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October 15th - Remembering Our Babies

Last edited 23rd October 2009

Mothers who have lost children during pregnancy or infancy are taking today to remember and heal.


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Fr. Don Calloway MIC: Our Lady, Coredem

Last edited 19th August 2009

Fr. Don Calloway is the Director of Vocations for the Marians of the Immaculate Conception. He has written two books on Mary and several CDs and DVDs and has participated in our International Symposium on Marian Coredemption. This week's interview is on Our Lady and how her role as Coredeemer is central to making sense of our greatest concern today, Suffering. Ave Maria!

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Jane Roe - Prolife!

Last edited 17th July 2009

Norma McCorvey is the 'Jane Roe' of the Roe v. Wade case (1973) that legalised abortion in America. Norma has since become a Catholic and is now ardently prolife. Watch her here!

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