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Canberra Man Walks 1900km Across African Desert For Charity

Last edited 15th September 2017

Walking thousands of kilometres alone in an African desert, with nothing but a soccer ball and an iPod for company, is something that few of us would contemplate. Canberra adventurer and Caritas Australia supporter, Matt Napier, however, did exactly that, walking thousands of kilometres to raise money for those living in poverty.


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India Baby Deaths: Second Hospital Probed

Last edited 4th September 2017

Indian police are investigating the deaths of dozens of newborns at a hospital in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh.


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Caritas Working To Protect Civilians This World Humanitarian Day

Last edited 21st August 2017

Rounds of gunfire and the sound of explosions wake children from their sleep, turning their innocent dreams to terrible nightmares. Traumatic memories of rubble and death may haunt them forever.


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Bishop of South Sudan: I Feel Nobody Cares That Human Beings are Dying in My Country

Last edited 24th July 2017

Although Pope Francis announced that he would travel to South Sudan during his visit to an Anglican parish in Rome, in reality, he will not be able to go due to the high security risks.


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Card. Tagle on Caritas for Refugees: Love Heals and Affirms the Dignity of a Person

Last edited 20th July 2017

According to the UN Refugee Agency, about 65.3 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes, leading to the highest displacement numbers in recorded history. Out of that number, there are almost 21.3 million refugees, and more than half of them are under age 18.


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Red Cross Report Reveals Widespread Impact of Global Conflicts

Last edited 15th June 2017

Australia has renewed a $110 million aid deal with the International Red Cross, as the organisation revealed more disturbing details on the conflicts in the Middle East.


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What is Sea Sunday?

Last edited 15th June 2017

On the 9th of July, Australia will celebrate 'Sea Sunday' in honour of Seafarers, an initiative of the Apostleship of the Sea.


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Government to pay Manus Asylum-Seekers $70m

Last edited 14th June 2017

The government will also pay the asylum-seekers' legal costs, estimated at $20 million.


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Irish Bishops Praise Court Ruling Recognizing the Dignity of Work

Last edited 7th June 2017

Ireland's Catholic bishops have praised a Supreme Court decision in the country that will allow asylum seekers to find work while their status is being decided.


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President of Conference Appeals for Donations for the East Africa Food Crisis

Last edited 31st May 2017

‘I am shocked to learn of the harrowing plight facing millions of people in a number of countries in East Africa,’ Archbishop Denis Hart, President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference said today.


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