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Kids Don’t Know Tech and Why Education Is Important
Last edited 27th January 2014

It’s a common thought that “kids know tech”. We have taken this attitude and philosophy that young age equals tech knowledge including how to effectively and strategically use technology. They can install and open an app with ease, or set up a new account on a social network, etc.; but none of that actually demonstrates that young people are tech geniuses.

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Pope Francis' Message for World Communications Day 2014
Last edited 23rd January 2014

“Communication at the service of an authentic culture of encounter” is the title of Pope Francis' message for the 48th World Day of Social Communications, the only world day established by Vatican Council II (Inter Mirifica, 1963), which is celebrated on the Sunday before the feast of Pentecost, which falls on 1 June 2014. The message is dated 24 January, memorial of St. Francis of Sales, patron saint of communicators. The full text of the message is below...


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103.2 FM Mornings Movie Review: The Railway Man
Last edited 13th January 2014

Eric Lomax was serving as a Signals Officer in Singapore when it fell to the Japanese in 1942. He and his countrymen were taken captive and forced to build the Thai-Burma Railway.


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Bread 4 Today - Wonderful Catholic Prayer App
Last edited 6th January 2014

The Bread 4 Today app provides access to daily prayers for reflection and meditation whenever you can spare a moment during the day. The prayer archive allows users to search past entries by category so that they can reflect on prayers that match their frame of mind. Its categories include: Courage, A just world, Relationships, Hope, Hard Times, Faith, Forgiveness and special intentions (calendar days of prayer and reflection). All prayers can be shared via social media with a tap of the screen, thanks to its integrated social media capabilities. This is definitely an app to have on your smart phone!

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One Year Anniversary of @Pontifex on Twitter!
Last edited 13th December 2013

One year after the official opening of the papal Twitter account, Pope Francis invited his nearly 11 million followers on the social media site to remember the joy that characterizes the Catholic Church.


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Xt3 to Live Stream Launch of Lights of Christmas at St Mary's Cathedral
Last edited 10th December 2013

In just four years the Lights of Christmas, a spectacular laser light and audio projection celebrating Christmas has become a tradition and major feature of Sydney's Christmas festivities.


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20 Christmas Movies - Evaluated by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
Last edited 10th December 2013

20 Christmas Movies


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Don't Miss the Live Webcast of #ACYF on Xt3!
Last edited 13th December 2013

The Australian Catholic Youth Festival is a national gathering of Catholic young people established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. It exists to provide young people with opportunities to deepen their relationship with Jesus, be empowered to be disciples in the world today and encounter and celebrate the vitality of the Church in Australia.


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The Delivery Man
Last edited 26th November 2013

This month is a busy one for donor-conception. The delivery man premiered this weekend and is hitting movie theaters across the country, introducing America to a man who fathers 533+ children and must come to terms with his responsibilities.We wrote up some fliers and hit the movie theaters as people were leaving. We wanted to let them know that this industry effects real people and its not serving public health, physically or mentally in positive ways.

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Maximize Evangelizing With Your Content
Last edited 17th November 2013

As the saying goes . . . content is king. We know that content is what gets attention, provides exposure, and gets you in front of an audience. It’s important to maximize that attentive opportunity. Content whether it be a photos, a video, a blog post, etc. all provide a great opportunity for evangelizing much more than just the main focus of the content itself. Here’s 3 easy ways to take your content to the next level:

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