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The @Pontifex Franchise: Almost 10 Million Served!
Last edited 27th October 2013

Pope Francis’ Twitter accounts (@Pontifex) in nine different languages are ready to reach 10 million followers, putting the leader of the universal church dangerously close to some of the music industry’s biggest artists and Hollywood’s hottest stars.


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Pope Francis: Those Who Work in Catholic Media Bring the Gospel to People
Last edited 22nd October 2013

In a message to employees of the Vatican Television Center, which is celebrating its 30-year anniversary, Pope Francis said that the Catholic media is important not only as means of documenting Church events, but for bringing the Church and the Gospel closer to people.


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Vatican Gets Greenlight for .Catholic Domain
Last edited 15th October 2013

As top-level domain names are being rolled out and up for grabs, the Vatican has scored control of .catholic. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which coordinates the assignment of Internet domain names and addresses around the world, has been allowing entities to apply for ownership of hundreds, and soon thousands, of new domain names such as .london, .insurance and .xbox, among others.


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Video Games R18+ Ratings No Protection for Children
Last edited 13th October 2013

Video game Grand Auto Theft Auto V received an R18+ rating by the Australian Classification Board when it went on sale two weeks ago. But the classification is little more than a political panacea with children as young as 10 already hooked on the game which along with the series' usual bloody carnage and gratuitous violence and explicit sex also features cannibalism, murder and torture.


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The Prophet of Silicon Valley
Last edited 9th October 2013

One of the tech industry's most revered figures is a leading light in the transhumanist movement.

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About Time - Film Review
Last edited 7th October 2013

When awkward charmer Tim (Gleeson) turns 21 he inherits the ability to travel back in time within his own timeline, and uses it to fall in love with the girl of his dreams.


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Theme for 48th World Day of Social Communication
Last edited 1st October 2013

Here is the translation of the communique released by the Holy See explaining the theme chosen by Pope Francis for the 48th World Day of Social Communication which will be held next year.


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Twitter Launches Emergency Alerts
Last edited 25th September 2013

Twitter has launched a system for emergency alerts that can help spread critical information when other lines of communication are down.


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Vatican Tweet Book
Last edited 18th September 2013

Are you a Vatican junkie? Don’t have enough feeds streaming into your Tweetdeck or on Facebook?


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Pope Francis Continues Peace Appeals on Twitter
Last edited 10th September 2013

After a global day of prayer and fasting for peace in Syria and throughout the world, Pope Francis is continuing his calls for peace, hope and negotiations through messages on social media.


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