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When Euthanasia Combines with Organ Donation

Last edited 19th April 2016

Several Dutch and Belgian doctors have proposed legal reforms to increase the popularity of combining euthanasia and organ donation in the Netherlands and Belgium. Writing in the Journal of Medical Ethics, they report valuable unpublished information about the prevalence of the procedure.


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Discrimination of the Vilest Kind

Last edited 25th February 2016

Jesuit priest, lawyer and human rights activist, Frank Brennan summed up the attitude of the Northern Territory’s Aboriginal population at that time: “Also many Aborigines from remote communities with traditional belief systems and fear of ‘white fella’ medicine will be even more afraid and confused by doctors and hospitals when the foreign medical technology is known to be used not just for sustaining life but also for imposing death. Even the late Wesley Lanhupuy, the one Aboriginal parliamentarian who supported the Perron bill, admitted in debate, ‘The people at every Aboriginal outstation that I visited told me to “give it away”’. If the legislation were passed, he wondered whether ‘suspicion will be held forever by the family because of the powers given to the doctor in this bill.’”It is worth remembering, as recalled by David Kissane et al, that in 1995: “Representing one sixth of the country’s landmass, the Northern Territory has a population of nearly 180,000 people , one quarter of whom are indigenous people. Like the Australian Capital Territory centered on Canberra, the Northern Territory does not have the full legislative powers of Australian States, and its laws are subject to review by the Commonwealth when it can be shown that its Acts are in conflict with the views of the nation. However it does have a parliament of 25 elected members who sit in its capital, the modern city of Darwin – a city rebuilt after its 1974 destruction by tropical cyclone Tracey.”

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Catholic Care Home Sued for Refusing Euthanasia

Last edited 10th January 2016

The family of an elderly cancer sufferer who wanted to die by euthanasia is suing a Belgian Catholic care home for refusing to let a doctor give the woman a lethal injection on Church-run premises.


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Bishop Barron on Atheism and Assisted Suicide

Last edited 6th November 2015

Two recent news items - the passing of assisted suicide in California and the prevalence of atheists among Harvard freshmen - seem to be disconnected, but they ultimately flow from the same rejection of God. Watch this video with Bishop Robert Barron for more!

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Religious Leaders Unite Against Assisted Suicide

Last edited 4th November 2015

As Canada moves toward legalizing assisted suicide, Catholic bishops and a large Protestant coalition – along with Jewish and Muslim leaders – have joined together to reaffirm the need to help the suffering without killing them.


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National Carers Week - Australia

Last edited 23rd October 2015

Australia is in the midst of National Carers’ Week, a week aimed at recognising and celebrating the contribution unpaid carers make to our community, and raising awareness and education about the diversity of carers and their roles.


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UK MPs Overwhelmingly Reject Assisted Dying Bill

Last edited 13th September 2015

MPs have voted to reject the Assisted Dying Bill introduced by Rob Marris MP last week. The vote, which came after almost five hours of impassioned debate on both sides, resulted in 330 against the Bill and 118 in favour, a majority of 212.


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UK Catholics to Contact MPs Before Assisted Suicide Vote

Last edited 4th September 2015

Ahead of a upcoming debate on assisted suicide in the House of Commons, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, archbishop of Westminster, is urging the faithful to contact their representatives. Rob Marris’s ‘Assisted Dying Bill’ will receive its Second Reading in the House of Commons on Friday, September 11.


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Oregon Assisted Suicide Law Has Been a Disaster

Last edited 24th August 2015

The legalisation of assisted suicide in Oregon was a “mistake”, a senior doctor in the US State has declared. The 20-year law is lauded as a model of best practice by assisted suicide campaigners in the UK who hope that the House of Commons will approve a Bill “closely based” on it next month.


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Killing Sick People is Not Compassionate, New Mexico Bishops Affirm

Last edited 17th August 2015

It is in Christ that true compassion for the dying is found – not in assisted suicide, said the Catholic bishops of New Mexico.


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