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The Role of Women in Peace Building: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Perspectives

Last edited 9th December 2011

Three female speakers of different faiths talk about the role of women in peace keeping efforts around the world. Their mission isn't easy, but essential. Watch this video for more!

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The Beautiful Work and Vocation of the 'Sisters of Life'

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The Sisters of Life is a contemplative/active religious community of women founded in 1991 by John Cardinal O’Connor for the protection and enhancement of the sacredness of every human life. Conforming their lives to Christ, the Sisters take vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and a fourth vow to protect and enhance the sacredness of human life.


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"Harambee Award" Given to Ivory Coast Native who Fights Poverty with Education

Last edited 6th November 2011

In a country where poverty is simply part of life, and where education isn't a priority, a non profit group is changing the life of thousands of women and ultimately the future of the Ivory Coast. Christine Kadjo gave up a career in the business world, to start an organization called “Education and Development”, supporting women in her home country. Recently, she was recognized with a Harambee award which is given to humanitarians who make strides in equality and education in Africa.


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A Feminine Perspective on The New Evangelization

Last edited 30th October 2011

Promoting the New Evangelization is becoming a priority for the Catholic Church. The pope is calling on everyone to revitalize the message of the Gospel, and that of course, includes women: "We believe that in this case specifically, women can contribute so much in matters of listening, creativity and beauty,” says Marta Rodríguez, director of the Institute of Advanced Studies on Women in Rome.


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Extreme Makeover: Women Transformed by Christ, Not Conformed to the Culture

Last edited 10th October 2011

Popular radio host Teresa Tomeo knows from experience that the self-image of American women is being distorted by pop culture. In her book 'Extreme Makeover', Tomeo pulls together the latest research on social behavior and trends in order to demonstrate that women are harming themselves and their chances for true happiness by adopting the thoroughly modern, sexually liberated lifestyle portrayed in magazines and movies.


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The Feminine Genius

Last edited 6th October 2011

What is true femininity? What is authentic beauty in a culture that so often confuses and crushes the dignity of women? Thérèse Nichols interviews several women including Genevieve Kineke, author of the book; "The Authentic Catholic Woman" to discover the essence of the Feminine Genius.

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American Talk Show Host Crusades to Change Image of Women in Society

Last edited 15th September 2011

Teresa Tomeo is a talk show host for Catholic radio. She often appears on TV and works as a motivational speaker on issues of faith and society. Her new book that will come out on October 7th is called “Extreme Makeover.” It deals with the image of women as shown through the lens of the mass media. Watch this video to find out more.

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Project Isiolo: Helping Mothers Survive Childbirth in Africa

Last edited 6th September 2011

In parts of East Africa, one of the biggest challenges for pregnant women is simply surviving. Health care is a luxury and almost impossible to come by. For years, Dr. Robert Walley and his team have been fighting this problem in Kenya through 'Project Isiolo'. Watch this video to find out more.

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Proposal to Award 2011 Nobel Peace Prize to All African Women

Last edited 1st August 2011

They stand tall and walk far. Their mission is to survive with dignity and respect. Now an international campaign is promoting their cause with a unique idea: awarding African women, as a whole, the Nobel Peace Prize! Watch this video for more.

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First Ever Maternity Home for College Students to Open in U.S.

Last edited 26th July 2011

At Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina, construction is under way to build the first maternity home for college students in the United States. The non-profit organization 'Room At The Inn' has been helping pregnant women in Charlotte for the past 17 years, providing them with housing options, counseling, and baby supplies. This new maternity home will provide new mothers a place to stay while they continue their education.

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