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Benedict XVI: "Abortion is Not the Solution"

Last edited 28th February 2011

The Pope has asked doctors not to propose abortion as a solution to family, economic, and social problems or for health reasons of the child because he says abortion "does not solve anything" and causes even more serious damage.


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Vatican Studies How to Help Women Post-Abortion

Last edited 24th February 2011

The Vatican department dedicated to studying issues related to bioethics and the protection of life met in Rome with experts from different cultures and religions to talk about post-abortion trauma.

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66 British babies survived abortion

Last edited 24th February 2011

In the last year 66 babies survived abortion, according to the information supplied by the government. Half of them survived one hour and one of them survived more than 10 hours

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Dr. Bernard Nathanson: Pro-life Leader and Catholic Convert

Last edited 23rd February 2011

Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson, a leading pro-life advocate and convert to Catholicism, died at the age of 84 on Monday in his New York home, after a long struggle with cancer. Nathanson, an obstetrician and overseer of more than 75,000 abortions, became an advocate of the pro-life cause in the 1970s when ultrasound technology allowed him to see inside the womb for the first time. He was struck by what he perceived to be the humanity of the child in the womb.

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Love Life

Last edited 3rd February 2011

Many people don't realize that because state laws restricting late-term abortions include exceptions for the "health of the mother" (physical, mental or otherwise) that abortions can legally still occur up until the moment of birth. The loose interpretation of what the "health of the mother" means effectively allows abortions to happen for just about any reason at any time. This video is a simple examination of 'life' and 'choice'.

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Time Lapse - March for Life DC 2011

Last edited 30th January 2011

The March for Life in Washington DC brought hundreds of thousands of people, marching through the streets of the city for several hours, in support of life. Watch this fantastic timelapse of the march to catch several hours of action - in just 1 minute!

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Fr. Barron Comments on Abortion: Shocking Numbers out of New York

Last edited 27th January 2011

Is abortion turning into Eugenics? Fr Barron comments on the shocking statistics coming out of New York regarding pregnancy and abortion. 

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Live Action Speaks About Abortionist Kermit Gosnell

Last edited 24th January 2011

Live Action President Lila Rose talks from her hotel room in Washington, DC the day before the March for Life. Hundreds of thousands will be rallying together on Monday, January 24, 2011 on the streets of DC protesting the killing of unborn children and stand up for the right to life of all human beings, born and unborn.

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For Every Unborn Life - On the Anniversary Roe v. Wade

Last edited 23rd January 2011

22 January 2011 marks the 38th Anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in the US, known as Roe v Wade- making abortion legal in the US.

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Pope: Unborn Life Threatened by Adults' Selfishness

Last edited 8th December 2010

"The embryo in the maternal womb" is not "a pile of organic material," but a "new living being, dynamic and wonderfully ordered, a new and unique individual of the human species... so it was for Jesus in Mary's womb, so was for each of us in our mother's womb." With these words, Pope Benedict XVI, during a worldwide vigil for unborn life, stressed the duty to preserve "nascent life," which is, he said, "most fragile, most threatened by adults, by selfishness and the willful darkening of consciences."

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