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Why We Honour Mary in May
Last edited 20th May 2015

Since the 16th century Catholics have dedicated each month to a particular devotion. The month of May is dedicated to Mary, Mother of God. Why was May chosen for this devotion? Because May is the peak of spring in the Northern hemisphere, and just as the world around us seems filled with new life, it is only right that we the Mother of new life – Jesus, the "Resurrection and the Life".

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At Lourdes Shrine, 'Wounded Warriors' can Pray for Peace and Healing
Last edited 17th May 2015

Military service members’ annual pilgrimage to the Marian shrine of Lourdes can be a time of healing and peace, especially during the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, the head of the U.S. Archdiocese for Military Services has said.


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Do Catholics Pray to Mary?
Last edited 15th May 2015

Do Catholics “pray to Mary”. No. Because we are “surrounded by a vast cloud of witnesses” it is best to say we pray “with” the saints. They are our prayer partners, and as the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Queen of that army of prayer warriors she is the primary saint with whom we pray.


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First Apparition - Our Lady of Fatima
Last edited 13th May 2015

May 13 1917 was a beautiful Sunday in Portugal’s rugged Serra de Aire uplands. Sunshine bathed the olive groves. The fresh green of Springtime in the meadows and olive groves contrasted with the vivid red of poppy flowers. The happy voices of three children playing as they watched over their families’ flocks rang out in the clear air.


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10 Mothers Who Inspire Us
Last edited 10th May 2015

In today’s world, we are in need of women who model virtue and who embrace the sacrifice & gifts of motherhood. Thankfully, our Church is blessed with many saints and women of the Bible who can inspire us to grow in our vocation, with the first being Mary, the Mother of God.


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10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew about Mary, Mother of Jesus
Last edited 7th May 2015

Scot McKnight is Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary (a Baptist Theological Seminary). He blogs at Jesus Creed and is the author of many popular books, including The Real Mary. He is an ordained Anglican minister and in this article he writes about things he wishes people knew about Mary, the mother of Jesus.


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Prayer of Saint Augustine to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Last edited 6th May 2015

In this prayer, Saint Augustine of Hippo (354-430) illustrates both Christian reverence for the Mother of God and the proper understanding of intercessory prayer. As we celebrate the month of May, which is dedciated to Our Lady, let us pray to the Blessed Virgin so that she might present our prayers to God and obtain forgiveness from Him for our sins.


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St. Joseph the Worker - Celebrating the First Day of May, Month of Our Lady
Last edited 7th May 2015

Today (1 May) is not only the first day of the month dedicated to Our Lady, it is also the feast day of her spouse, St Joseph the Worker. St Joseph shows us that work, when offered to God, not matter how mundane, is of great value. Watch this video reflection for more!

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What Did Mary Get From Visiting Elizabeth?
Last edited 26th March 2015

Mary has become my mother and my favorite subject matter. Like Elizabeth, I find myself saying, who am I that the Mother of my Lord should come to me? And yet, she has.

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Solemnity of the Annunciation - A Reflection
Last edited 24th March 2015

The feast of the Annunciation of the Lord celebrates the angel Gabriel's appearance to the Virgin Mary (Luke 1:26-38), his announcement that the Blessed Virgin had been chosen to be the Mother of Our Lord, and Mary's fiat - her willing acceptance of God's holy plan. Watch this video reflection for more on today's Solemnity. Happy feast day!

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