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North Korea threatens US with 'greatest pain' after UN sanctions

Last edited 13th September 2017

North Korea has threatened the United States with the "greatest pain" it has ever suffered following new sanctions imposed by the United Nations.


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Community Climate Petition - Australians of faith unite

Last edited 11th September 2017

25,000 Australians have come together and signed a petition led by faith communities calling for stronger action on climate change. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus have been pounding the nation’s pavements collecting signatures in mosques, churches, high schools and local businesses in what may be one of the largest grassroots, multi-electorate climate petitions in our nation’s history.


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Hurricane Irma: Deaths as Tampa, Miami, Florida Hit by Storm

Last edited 10th September 2017

Hurricane Irma is lashing southwest Florida with the deadly storm threatening tornadoes on the state’s east coast.


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Earthquake of Magnitude 8.1 Strikes off Mexico's Pacific Coast

Last edited 8th September 2017

An earthquake described by Mexico's president as the country's strongest in a century has struck off the southern coast, killing at least six people.


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North Korea Nuclear Test: Hydrogen bomb 'Missile-Ready'

Last edited 3rd September 2017

North Korea says it has successfully tested a nuclear weapon that could be loaded on to a long-range missile. The secretive communist state said its sixth nuclear test was a "perfect success", hours after seismologists had detected an earth tremor.


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US Hands out First Contracts for Border Wall Prototypes

Last edited 1st September 2017

Four companies have been chosen to build prototypes for Donald Trump's planned border wall, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said.


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Houston Floods: Human Chain 'Was People Coming Together'

Last edited 30th August 2017

An elderly man stranded in his vehicle by rising floodwater has been saved by passersby who risked their lives to form a human chain and rescue him.


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North Korea leader 'briefed' on Guam plan but opts to wait

Last edited 18th August 2017

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reviewed plans to fire missiles towards the US Pacific territory of Guam but will hold off, state media said.


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Australia and Solomon Islands Sign New Security Treaty

Last edited 16th August 2017

The Australian and Solomon Islands governments have signed a security treaty that paves the way for rapid Australian assistance in the event of future natural disasters or outbreaks of civil unrest.


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Sierra Leone mudslide: 400 bodies recovered, up to 600 still missing

Last edited 15th August 2017

The President of Sierra Leone has appealed for international help as rescue workers recovered nearly 400 bodies from a mudslide on the outskirts of the capital Freetown.


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