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Church Indebted to Courageous Women

Last edited 16th September 2010

Continuing his theme on women's contributions to the Church throughout history, Pope Benedict recalled the life of St. Clare of Assisi during his catechesis on Wednesday. “Her witness,” the Pope noted, “shows us how much the Church is indebted to courageous women rich in faith who, like her, were capable of giving a decisive impulse to ecclesial renewal.”


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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Last edited 17th September 2010

Attention women - does life seem too serious? Cheryl Dickow has some advice for you...


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Twins Share Similar Paths to Different Vocations

Last edited 13th September 2010

Sister Elizabeth Ann O’Reilly and Dr. Katie O’Reilly are identical twins. Growing up in New Orleans, they both enjoyed science and both considered careers in medicine. However, in college both had spiritual conversions that led them on different, yet often parallel, paths. Read more about their journey to discover their vocations in this article!

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Girls Gone Mild

Last edited 9th September 2010

Have you met The Girls With Glasses? This super-cute pair of young women is taking aim at media standards for female “success stories" - with a rare blend of humor and class. They demonstrate that girls don’t have to sell their dignity to be entertaining. Girls can be smart, funny, pretty, and cool without taking their clothes off or even getting drunk on TV. Visit this article to find out more!

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What "Humanae Vitae" Is Really About

Last edited 3rd September 2010

The 1968 encyclical "Humanae Vitae" is about much more than a prohibition of artificial contraception... it is a document about the dignity of woman. Father Jaroslaw Szymczak, of the faculty for Studies on the Family of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, affirmed this at an international conference on the pastoral directives of "Humanae Vitae."


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Benedict XVI Holds up St. Hildegard as Model for Nuns

Last edited 6th September 2010

On Wednesday 1 September, dedicating his catechesis to St. Hildegard of Bingen, Benedict XVI praised her as a model for modern women religious, and noted that she benefited the faithful by her willingness to submit her supernatural visions to the interpretation of the Church.

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Can You Hear Us Now?

Last edited 2nd September 2010

Australian women raise a collective shout against the pornification of culture and the harm it is doing.


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Women Fatally Forgetting Themselves

Last edited 24th August 2010

That ordinary women co-operated in the Holocaust should raise the alarm about female violence today. But are we really paying attention to the gravity of female violence? This article was published on on Tuesday 17th August.


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Telling Truth from Fiction in the World of Romance

Last edited 17th August 2010

It’s no secret that women love romantic books. It’s also no secret that women tend to fall madly in love with some of the characters. Men like Mr. Darcy, Heathcliff, Mr. Rochester, Rhett Butler, and others appeal to women in ways that the men in their lives sometimes cannot...


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Feminine Beauty Created for 'Spousal Love'

Last edited 8th August 2010

Writing for this week's edition of the Thomas More College journal, Catholic professor Mary Shivanandan addressed the topic of feminine beauty, explaining that a woman's physical and spiritual attributes find their fullest expression in “spousal love,” whether in motherhood or consecrated celibacy.

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