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Mary Statue in California Appears to Weep Miraculous Tears

Last edited 20th May 2016

A statue of the Virgin Mary in Fresno, Calif. appears to be weeping miraculous tears, according to witnesses.


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Becoming Mary

Last edited 5th May 2016

Actress Bahia Haifi talks about her experience preparing for the role of Mary of Nazareth in the feature film - FULL OF GRACE.


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What Do We Know About Our Lady of Mercy?

Last edited 18th January 2016

Pope Francis has placed the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy under the protection of Our Lady of Mercy, who is venerated under that title in Savona, Italy.


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Biblical Basics about Mother Mary – A Homily for the Second Sunday of the Year

Last edited 17th January 2016

In the Gospel for Sunday 17 January 2016 we hear the story of the wedding feast at Cana. In this Scripture passage, there is a theological portrait of both Mother Mary and of prayer, including the incredible power and the product of Mary’s prayer.


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The Earliest Known Hymn to Our Lady Dates All the Way Back to A.D. 250

Last edited 22nd December 2015

Marian devotion is just an late medieval accretion to the faith, right? Think again! In addition to the important place she is given in the Gospels in the New Testament, meditation on the unique importance of Mary’s role in salvation history (known as Mariology) dates back at least to the early 2nd century. And the earliest known example of spiritual devotion to Our Lady dates all the way back to around A.D. 250. The Marian prayer is one you made have heard before: the famous Sub tuum.


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Why We Should Love the Virgin Mary: Pope Francis Minute

Last edited 13th December 2015

A beautiful animation where Pope Francis explains why we need to take care and cultivate our relationship with the Virgen Mary. This is a production.

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Happy & Blessed Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception!

Last edited 7th December 2015

Happy and blessed Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady! Today the Church begins a Holy Year of Mercy, in which each one of us is called to return to Christ and bring our friends and family with us. What a magnificent feast day to begin this historic Jubilee year! Let us turn to our Blessed Mother in particular as we prepare our hearts to receive his mercy.


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‘She is My Mama': Pope Shares His Love for Our Lady

Last edited 30th November 2015

Pope Francis’ very first outing as Pope on March 14, 2013 was to Santa Maria Maggiore, where he laid a bouquet of flowers before Our Lady’s altar and sang the Salve Regina.


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The Feast of the Presentation of Mary: Popular Piety or Historical Event?

Last edited 16th November 2015

Much like the Old Testament story of Hannah and her son Samuel, tradition holds that Mary, as a little girl of three years old, was given to God to be educated and raised in the temple as a result of a promise made between God and St. Anne while St. Anne suffered from a long period of infertility.

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The Powerful Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Last edited 10th November 2015

Happy feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe! The feast in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe goes back to the 16th century. Chronicles of that period tell us the story of a poor Native American Indian named Cuauhtlatohuac, who was baptised and given the name Juan Diego. He was a 57-year-old widower and lived in a small village near Mexico City. On Saturday morning, December 9, 1531, he was on his way to a nearby barrio to attend Mass in honor of Our Lady.


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