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Last edited 10th August 2010

The infertility industry in the United States has grown to a multi-billion dollar business whose main commodity is the eggs of college students, claims The Center for Bioethics and Culture. Its documentary, Eggsploitation, which premiers on August 9, takes a very dim view of the IVF industry. Visit this article to read more and to watch the trailor for this documentary.

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Toy Story 3 is Sexist?

Last edited 8th July 2010

Is Toy Story 3 sexist? Natalie Wilson of the Ms Magazine blog thinks so! In this article, Danielle Bean refutes Wilson's claims, showing that it takes a rather stretched imagination to see sexism in this great family movie!

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‘Tween’ Magazines

Last edited 19th July 2010

"If Miley Cyrus really has moved beyond her Disney Hannah Montana persona, into a more adult market... then why are ‘tween’ magazines still promoting her? Haven’t they heard that she’s all grown up now?" From

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Girls and Violence

Last edited 15th June 2010

Cardinal George Pell addresses concerns over increased reports of violence in girls, in his Sunday Telegraph column for 13 June 2010.

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Theology on Tap Reveals What Women Really Want

Last edited 25th May 2010

Take a Sydney pub and add hundreds of youth who are keen for wisdom and understanding, brought there by their natural desire to know more about God. It’s Theology on Tap - a crowd atmosphere of yearning for authentic learning. May’s ToT featured The Record columnist Anna Krohn, Nashville Sr Mary Rachel OP, and Celebrate Love co-founder Francine Pirola as over 600 gathered to hear about What women want.

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My Fertility Disease

Last edited 30th August 2010

With the 50th anniversary of its availability in stores, we’ve been doused with stories examining the many ways the pill revolutionised society...Yet underlying the triumphant stories of the women who embraced it is the disconcerting belief that my fertility is some sort of disease that needs to be “managed”; that fertility had, for hundreds of generations before us, inhibited women from being truly happy and fulfilled; and we are now better off. But are we? Have we, as women, been truly liberated by this pill that promised so much?


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Prisoners of the Pill

Last edited 16th May 2010

Women are losers in the modern sexual relationships market. What will it take for them to break out of this dilemma?

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The Egalitarian, Global Commodification of S*xuality

Last edited 14th May 2010

"...just because it’s women doing the buying - and the pimping - doesn’t make it liberating." Melinda Tankard Reist comments on the latest wave 'equality' between men and women... male prostitution.

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Love, Actually

Last edited 13th May 2010

In case you haven’t noticed, millions of girls are in the midst of a cultural insurrection. Armed with the pocket money that has made them a powerful consumer force since the 1920s, girls have set their communal sights on a particular kind of entertainment, and when they find it, they transform it into a commercial phenomenon that leaves even the creators and marketers of that entertainment dumbfounded. What do these girls—with such different backgrounds and aspirations, foreign to one another in so many respects—demand right now? The old story, the one they were forced to abandon for a while, but will be denied no longer: the Boyfriend Story.

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Inside the Dangerously Empty Lives of Teenage Girls

Last edited 6th July 2010

Dr. Leonard Sax is a family physician and founder of the National Association for Single Sex Public Education, who lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and daughter. The author of two previous books concerning the effects of gender differences on learning, Sax argues in his new book, Girls on the Edge, that today’s teens and tweens look confident on the outside but have a dangerously fragile sense of self.

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