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Tragic Bus Accident Strikes French Youth Heading to WYD
Last edited 21st July 2013

Tragedy struck a group of 23 French youth heading to Brazil for World Youth Day (WYD) when their bus crashed into a truck, killing one pilgrim and leaving 5 in critical condition. The accident occurred in Kourou, located in French Guiana, a main stop for youth coming in from France heading to WYD.

Brazil in Numbers - Largest Number of Catholics in the World!
Last edited 19th July 2013

When Pope Francis arrives in Brazil for WYD 2013, he will be landing in the country with the highest number of Catholics in the world. About 165 million, or 84,5 percent of the population is Catholic, other religions in the country include Protestant and spiritist denominations.

Social Network Campaigns Launched to Support WYD Pilgrim Accused of Drug Trafficking
Last edited 18th July 2013

Through his twitter account, Mexico's president, Enrique Peña Nieto, is speaking out against the arrest of a Mexican pilgrim who was detained, while on her way to Brazil for World Youth Day. It seems she was wrongfull accused of drug trafficking. Everything started when on July 11th, Angel de Maria Soto Zárate, boarded a plane from Mexico to Rio. She stopped in Peru for a connecting flight and it's there that she realized she no longer had her passport with her.

World Youth Day Expected to Boost Economy in Rio de Janeiro
Last edited 18th July 2013

The organizers of the World Youth Day to be held next week in Brazil have sent a report on the massive economic benefit Pope Francis’ visit will have on the area, estimating some 20,000 jobs to be created. According to organizers, World Youth Day 2013 will have an estimated economic impact of more than $220 million in the Rio de Janeiro area, where the event will be held, from July 20-30.

WYD 2013: The World's Largest Flash-Mob Meets Pope Francis
Last edited 18th July 2013

World Youth Day wants to take the world by surprise. So among other events, on Sunday July 28th, an enormous flash-mob is being organized, featuring two million dancers. Its creators have even produced a video explaining the various dance steps, just in case more people want to join in.

Rio Hospital Ready for Pope
Last edited 18th July 2013

A look at the Franciscan hospital Pope Francis will visit during his trip to Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day.

Aussie WYD Pilgrims in Peru Up at 4am to Watch Origin on iPhone
Last edited 18th July 2013

More than 20 Sydney WYD pilgrims and dedicated Blues fans were determined not to miss a second of last night's State of Origin despite being half a world away in Peru. "Dedicated pilgrims woke up at 4 am to watch Origin through an iphone," tweeted Natasha Mohamad this morning.


Pope Francis, Making Final Adjustments for his Trip to Brazil
Last edited 18th July 2013

The Pope's first international trip to World Youth Day in Brazil, is also his first journey to his native Latin America as Pope. It will surely be an extremely busy trip. While planning his schedule for his week in Rio de Janeiro, Pope Francis decided to make his own adjustments to the program, which had been approved by his predecessor.


A Bioethics Manual in Each WYD Pilgrim Kit
Last edited 16th July 2013

Is it ethically acceptable for a person to live connected to a machine? How do children feel if they are told they were conceived 'in vitro'? What are the consequences of abortion? These and many other issues are addressed in the Bioethics Manual, that thousands of pilgrims will receive in their kit for World Youth Day 2013.

WYD Youth Festival Has Over 600 Confirmed Activities!
Last edited 16th July 2013

Music, exhibitions, dance, theatre, cinema, hikes, church tours and landmark visits make up the various activities of the Youth Festival for WYD Rio2013. According to the Main Evens department of the Rio2013 Local Organizing Committee, more than 600 free activities are already confirmed and will take place in various regions of Rio de Janeiro.


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