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Religious Sisters Offer More Compassionate Care to the Elderly
Last edited 5th September 2012

The Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart will celebrate the grand opening of The Rose Gardens at Santa Teresita: A Neighborhood of Care, their first assisted-living cottage for the elderly, on Sept. 8 in Duarte, Calif.

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Fr Frank leaves God as the Architect
Last edited 29th August 2012

Ever since young Frank Jones went to the local Catholic youth group to meet girls at age 15, he was inspired by the joy and happiness of the local priests and vowed to join them.

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Three Aussies Profess Vows as Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia
Last edited 10th August 2012

Vocation Awareness Week has every reason to celebrate. On Saturday, 4 August, eight priests were ordained by Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell while in Nashville, Tennessee three young Australian women professed their vows as Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia. The next day a further four Australians became novitiates receiving the Dominican habits and a new religious name.


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August Retreats in Sydney - A Chance to Seek God’s Will
Last edited 13th August 2012

Last week from Sunday 5th to 12th August the Church in Australia celebrated National Vocations Awareness Week.


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'Way of St. James' Religious Order Flourishing with Vocations
Last edited 6th August 2012

A Spanish women's religious order that has welcomed in pilgrims traveling on the Way of St. James for over thirteen years, is now burgeoning with new vocations. The Augustinians of Conversion began their journey in 1999, when Mother Prado left the country's Augustinian convent where she had been living for several years.


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Family's Three Sons Follow Each Other Into Catholic Priesthood
Last edited 31st July 2012

When Luke Strand started college nine years ago, he wanted to earn a marketing degree, a job in the business world, then a house and children. Now he’s a priest and that’s not all. His brother, Vincent, is on his way to being ordained a Jesuit priest and their youngest brother, Jake, was ordained in the spring.


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Eight New Priests to be Ordained in Sydney!
Last edited 31st July 2012

On the eve of his ordination into the priesthood by the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, Seminarian Sam Lynch admits it's been a long journey but one that fills him with immense joy. "At age 42, I have finally found what I was made for," he says.


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Finding Jesus in Housework
Last edited 6th August 2012

In this article, Tami Kiser offers advice on what it means to be a 'smart Martha'!


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Vocations Surge for Queensland
Last edited 16th July 2012

Queensland in Australia has a problem - a good problem! Their seminaries are full and they are struggling to cater for the recent increase in vocations. Banyo's $4 million Holy Spirit Provincial Seminary, still less than half paid for, already needs to be extended. Opened in 2008, it was originally built to cater to 16 seminarians but was extended two years ahead of time in 2010, to accommodate the 31 men in formation. And the Canali House of discernment for young men considering the priesthood is also "chockers".


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Jimmy Cricket’s Son to be Ordained a Deacon
Last edited 28th June 2012

The son of comedian Jimmy Cricket will on Saturday be ordained a deacon in the Catholic Church. Frankie Mulgrew discovered he had a vocation to the priesthood after following his father briefly into the world of stand-up comedy.


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