Christ - A Reflection on Sickness and Suffering

Last edited 14th February 2012

Over the weekend, we celebrated the annual World Day of the Sick - a day to remember those who suffer from sickness of any kind. Watch this video for a reflection on the affection that Catholic Church has for those who are sick and suffering.

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Jesus Cured Leper to Show Man’s Salvation, Pope Says

Last edited 12th February 2012

Jesus Christ’s healing of the leper in the Gospel of Mark encapsulates the whole history of salvation, said Pope Benedict XVI in his Sunday Angelus address on 12 February. Visit this article to read about the Holy Father's reflection for Sunday's Gospel.


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Purify Our Hearts - A Reflection on the Healing of the Leper

Last edited 12th February 2012

The Gospel at Mass for Sunday 12 February 2012, is about the healing of a leper. Listen to the words of Pope Benedict XVI, as he reflects on this Gospel passage.

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Celebrating the True Message of St. Valentine’s Day

Last edited 17th February 2012

Heart shaped chocolates and teddy bears have become a symbol of 14th February in the commercial world. But in an age where everything has become increasingly secularised, it is important to use ideas from the culture around us and reflect on the spiritual side of Valentine’s Day! The Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference has released a resource kit for parishes, families, students and youth ministers to get the most out of St. Valentine's Day.


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Catholics and the Enneagram

Last edited 2nd February 2012

The Enneagram, a system which purportedly analyzes personality types and is used in some Catholic circles for spiritual orientation, has long been rejected by the Catholic Church. It continues to be used by some Catholics, but as a recent article in Catholic World Report explains it is fundamentally flawed.

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30 Weeks of Daily Scriptural Prayer

Last edited 3rd February 2012

This Scripture prayer journal grew out of a request made by young people looking for a simple structure for daily prayer. It is designed to help them and, indeed, anyone pray with the Scriptures for a continuous period of thirty weeks. It can be used by individuals in their personal prayer time, and also by groups who meet regularly.


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Envy is THE Diabolical Sin

Last edited 31st January 2012

What is envy? Unfortunately most people use the word today as merely a synonym for jealously. But traditionally, jealously is not the same as envy.

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The Need to Repent - A Reflection on the Gospel of Mark, Sunday 22 January 2012

Last edited 22nd January 2012

Over the next few weeks, we will be hearing the Gospel of Mark during Sunday Masses. Watch this video for a reflection on the Gospel for Sunday 22 January, in which Mark recounts the beginning of Jesus' public life.

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Lent and Easter Reflections 2012 - Podcast on Xt3

Last edited 27th April 2012

Lent is a period of fasting, prayer, and penitence, as we prepare to mark Christ's Passion and Death on Good Friday, and His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. To help you on your Lenten journey, listen to Xt3's weekly reflection podcast, with sermons recorded by Priests from Australia and around the world.


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Christian Unity is Possible with Prayer

Last edited 19th January 2012

Many people who witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe, thought that it would never happen in their lifetime. But it did - through prayer! Likewise, we should not think that unity between Christian Churches is impossible. It certainly is possible, and can only be achieved through prayer! Watch this video for more.


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