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Zoo Magazine's Treatment of Mary is an Insult to Everyone

Last edited 27th October 2010

Melinda Tankard Reist critiques the Zoo Magazine treatment of Mary MacKillop: "Australia’s first saint, Mary MacKillop, was a woman who devoted her life to the poor and speaking out against injustice. Known as a progressive woman of action, her canonisation has just been celebrated in Rome. But for Zoo magazine, it doesn’t matter who she is. Or really, who any woman is. Because all women exist only to serve male gratification and pleasure. All women must be brought to their knees." Click here to read Xt3's statement!

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Holy Women as Important as Priests in Church History

Last edited 27th October 2010

While delivering his Catechesis on the 14th-century Saint Bridget of Sweden, the Pope stated: "In the great Christian tradition the woman is recognized as having her own dignity and -- following the example of Mary, Queen of the Apostles -- her own place in the Church which, though not coinciding with the ordained priesthood, is equally important for the spiritual growth of the community”.

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Healing Italy's Abortion Survivors; Heaven Previewed

Last edited 24th October 2010

In 1767, European missionaries traveled to California to bring a message of hope and love through the Gospel; 250 years later those seeds have returned to the Old World to bear fruit.


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Wife, Mother, Princess, Saint

Last edited 21st October 2010

The life of Elizabeth of Hungary -- a wife and mother, as well as a princess who lived for the poor -- is an invitation to rediscover Christ, says Benedict XVI.


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Catholic Women Commit to Peacemaking

Last edited 20th October 2010

Members of a Catholic women's organization are underlining their commitment to peacemaking, ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.


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The Real Harms of Prostitution

Last edited 20th October 2010

Before we decide whether to legalise prostitution, it is important to know what prostitution is and what it is not. It is not a job like any other job.


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Abortion and Breast Cancer Link

Last edited 2nd November 2010

Women who have had abortions are at higher risk for breast cancer, a fact denied by certain organizations and institutes for a long time.


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Teenage Girls more Sexually Active than a Decade Ago

Last edited 13th October 2010

Year 12 girls are more likely to have had sex than boys, and teenagers are likely to have had sex with more partners than a decade ago, a national survey has shown...

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Cohabitation: Why Not?

Last edited 21st September 2010

Many women view living together as a stepping-stone toward marriage, with the idea that cohabiting will help them enjoy a better marriage in the future. This could not be further from the truth. A recent survey of the literature on cohabitation concluded, “No positive contribution of cohabitation to marriage has ever been found.”


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Discover a Modern-Day Hero of Divine Love

Last edited 17th September 2010

Most of the saints we learn about and love lived a long time ago. As much as we can study their lives and, when available, read their writings, it can be difficult to imagine them as living, breathing human beings who struggled with life. That is one reason why it is so amazing to watch “St. Gianna Beretta Molla: A Modern Day Hero of Divine Love,” a new DVD about a saint who lived in our own time. Visit this article for a review of the DVD!

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