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Pope Orders Belgian Brothers of Charity to Stop Euthanasia

Last edited 10th August 2017

Pope Francis has given a Belgian religious order until the end of August to stop offering euthanasia to psychiatric patients.


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Euthanasia Responsible for 4.5 Per Cent of Deaths in the Netherlands

Last edited 3rd August 2017

Requests are increasing from people who are not terminally ill


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Parents Fight to Take Baby Charlie Home to Die

Last edited 25th July 2017

A lawyer for the parents of Charlie Gard has told a judge their last wish is to take their critically ill son home to die.


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Nurse Committing Euthanasia: It Was the Most Soul-wrenching Thing I Ever Discovere

Last edited 25th June 2017

According to Nursing Times magazine, one in four nurses have admitted to offering more drugs to dying patients to speed up the death process and two out of three want euthanasia to be legalized.


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Vatican Presents Its New "Letter to Health Workers"

Last edited 12th February 2017

On more than one occasion, it has been questioned what practices are, and are not ethical. Euthanasia, cloning, and tissue freezing have played host to hundreds of bio-ethical debates.


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Doctor Cleared after Having Family 'Hold Down' Patient During Euthanasia

Last edited 2nd February 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Feb 2, 2017 / 08:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A Dutch doctor who drugged an elderly woman and had her restrained as she fought lethal injection has been cleared by a review panel for “acting in good faith.”


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Euthanasia of Alcoholic Father Sends 'Dangerous' Message

Last edited 4th December 2016

A doctor in the Netherlands performed euthanasia on a 41 year-old father of two who claimed his alcoholism had made his life unbearable.


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What Happens When Those who Care Support Killing?

Last edited 22nd November 2016

Whenever a poll is taken asking people to identify which profession they trust the most, nursing invariably is listed at the top or very near the top. I cannot remember it being otherwise.


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Wisdom from Mother Teresa: Value of Life

Last edited 10th November 2016

Mother Teresa is well-known around the world for being a symbol of love and compassion. She was known as a woman who gave her life in service to the poor and has inspired many to follow on that same path.


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Insurance Denied Her Chemo Treatment. But It Covered Drugs For Suicide.

Last edited 19th October 2016

Stephanie Packer cherishes every moment with her husband and four children. Living with a terminal illness in Orange, California, her goal is “to do everything I can to have one more second with my kids.”


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