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Christians Must Help Others Meet Jesus, Pope Francis Says

Last edited 23rd April 2018

On Saturday Pope Francis said that Christians are called to a mission of leading others to an encounter with Jesus Christ, in order that every person might grow in his or her individual call to holiness.


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On Divine Mercy Sunday, Christ Teaches the Purpose of Suffering

Last edited 8th April 2018

As the Easter Octave comes to a conclusion today, Christian believers are invited to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday. While a relatively new liturgical feast, the day is packed with some much-needed wisdom and encouragement.


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Vatican to Present New Papal Document on Holiness in Modern World on Monday

Last edited 6th April 2018

On Monday, the Vatican will present Pope Francis' fourth main document – the apostolic exhortation “Gaudete et Exsultate.”


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US Church Receives Tens of Thousands of New Catholics this Easter

Last edited 3rd April 2018

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles alone welcomed 1,700 catechumens and 1,127 candidates.


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New RE curriculum for NSW schools to be “Unapologetically Catholic”

Last edited 14th March 2018

A radical new RE curriculum which is unapologetically Catholic will be rolled out in Years 11 and 12 in Catholic schools across NSW beginning this year.


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Alligator OK to Eat on Lenten Fridays, Archbishop Clarifies

Last edited 11th March 2018

Alligator is permissible to eat on Fridays of Lent, the archbishop of New Orleans assured a conscientious parishioner, and his approval has been backed by the national bishops' conference.


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Sydney’s Seminaries Booming Despite Cultural Climate

Last edited 8th March 2018

It shouldn’t be happening. With the reputation of Catholic priests and the Church at an all-time low, both of the Archdiocese of Sydney’s seminaries are booming.


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Memorial of Mary, Mother of the Church added to liturgical calendar

Last edited 5th March 2018

On Saturday, the Vatican announced Pope Francis’ decision that the Church celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary in her role as “Mother of the Church” every year on the Monday after Pentecost, as a way to foster Marian piety and the maternal sense of the Church.


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UK bishop: Have We Allowed Youth to Become Bored with the Mass?

Last edited 27th February 2018

In a recent pastoral letter, a British bishop has encouraged Catholics to make the “awesome reality” of the Eucharist a central focus of their life and prayer during Lent.


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“Be 21st Century Witnesses to Christ” Archbishop Urges Teachers

Last edited 26th February 2018

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP urged Catholic teachers to be “21st century witnesses to Christ”, at the Sydney Catholic Schools Eastern Region Mass on 21 February.


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