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Getting Real - The Pornification of Girlhood

Last edited 25th September 2009

“Sexual imagery is everywhere. On television, in advertising, in magazines, in rock videos, even in toys and games. Little girls have become sex objects and are dressed provocatively to sell products.”


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Today's Nun Has A Veil--And A Blog

Last edited 3rd February 2010

Choosing the extreme conservatism of convent life can seem wholly countercultural for young American women today. Yet that is exactly what attracts many of them.


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A new agenda for the world’s women

Last edited 3rd February 2010

What's behind the discovery that women are the world's greatest unexploited resource in the fight against poverty and terrorism?

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Why Miley Cyrus is stripping down as she grows up

Last edited 2nd September 2009

The battle for the soul of America's favourite child is on. But will Miley be able to resist the scripts that adults are handing her?

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Wake Up Call for Parents - Little Girls Encouraged and Used As Sexual Objects

Last edited 2nd September 2009

These days children's department stores sell decorative bras and


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How Many Mothers Die From Unsafe Abortions?

Last edited 8th July 2009

"Maternal deaths during pregnancy or childbirth, the vast majority in developing countries, constitute one of the world’s greatest hidden epidemics. The death toll is estimated at more than half a million mothers a year." By Donna J Harrison.


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The Gift of Woman

Last edited 11th September 2014

A beautiful article that discusses "what it is that the woman has received from God as a gift entrusted to her, which she then returns to Him as a gift, by developing and bringing it to perfection – for God’s glory, for the good of those whose lives she touches, and for her own happiness."


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Mary The Mother Of God

Last edited 29th April 2010

Mary as Mother, as Virgin, as Immaculate, as Queen of Heaven - part of The Knights of Columbus' Veritas Series: Proclaiming the Faith in the New Millenium.


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Recent Research: Abortions Harm to Women

Last edited 8th March 2010

A fact sheet about the often untold harms abortion has on women.


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The lady is not for decoration

Last edited 17th June 2009

"America's leading Catholic woman declines to 'balance' Notre Dame's decision to honour a pro-abortion president", By Sheila Liaugminas


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