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Five Years Ago Today, Benedict XVI Ended his Papacy

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Among displays of affection by the entire Vatican and Eternal City, Benedict XVI ended his papacy five years ago today.


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Georg Gänswein Dismantles Rumours of Benedict XVI's Failing Health

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With this picture, the Vatican has strongly denied that the pope emeritus was dying. His secretary responded in person with the same conclusion to reporters.


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Ten Years Since the Election of Pope Benedict XVI

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On April 19, 2005, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected pope after the conclave's fourth round of voting. The Chilean cardinal Jorge Medina Estévez maintained suspense while greeting the crowd in several languages, before the traditional "Habemus Papam.” Finally, Pope Benedict XVI came out to the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica at 7:00 p.m.

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10 Years Since the Election of Benedict XVI

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On 19 April 2005, Joseph Ratzinger became the 265th successor of St. Peter, taking the Pope Benedict XVI. With just four ballots, it was one of the fastest conclaves in history. As we approach 10 years since his election, let us pray for Pope emeritus Benedict XVI.


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The Request of a Retired Pope – Simply Call Me 'Father Benedict'

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Rather than being called by his papal name “Benedict XVI,” the retired pontiff revealed that since his retirement he has wanted to return to his original priestly title and be called simply “Father Benedict.”


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Benedict XVI Could Attend Paul VI Beatification

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Retired pontiff Benedict XVI may take part to Paul VI's beatification Mass Oct. 19, revealed Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office. Asked if the former Pope was expected to give his personal contribution to the two-week synod of bishops, Fr. Lombardi said during a press conference that “it is not expected that the Pope emeritus will take part in the synod, which is so committing and long.”


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Pope Francis at meeting with the elderly: “Violence against the elderly is inhuman”

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Thousands of grandparents and elderly people participated in a meeting with Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square. There was also one very special guest: Benedict XVI, who was affectionately greeted by Pope Francis. POPE FRANCIS"I'm especially grateful for the presence of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. I have said many times I am so happy that he lives here at the Vatican because it is like having the wise grandfather at home. Thank you”.

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A Refreshed Benedict XVI Captivates Students with Homily

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Participants in the annual Ratzinger “schulerkreis” study group were overjoyed at seeing the retired pontiff in good health, noting that they were deeply moved by his homily on the triumph of God's love.


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Pope Benedict XVI - Renewing the Intellectual Life of the Church - Cardinal Dolan

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The Australian Catholic University (ACU) conferred its highest honour, Doctor of the University, on the Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, on 14 August, during his visit to Sydney.


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