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Free From Fear: Reacting to Global Violence
Last edited 26th November 2015

This weekend, I, like many people on social media, changed my profile picture to include a French flag filter. It’s not much—it doesn’t fix the problem. But it’s a simple way to show solidarity with the French people affected by recent acts of terrorism. It has been inspiring to see friends and strangers across the world show similar solidarity–with France, but also with Beirut, Syria, Baghdad, and all of the other areas across the world currently affected by violence.


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Feast of Christ the King!
Last edited 20th November 2015

On Sunday 22 November 2015 the Catholic Church will celebrate the Feast of Christ the King.


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What Is the Sign of the Cross?
Last edited 17th November 2015

The Sign of the Cross is a Christian ceremony that represents the Passion of our Lord by tracing the shape of the Cross with a simple motion. It is a ceremony, I say, and here is what is meant by that term. A skillful manager assigns to each of his subordinates his proper task, making all of them useful, not only those who are vigorous and energetic, but also those who are less so. Similarly, the virtue of religion, hav­ing for its proper and natural work to render to God the honor that is His due, draws up each of our virtuous ac­tions into its own work by directing them all to the honor of God.

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Hoobert Heever Apologetics
Last edited 17th November 2015

There never has been an apologist who hasn’t bungled. The tradition started early. Peter, visiting Antioch, must have been embarrassed when he realized he undercut his own principles when he removed himself from the table of the Gentiles. Surely he was doubly embarrassed when Paul upbraided him for throwing a stumbling block in front of new Christians (Gal. 2:11–14).

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Catholic Bishops Called to Answer in Anti-Discrimination Test Case
Last edited 12th November 2015

News just in is that the Tasmanian anti-discrimination Commissioner will investigate ALL AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC BISHOPS for their role in distributing the Don't Mess With Marriage booklet in Catholic schools.


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Flying Solo
Last edited 10th November 2015

Are you tired of doing it all on your own? Are you starting to feel a little charred around the edges, afraid of admitting that you’re approaching burnout? Maybe you’re new to the youth ministry game and have been put in charge of “starting something up.”


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Francis' Message to the Italian Church: Imitate Jesus in Humility & Service
Last edited 10th November 2015

In a lengthy speech to the Italian Church at large, Pope Francis said that true human and ecclesial advancement can only be achieved when founded on the humility and detachment of power exemplified by Christ.


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Using Proof Texts Is Okay
Last edited 9th November 2015

It may take work, but many doctrinal issues can be settled by recourse to nothing but Scripture. It’s too bad that many Catholics are gun shy about using the Bible to back up their beliefs.


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Pope to ProLife Activists: You Are the World's Good Samaritans
Last edited 9th November 2015

Pope Francis praised pro-life activists as “Good Samaritans” to the most vulnerable, citing their commitment to defending life at all stages and their role in affirming the dignity of women.


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Life is Changed, Not Ended: Bereavement & Grief in the Catholic Tradition
Last edited 9th November 2015

The passing of a loved one is one of the deepest losses that we will ever experience. Although its inevitability is a reality, it does not make the grief experienced any easier. Grief touches each and every one of us in one way or another. It can touch us through the death of a loved one, whether a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a friend, a child, a relative - even the death of someone we did not know personally but yet we knew about them. It is vital to seek the comfort and support of loved ones, family and friends during this time - as well as from the Catholic Church.


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