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Religious Freedom Campaign – It’s Only Just Begun

Last edited 16th July 2012

Religious Freedom Campaign – It’s Only Just Begun

The U.S. bishops’ Fortnight for Freedom (June 21-July 4) is over, but the concern for religious liberty has only begun to be heard. The two-week launch got people listening and praying. Now where do those who want to stand up for religious freedom go?

The answer is everywhere because religious freedom is a worldwide concern. Read the newspapers and you see massacres in churches in Nigeria and Iraq. Look to neighboring Cuba and you see how religious freedom has been severely restricted under the Castro regime.

Look in the United States, where freedom of religion is guaranteed by the First Amendment’s free exercise clause, and you see a sophisticated type of assault. It is unbloody, but far-reaching. Ironically, the assaults are not from some guerilla group or despot, but from the government. Foreign nations that look to the U.S. to protect their religious freedom have to shudder. Visit this article from the USCCB blog to read more.

Visit this article

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