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St Mary's Cathedral Lights Up for Christmas

Last edited 11th December 2015

Published 11 December 2015


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Does a "No Convert" Rule Work with Your Evangelical Friends?

Last edited 5th July 2016

Have you ever had a friend who has tried to convert you to their religion? They start slowly at first with slight hints and ambiguous invitations to events: "Oh, other denominations will be there" but it escalates to something that could be uncomfortable for both parties involved. You wear your faith like the air you breathe. Why can't they see that? And then it affects your friendship. And you lose your friendship or it becomes very awkward when you try to tiptoe around certain topics.


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Loving Jesus, Even When It’s Boring...

Last edited 4th July 2016

Eight years ago, I converted from Atheism to Catholicism thanks to supportive brother, sixty young Catholic adults in love with Christ in charismatic worship, one beautiful Canadian man preaching the basic Gospel message, The Virgin Mary, and attempted (and successful!) personal prayer.


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12 Students Reveal What It's Like Being Catholic in School

Last edited 27th June 2016

Schools are where the next generation is formed.


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How To Make A Good Confession | LT

Last edited 15th June 2016

The other day I was getting ready to go on a date with my boyfriend and as I was thinking about what I was going to wear and how I was going to do my hair, I realized Lent is less than 10 days away. I felt a little bad that in my last 10 minutes of getting ready, I had put more effort into my preparation for the date than the preparation of my heart for the most important liturgical season in our Church!


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If We're Alone in the Universe, Why Did God Make It So Big? 3 Possible Reasons

Last edited 18th May 2016

The universe is big. I mean amazingly, astonishingly, stupidly big. You cannot imagine how big the universe really is. Not even the best scientists know how big it is, because even though our universe is 13.8 billion years old, light travelling from the edge of the universe hasn't even had time to reach us yet. That's big.


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God's Encouragement for Our Race

Last edited 11th May 2016

Always knew that to follow Gods’ path require faith in Him, just like a child trust in his parents’ decisions. Well, one thing is knowing it, but another is truly living it. Yesterday was a great example in my life. I was running 14 km at the City to Surf race, it was a very hot day and I was feeling tired, with less energy than the previous years. But here I was trying to accomplish something that was important for me. At the start of the race I met a lovely woman (Natasha) similar to my age who offered me and another friend to take us back to the start of the race when we finished. The Pushing PointI started the race very well, managing my breathing, after 8 km I started feeling extremely hot and wanted to stop, but I don’t give up easily. I continued the race when I saw Natasha in the 10 km water stop station. “Hi! I feel so tired”, she told me, which I replied: “Me too! but lets finish it” . On the last 2 km I started feeling an acute pain on my knee which I tried to avoid. Natasha, very kindly told me: “We can stop for a bit”. “No! lets keep going and finish this together”, I said. Which we did it! I believe God put me Natasha on the last part of the race to help me finish my goal. The same for her.


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Sydney Women Join in Solidarity for the World's Most Marginalised

Last edited 11th May 2016

In the month that heralds mothers in Australia, up to 300 women recently joined in Sydney for the Women for the World event in solidarity and to raise funds for women living in poverty globally.


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Same-sex marriage is uniting Evangelicals and Catholic

Last edited 10th May 2016

One surprising effect of the rise of same-sex marriage in the United States may be a convergence between evangelicals and the Catholic Church. The best evidence for this is a recent book by Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and one of the nation’s most prominent Evangelical thinkers. In We Cannot Be Silent: Speaking truth to a culture redefining sex, marriage, & the very meaning of right & wrong, he tackles the challenge of same-sex marriage. From a scriptural point of view, the idea seems obviously wrong, even abhorrent, but many Christians are swimming with the tide. In a significant theological shift, Dr Mohler makes two surprising proposals for his evangelical readers. First, that evangelicals need to use arguments based on natural law. And second, that Catholics got it right on contraception and that the evangelicals got it wrong.

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The World Needs Your Heart

Last edited 8th May 2016

I was lying under my dining room table - I'm not sure what prompted me to do that, except that I was totally maxed out and the stress of final exams makes people do crazy things. My mom walked by and saw my two feet poking out from the table. She paused (as anyone would if they saw a 17-year-old in such a position).


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