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Pope: Be open to the good, wherever it comes from

Last edited 1st October 2018

Pope Francis advised Sunday that we be open to the good, regardless of whether it comes from someone outside our own “circle”.


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Pope: The Church hears the outrage of young people at scandal

Last edited 25th September 2018

Pope Francis said in Estonia Tuesday he is aware of the negative feelings many young people have toward the Catholic Church and their disappointment in a lack of clear denunciation of sexual scandals.


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Pope adapts synod so more people are involved in its preparation

Last edited 18th September 2018

The pope has updated the rules that guide the Synod of Bishops, so that the assembly can be more effective.


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Pope to Youth: Jesus Doesn't Want you on the Bench, He asks you to go out to the World

Last edited 17th September 2018

After an exhausting day, the pope met with Sicilian youth in a central square in Palermo. When he came down from the popemobile, this young woman hugged him, as a representation of a hug from everyone.


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Pope in Santa Marta: One who Accuses Others Imitates Satan

Last edited 16th September 2018

In his homily in Casa Santa Marta Pope Francis reflected on the path of Christian style. He said it is only the merciful who are like God and able to go against the grain.


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Pope Francis: We Need to Cure Ourselves of Fear that Marginalise the Sick and Suffering

Last edited 10th September 2018

Some 15,000 people participated in this Sunday's Angelus with the pope at St. Peter's.


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True rest is found in Christ – not escapism, pope says

Last edited 5th September 2018

The commandment to rest on Sundays is an invitation to be centered on Christ and to give praise and thanksgiving for the gift of life, not to waste the day in distraction, Pope Francis said Wednesday.


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Pope's Prayer Intentions: Young People in Africa

Last edited 4th September 2018

Africa is a continent with enormous potential. Its young people are its future. A future which, if it is accompanied by education and work possibilities, is splendid.


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Pope Francis Calls for Greater Commitment to Migrants, Refugees

Last edited 26th August 2018

Pope Francis has marked the 104th World Day of Migrants and Refugees this Sunday by calling for greater commitment from countries to increase and simplify the process for granting humanitarian and temporary visas to people seeking to reunite with families or fleeing conflicts in their homelands.


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