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Trump Defends Separating Immigrant Families Amid Outcry

Last edited 19th June 2018

US President Donald Trump has defended his policy of splitting up families entering the US illegally, defying a growing chorus of condemnation.


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Myanmar Rohingya Refugees Brace for Monsoon Deluge in Bangladesh Camps

Last edited 6th May 2018

The Rohingya are a more than a million-strong population of Muslims from majority-Buddhist Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma.


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Refugee day Center Provides More Than Safe Haven

Last edited 7th May 2018

One of the first stops for some refugees upon arrival in Rome is the basement of an American Episcopal church. Facing an Italian culture in which they're frequently met with hostility, these people find a safe haven beneath St. Paul Within The Walls.


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Horror of Enslaved Kids Only Pushes Ex-detective More

Last edited 16th February 2018

Suzanne is someone who willingly descends into the darkest and most depraved places of human society in order to rescue children sold into sexual slavery.


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Melanie and Mirra, two women who didn't choose to be refugees

Last edited 15th January 2018

No one chooses to be a refugee. Melanie didn't choose, but she's been a victim of bad luck. She arrived in Rome three years ago as a tourist from Dublin, and her life changed overnight in the Eternal City.


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Dominican Sisters Help Educate Iraqi Children Returning Home

Last edited 10th January 2018

When Iraqi residents fled their homes during the Islamic State invasion, they left behind their houses, neighbors, and day-to-day lives.


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Let Doctors into Manus Detention Centre: AMA

Last edited 20th November 2017

The asylum-seekers have shut themselves inside the Australian-run Manus Island centre for the past 20 days, defying attempts by Australia and Papua New Guinea to close it in a standoff the United Nations describes as a “looming humanitarian crisis”.


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Government must Help Refugees - Bishop Vincent Long

Last edited 5th November 2017

The safety and wellbeing of over 600 asylum-seekers on Manus Island are at risk following the closure of the regional processing centre. These men, most of whom are proven refugees, were held in mandatory and indefinite detention under an agreement between the Australian and PNG governments.


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Manus Island: Refugees Refuse to Leave Australian Camp Amid Safety Fears

Last edited 31st October 2017

Refugees held by Australia in Papua New Guinea (PNG) have barricaded themselves inside a detention centre and launched legal action to fight its closure.


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Australia Offers Nauru Detention to Manus Refugees

Last edited 11th October 2017

Refugees held by Australia on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island have been given the option of possibly moving to a detention centre in Nauru.


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