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6 Promises Of God Every Christian Should Know

Last edited 9th September 2018

It’s important that Christians know the Word of God and write it on their hearts. In times of trouble, stress, and despair, it is the God’s promises that give us hope. The scriptures remind us that with our eyes fixed on Christ we can weather any storm that comes our way. Biblical stories assure us that God will never abandon us and that He will always welcome us back into His loving arms.


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We Need More Bible in Youth Ministry: Four Reasons to Give Teens God’s Word

Last edited 15th May 2018

For me, Bible study started at a young age.


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Catholic Leaders Need Scripture!

Last edited 16th October 2017

Are you a Catholic lay minister or Church volunteer?


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Read Scripture: Jonah

Last edited 9th October 2017

This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of the book of Jonah.


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#ACYF15 Archbishop Mark Coleridge Shares his Favourite Bible Verse

Last edited 9th July 2017

Archbishop Mark Coleridge, of the Brisbane Archdiocese, shares about his favourite Bible verse from the Gospel of John.


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The Parable of the Lost Son

Last edited 27th January 2016

This video reflects on the Parable of the Lost Son, the story of a father's great love and compassion for his sons.


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The Bible Society

Last edited 23rd February 2015

The aim of the society is to get the Bible, a collection of sixty-six books, written in three languages and covering more than a thousand years, to as many people as possible.

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Aquinas: The Biblical Approach of the Model Catholic Theologian

Last edited 28th January 2015

Throughout the ages, Thomas’ work has consistently been held out as a model for Catholic theology by the Catholic Church. While Thomas’ importance is seldom disputed, what is often overlooked is the fact that for Thomas, the study of Theology was to be first and foremost a biblical exercise. To those who think Catholicism ignores Scripture, think again: this is the man the Church holds up as the model of Catholic theology!


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Faith is Not Alone, Scripture is Not Alone, Grace is Not Alone. We Ought Not Separate what God has Joined.

Last edited 28th January 2015

There are a lot of “solos” sung by our Protestant brethren: Sola Fide (saved by faith alone), Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone is the rule of faith), and sola gratia (grace alone). (See the Protestant logo above.) Generally, one ought to be suspicious and careful of claims that things work “alone.” It is our usual experience that many things work together in harmony, that things are interrelated. Very seldom is anyone or anything “alone.”


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Women of the Bible Featuring Lot's Wife

Last edited 5th November 2014

Women of the Bible Featuring Lot's Wife Lot's wife lived a tough life dwelling in the sinful place that was Sodom and Gomorrah. It is interesting to put yourself in her shoes, what did she think when her husband offered her virgin daughters to a crowd full of men wanting to rape the guests that were staying with them? Why did she disobey the angels orders turning back to see the evil town being destroyed? What can we learn from her story today? Lot's Wife's legacy in scripture - Read Genesis 19:1-26.

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