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Why Wait For Sex??

Last edited 3rd October 2013

Wedding day thoughts from a groom about the controversial topic of saving sex for marriage. The footage was taken 30 minutes before the bride walked down the isle.


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Jason Evert - Saturday Men's Session: Made for More

Last edited 25th September 2013

Jason Evert Saturday Men's Session: Made for More at Stubenville, prepare to laugh, learn and grow as you watch this video.

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Ten Ways to Get Girls to Like You

Last edited 25th September 2013

What happens if you like a girl, but you are not sure if she likes you back? Never fear - here are 10 tips on how to get the right girl to like you. Remember, respect her, encourage her, and be sincere.


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10 Ways to Get the Right Guy to Like You

Last edited 8th October 2013

A message to all girls - you do not need to lower your standards to attract a guy! In fact, if you raise your standards you will attract the right guy. Watch this short, very funny video for 10 tips on how to get the right guy to like you!


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Does the Church Discriminate Against Gays?

Last edited 11th September 2013

A great explanation of the Church's teaching on sexuality.

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The Chastity Project

Last edited 27th August 2013

Chastity Project believes that young people play a pivotal role in the new evangelization, and therefore invites them to launch chastity projects within their schools and churches to promote the good news of purity to their peers. As Pope Francis said, "Do you know what the best tool is for evangelizing the young? Another young person. This is the path to follow!" Those who minister to teens today have unlimited needs, but very limited budgets. Therefore, through low-cost resource distribution, media appearances, seminars, and social media, Chastity Project exists to promote the virtue of chastity so that individuals can see God, and be free to love (Matt. 5:8).


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Made for Each Other: Sexual Difference Essential to Marriage

Last edited 14th August 2013

“Made for Each Other,” the first video of the Marriage: Unique for a Reason series by the United States Catholic Bishops Conference, takes up these and other foundational questions about the meaning of marriage. Marriage is about love, but it’s about a unique love that only a man and a woman as husband and wife can give to each other.


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Gays and the Catholic Church

Last edited 1st August 2013

A popular blogging deacon discusses misconceptions about Catholic teaching on homosexuality, in this video from Catholic News Service.

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Yes to You - The Church Teachings on Homosexuality

Last edited 19th August 2013

The topic of homosexuality and the issues around same sex marriage are very charged in our culture right now. The goal of this video (by Spirit Juice Studios, featuring Fr. Pontifex) is to communicate what the Church teaches about this topic. However, as the title would suggest, the underlying sentiment throughout the whole presentation is that the Church is a refuge of love for all of humanity. Those that would say that the Church is "anti-gay" are either misinformed or deliberately distorting the truth to push their own agenda.


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We Are More! A Catholic Response to Gay Pride

Last edited 5th July 2013



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