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Pontifical Academy for Life: Child Euthanasia is Not the Answer
Last edited 21st March 2014

"The lack of health, and disability are not good reasons to exclude, or worse, do away with a person." That is the message the Pope sent members of the Pontifical Academy for Life, which gathered in Rome in February for its 20th anniversary.

Pope Francis' Message to the General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life
Last edited 19th March 2014

"A society is truly open to life when it recognizes that life is precious even in the elderly population, in the disabled, and even in those who are gravely ill or in the process of dying. " - Pope Francis


A Society Open to Life
Last edited 6th March 2014

The recent approval of euthanasia for children in Belgium confirmed there is indeed a slippery slope. Euthanasia lobbyists argue that euthanasia is only for very limited cases, but experience shows that once it is approved it will inevitably expand to more and more cases. Just last year a Belgian was euthanized after a sex change operation went awry. Nancy Verhelst underwent surgery to become a man, but was put to death on the grounds of "unbearable psychological suffering," the London Telegraph reported, Oct. 1.


Belgium's Child Euthanasia Move Lamented as 'Unbelievable'
Last edited 2nd March 2014

In the wake of Belgium's recent decision to legalize euthanasia for children, several members of the Vatican's Pontifical Academy for Life voiced their dismay at the new practice.


Italian Woman, 85, Ends her Life at Swiss Euthanasia Clinic Because She Was Upset About Losing her Looks
Last edited 23rd February 2014

A healthy Italian woman paid a Swiss right-to-die clinic to take her life because she was 'unhappy about losing her looks'. Oriella Cazzanello, 85, travelled to a clinic in Basel, Switzerland, where she paid €10,000 for an assisted suicide.


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Belgium Extends Euthanasia Laws to Children of Any Age
Last edited 13th February 2014

Belgium has taken the shocking step of legalising euthanasia for children. The law stipulates that the child must be terminally ill, incurably suffering and possess complete understanding of what euthanasia means.


Four-year-old asks Belgian King to Block Euthanasia of Children
Last edited 5th February 2014

As Belgium legislators move forward with a proposed law to allow euthanasia for children, a 4-year-old girl from Canada is asking the King of Belgium to refuse to sign the legislation. “Please do not sign the Euthanasia Law, for the sake of the children,” Jessica Saba says in a video posted to YouTube Feb. 1. Within four days, the video has received more than 12,000 views.


Belgium Betrays Kids this Christmas, Approves Euthanasia for Children
Last edited 17th December 2013

By a vote of 50 to 17 last week, the Belgian Senate approved euthanasia for children. When the bill finally passes – which now seems quite certain – there will be no age limit for choosing to die at the hands of Belgian doctor. The next step is a vote in the lower house, which will probably take place in May.


Belgian Senate Votes in Favour of Euthanasia for Children
Last edited 28th November 2013

The Belgian Senate has voted in favour of a new bill that extends the legalisation of “euthanasia” to children. There is no lower age limit, nor is it a requirement for the victims of those so-called “mercy-killings” to have asked for such “mercy”.


Euthanasia for Children is Wrong
Last edited 11th November 2013

Belgium is mooting an unprecedented law that would allow the voluntary euthanasia of children. Voluntary euthanasia is intentionally ending a life, with a patient’s consent. Different forms of this are legal for adults in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, although there are differences in the grounds on which it is allowed, for example if someone is terminally ill.

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