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Ask a Priest - Are Catholics "Right Wing"?
Last edited 11th April 2014

More and more I am meeting people who presume that faithful Catholics are "right wing". I understand that the "right" seems to have more of a pro-life stance, but a lot of their other views I don't necessarily think they are in line with the Catholic faith. Is there one political stance that aligns more with Catholic beliefs than others?


Ask a Priest - What Does the Latest Research Say about the Impact of Abortion on Women?
Last edited 4th April 2014

Some people claim that abortion has no psychological impact on for women. Is this true? What does the latest research suggest about women and abortion?


Ask a Priest - Why Do We Abstain from Meat on Fridays in Lent?
Last edited 31st March 2014

Why do we abstain from meat on Fridays in Lent, when it is no longer a big sacrifice? After all, in some countries seafood is more of a treat than meat.


Ask a Priest - Can a Catholic Believe in Evolution?
Last edited 21st March 2014



Ask Priest - What's the Difference Between Gossip and Just Talking about People when They're not Around?
Last edited 14th March 2014

Father, What's the difference between gossip and just talking about people when they're not around? Is gossip only when there is intent to ridicule? Also, people who are in stressful relationships may find it beneficial to talk about what their friend/spouse/relative has done which upset them. Is that considered gossip?


Ask a Priest - How many times can someone receive Holy Communion in a day?
Last edited 31st March 2014

How many times can someone receive Holy Communion in a single day?


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Ask a Priest - Did Jesus Found a "Kingdom" or a "Church"?
Last edited 28th February 2014

We are taught that Jesus came to found the church. The other day a person I know claimed this was incorrect and that He came to found the Kingdom. She then went on to discredit the structure of the church as something Jesus never intended. Is there any basis to what she is saying?


Ask a Priest - Is French Kissing and "Spooning Bad?
Last edited 24th February 2014

Question: Is French Kissing and "Spooning Bad? I'm a bit confused, because me and my girlfriend never have sex or anything, but are these bad too? I just wanted some clarification on this one because I really don't want to accidentally do something bad..


Where is the Biblical Origin of the Catholic Teaching that Peter was the First Pope?
Last edited 10th March 2014



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Ask a Priest - Is There Any Historical Evidence that Jesus Rose from the Dead?
Last edited 11th February 2014

Is there any historical evidence that Jesus rose from the dead? Is the event recorded in any other history books, aside from the Gospels?


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