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Mary Shows Us God's Respect For Women

Last edited 6th May 2010

"The figure of Mary shows that God has such esteem for woman that any form of discrimination lacks a theoretical basis." - This is Pope John Paul II's catechesis on Mary and the value of woman at the General Audience of November 29, 1995.

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The Pill’s Deadly Affair with HIV/AIDS

Last edited 23rd April 2010

Why does HIV/AIDS strike more women than men globally? Why is sub-Saharan Africa the home of the world’s largest heterosexual HIV/Aids epidemic?


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Freeing India’s Sex Slaves

Last edited 15th April 2010

Catholic Relief Services are working tirelessly all over the world, to free women from sex slavery. Here is one example from India!

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Smart, Sophisticated, Faithful and Definitely not Oppressed!

Last edited 23rd April 2010

Did you see Maureen Dowd’s New York Times column on the weekend? She wrote about having had tea with a group of intelligent and sophisticated Muslim women.  Walking away from the conversation she found herself wondering “how could such spirited women, smart and successful on every other level, acquiesce in their own subordination?”  She came to this stunning conclusion.  “As a Catholic woman, I was doing the same thing.” “I remained part of an autocratic society that repressed women and ignored their progress in the secular world.”


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‘Silence becomes music. It has grace’

Last edited 13th April 2010

Michael Whyte’s documentary film No Greater Love is a tender and sympathetic account of the daily routines of the Carmelite nuns who live at the monastery of the Holy Trinity in north Kensington. Apart from two periods of recreation, the Sisters are silent throughout the day. They rarely leave the purpose-built Victorian compound except for visits to the dentist or doctor, and high walls around the grounds protect them from the distractions of trendy Notting Hill.


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Gender Selection

Last edited 29th March 2010

Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, addresses the moral issue of 'gender selection'.

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Religious Group for Women With Down Syndrome

Last edited 23rd March 2010

The Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb are a contemplative community that enables girls with Down’s syndrome to respond to a religious vocation. Find out more about this amazing vocation here.

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Who Told You You Weren’t Beautiful?

Last edited 30th March 2010

The Archdiocese of Washington looks at the high standards that modern women place on themselves - and our distorted perception of beauty!

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Women’s dignity: attending to the person

Last edited 10th March 2010

In the information age a new generation of women awaits formation in the feminine powers of attention to the other and care for them. The third and last part of a symposium on improving the status of women by 2020.

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Female mortality matters

Last edited 8th March 2010

What is the difference between infant male and infant female mortality rates around the world?

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